RIP Margaret Noland

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RIP Margaret Noland

#1 Post by themanintheseersuckersuit » Mon Oct 12, 2020 12:15 pm

Suitguy is not bitter.

feels he represents the many educated and rational onlookers who believe that the hysterical denouncement of lay scepticism is both unwarranted and counter-productive

The problem, then, is that such calls do not address an opposition audience so much as they signal virtue. They talk past those who need convincing. They ignore actual facts and counterargument. And they are irreparably smug.

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Re: RIP Margaret Noland

#2 Post by Buffacuse » Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:46 pm

Interesting that she played Dink in the movie but was the gold paint model for the movie posters.

Her brief scene as Dink in the movie has come to be known as a metaphor for the role of women in the early 60s, and as a way of explaining the different ways Sean Connery and Roger Moore played the role. The reason: Felix Leiter shows up poolside in Miami while Dink is giving Bond a massage...Bond slaps her on the butt and dismisses her saying "Say goodbye, Dink, man talk."

Very wrong by today's standards, and frankly wrong period. But the Bond of the novels and early movies was decidedly misogynistic and Connery could play him that way. Roger Moore came along in 1973 and things had changed...not all the way, but enough so a scene like that was likely unthinkable.

Not that Moore didn't have his Live and Let Die (one of my guilty favorites) he makes love to Rosie (who is a plant) and threatens to kill her if she doesn't confess. She says "you wouldn't, not after what we just done." His response, "Well certainly not before."

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