WWTBAM Study Guide: 2006 (1/1 -> 12/01) Part 4

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WWTBAM Study Guide: 2006 (1/1 -> 12/01) Part 4

#1 Post by LoudmouthLee » Mon May 05, 2008 12:54 pm

$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these bodies of water consists primarily of fresh water?
A: Atlantic Ocean
B: English Channel
C: Lake Michigan
D: Mediterranean Sea

$4,000 - Question 7
Former Fox News anchor Tony Snow holds what position in the Bush White House?
A: Press Secretary
B: National Security Advisor
C: Chief of Staff
D: Secretary of Labor

$8,000 - Question 8
On a standard 12-hour clock, how many degrees does the hour hand move in 60 minutes?
A: 13
B: 30
C: 36
D: 60________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
Colorado is nicknamed the Centennial State because it joined the Union in what year?
A: 1856
B: 1866
C: 1876
D: 1886

$4,000 - Question 7
Twenty friends split a sizeable lottery jackpot on what NBC drama that premiered in the summer of 2006?
A: Commonwealth
B: Flush
C: Windfall
D: Godsend

$8,000 - Question 8
In very cold weather, a person's "breath" becomes visible due to what process?
A: Condensation
B: Evaporation
C: Transpiration
D: Distillation

$16,000 - Question 9
As a nod to a local food specialty, what U.S. city's NFL team has a mascot named Sourdough Sam?
A: Pittsburgh
B: Chicago
C: Atlanta
D: San Francisco

$25,000 - Question 10
Which of these documents gets its name from a Greek word meaning "folded paper"?
A: Menu
B: Diploma
C: Transcript
D: Pamphlet
$2,000 - Question 6
In 2006, photos of what famous mom and her baby sparked debate over the position of infant car seats?
A: Debra Messing
B: Britney Spears
C: Brooke Shields
D: Jennifer Garner

$4,000 - Question 7
In art, the Greek Titan Atlas is traditionally depicted holding what on his shoulders?
A: Slain boar
B: Lightning bolts
C: Globe
D: The Acropolis

$8,000 - Question 8
Eaten as a delicacy, tomalley is a green organ encountered while consuming what?
A: Lobster
B: Escargot
C: Caviar
D: Foie gras

$16,000 - Question 9
Introduced in 1916, the Stanford-Binet Scale is used to measure what?
A: Eyesight
B: Hearing
C: Intelligence
D: Long-term memory

$25,000 - Question 10
As a result of 2004's infamous Super Bowl halftime show, the FCC fined CBS a total of how much?
A: $180,000
B: $550,000
C: $1.4 million
D: $2.7 million ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What spice appropriately takes its name from an Arabic word meaning "be yellow"?
A: Saffron
B: Cilantro
C: Cumin
D: Paprika

$4,000 - Question 7
In the song "Folsom Prison Blues," Johnny Cash famously claims, "I shot a man in Reno" for what callous reason?
A: To impress his wife
B: Just to watch him die
C: 'Cause he called me "Sir"
D: So I could feel alive

$8,000 - Question 8
What computer innovation was patented by Douglas Engelbart in 1970 as the "X-Y position indicator for a display system"?
A: Pull-down menu
B: Laser printer
C: Mouse
D: Screen saver

$16,000 - Question 9
The actor who played the Monster in "Young Frankenstein" later received 7 Emmy nods as a crabby dad on what sitcom?
A: Married...With Children
B: Frasier
C: Seinfeld
D: Everybody Loves Raymond

$25,000 - Question 10
In 1849, mounting debt forced what French author to sell his famed castle, the Chateau de Monte-Cristo?
A: Alexandre Dumas
B: Victor Hugo
C: Jules Verne
D: Guy de Maupassant ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
A flute is a tall, tapered glass traditionally used to consume what beverage?
A: Champagne
B: Coffee
C: Tea
D: Milk

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2006, what movie grossed over $130 million in its first 3 days, the largest debut in box-office history?
A: Cars
B: P.O.C.: Dead Man's Chest
C: Superman Returns
D: X-Men: The Last Stand

$8,000 - Question 8
Founded in 1987, the "Free Tibet Campaign" seeks to stop what country's occupation of Tibet?
A: China
B: Bangladesh
C: Pakistan
D: Nepal

$16,000 - Question 9
The respiratory disease pertussis is more commonly known as what?
A: Bronchitis
B: Asthma
C: Emphysema
D: Whooping cough

$25,000 - Question 10
In the 1950s, the Hermes fashion house named its now-iconic handbag for what actress?
A: Katherine Hepburn
B: Grace Kelly
C: Ingrid Bergman
D: Greta Garbo ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
The subtitle of the 2006 movie "Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties" is a pun of a famous novel by what author?
A: Charles Dickens
B: Herman Melville
C: Nathaniel Hawthorne
D: Jane Austen

$4,000 - Question 7
In the 2008 Presidential election, which of these U.S. states will have the most electoral votes?
A: Wisconsin
B: North Carolina
C: Arizona
D: New York

$8,000 - Question 8
What solo rap artist is also a member of the platinum-selling rap group G-Unit?
A: Busta Rhymes
B: 50 Cent
C: Lil Jon
D: Mos Def

$16,000 - Question 9
From 1990 to 1999, what NFL team won the most Super Bowl titles?
A: Green Bay Packers
B: Denver Broncos
C: Dallas Cowboys
D: New York Giants ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Molasses is created during a process in which what raw product is refined?
A: Sugar
B: Honey
C: Coffee
D: Cinnamon

$4,000 - Question 7
A PBS children's show character since 1992, Barney the purple dinosaur is what type of dinosaur?
A: Stegosaurus
B: Triceratops
C: Tyrannosaurus rex
D: Pterodactyl

$8,000 - Question 8
In the CB radio lingo popular with truck drivers, the question "What's yor twenty?" is actually asking what?
A: What are you hauling?
B: What is your name?
C: How fast are you going?
D: What is your location?

$16,000 - Question 9
What European country's capital is believed to have grown from a Moorish fortress built on the banks of the Manzanares River?
A: Spain
B: France
C: Italy
D: Germany

$25,000 - Question 10
DC Comics raised eyebrows in 2006 by unveiling a new lesbian version of what classic comic book character?
A: Wonder Woman
B: The Invisible Woman
C: Supergirl
D: Batwoman ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In 2006, trivia champ Ken Jennings jokingly blogged that what game show host had died and been replaced by a robot?
A: Regis Philbin
B: Pat Sajak
C: Howie Mandel
D: Alex Trebek

$4,000 - Question 7
How is 6:00 p.m. expressed in military time?
A: 1800 hours
B: 0600 hours
C: 1600 hours
D: 0800 hours

$8,000 - Question 8
The popular cocktail known as a White Russian contains which of these types of alchohol?
A: Vodka
B: Whiskey
C: Rum
D: Gin

$16,000 - Question 9
A proverb made famous by Theodore Roosevelt was the inspiration for which of these political terms?
A: Dollar diplomacy
B: Ping pong diplomacy
C: Big stick diplomacy
D: Gunboat diplomacy

$25,000 - Question 10
In May 2006, a barn in what U.S. state was demolished as part of the FBI's ongoing search for Jimmy Hoffa?
A: Illinois
B: New Jersey
C: New York
D: Michigan ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What animal appears on a pro-vegetarian PETA sticker that reads "I Am Not a Nugget"?
A: Lobster
B: Cow
C: Chicken
D: Rabbit

$4,000 - Question 7
In tabloid-speak, which of these nicknames refers to a political power couple and not a tinseltown twosome?
A: Brangelina
B: TomKat
C: Billary
D: Garfleck

$8,000 - Question 8
A response to the McCarthy era, the classic play "The Crucible" centers on what historical event?
A: Boston Tea Party
B: The Crusades
C: Storming of the Bastille
D: Salem witch trials

$16,000 - Question 9
Inhabited by the indigenous Sami people, Lapland is an icy region located at the extremes of what continent?
A: Asia
B: Europe
C: North America
D: South America

$25,000 - Question 10
According to British tabloids, the late Princess Diana had what unflattering nickname for Camilla Parker Bowles?
A: The Linebacker
B: The Woodchipper
C: The Rottweiler
D: The Mountain Goat ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Popular vacation destinations, the islands of Mykonos and Corfu belong to what European country?
A: Spain
B: Greece
C: Italy
D: France

$4,000 - Question 7
"White button" is the most widely cultivated variety of what food sold in the United States?
A: Onion
B: Potato
C: Cauliflower
D: Mushroom

$8,000 - Question 8
In Google's standard logo, both g's are what color?
A: Green
B: Red
C: Blue
D: Yellow

$16,000 - Question 9
In the TV special "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving," Snoopy and Woodstock prepare an impromptu feast of what?
A: Popcorn and toast
B: Chips and dip
C: Hot dogs and s'mores
D: Oatmeal and birdseed

$25,000 - Question 10
What number follows 8 in the famous Fibonacci sequence, which begins 1,1,2,3,5,8?
A: 10
B: 12
C: 13
D: 20
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
A movie genre characterized by dark lighting and bleak settings, "film noir" literally translates to what?
A: Dead film
B: War film
C: Empty film
D: Black film

$4,000 - Question 7
The number six hundred sixty-six was famously referred to as "the number of the beast" in what book of the Bible?
A: Ezekiel
B: Isaiah
C: Lamentations
D: Revelations

$8,000 - Question 8
After boasting "They call me 'The Body'" in a 2005 Victoria's Secret ad, Heidi Klum caught flack for stealing whose nickname?
A: Elle MacPherson
B: Naomi Campbell
C: Cindy Crawford
D: Rachel Hunter
$2,000 - Question 6
By definition, conchology is the collection and study of what natural objects?
A: Pebbles
B: Seashells
C: Tree leaves
D: Bird feathers

$4,000 - Question 7
In bartending lingo, a drink ordered "neat" should be served how?
A: On ice
B: With a twist of lemon
C: Mixed with club soda
D: With nothing added

$8,000 - Question 8
Taken from the Hawaiian term for "quick," what word describes a web page that can be edited by many people?
A: Wiki
B: Kono
C: Moku
D: Nani

$16,000 - Question 9
According to Emily Post, which of these utensils is placed farthest to the right in a formal place setting?
A: Salad fork
B: Soup spoon
C: Fish fork
D: Meat knife

$25,000 - Question 10
Since 1990, over one-third of all shark attacks worldwide have occurred off the coast of what U.S. state?
A: Hawaii
B: South Carolina
C: Florida
D: California ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Since 1924, what chemical element has been commonly added to table salt to prevent goiter?
A: Iodine
B: Iron
C: Zinc
D: Magnesium

$4,000 - Question 7
What R.E.M. song was inspired by a 1985 incident in which newsman Dan Rather was attacked on a New York City street?
A: Everybody Hurts
B: What's the Frequency Kenneth?
C: Shiny Happy People
D: Man on the Moon

$8,000 - Question 8
Found mostly in Asia, the macaque is a type of what animal?
A: Snake
B: Parrot
C: Monkey
D: Wild cat

$16,000 - Question 9
With all Senators voting, what is the minimum number of votes required for the U.S. Senate to override a Presidential veto?
A: 51
B: 60
C: 67
D: 75

$25,000 - Question 10
In 2005, what luxury automaker began licensing its name to a line of bicycles, in an attempt to woo younger buyers?
A: Cadillac
B: Lexus
C: Mercedes-Benz
D: BMW ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In accordance with an international treaty signed in 1959, what is the only continent on Earth on which military activity is banned?
A: Antarctica
B: Asia
C: Australia
D: Africa

$4,000 - Question 7
What director's company, Amblin Entertainment, has a logo that features the silhouette of a bike flying in front of the moon?
A: Ron Howard
B: Steven Spielberg
C: George Lucas
D: Martin Scorcese

$8,000 - Question 8
In the human body, which of these glands is generally located closest to the feet?
A: Pituitary
B: Thyroid
C: Adrenal
D: Pineal ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What economic term describes a society with inflated upper and lower classes and a thin middle class?
A: Pretzel economy
B: Butter knife economy
C: Barbell economy
D: Paper clip economy

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these major cities in Florida is located in a region called the Panhandle?
A: Pensacola
B: Jacksonville
C: Orlando
D: Tampa

$8,000 - Question 8
Because the shells contain a toxic oil that can burn the human skin, which of these nuts is never sold in its shell?
A: Almond
B: Cashew
C: Pecan
D: Hazelnut

$16,000 - Question 9
Thirty-four years apart, jazz great Louis Armstrong and hip-hop artist Will Smith each recorded hit songs with what one-word title?
A: Maybe
B: Sugar
C: Miami
D: Summertime

$25,000 - Question 10
What would be the title of Ray Bradbury's classic novel "Fahrenheit 451" if it were "converted" into degrees Celsuis?
A: Celsius 754
B: Celsius 233
C: Celsius 869
D: Celsius 381 ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
A Jewish boy traditionally celebrates his bar mitzvah when he reaches what age?
A: 10
B: 13
C: 18
D: 21

$4,000 - Question 7
The centaur, a mythical beast that is half-man, half-horse, frequently represents what sign of the zodiac?
A: Sagittarius
B: Pisces
C: Aries
D: Cancer

$8,000 - Question 8
J.K. Rowling's famous boy wizard made his U.S. debut in the novel "Harry Potter and the" what?
A: Goblet of Fire
B: Sorceror's Stone
C: Chamber of Secrets
D: Order of the Phoenix

$16,000 - Question 9
Pickled vegetables called "kimchi" are a staple in what country's cuisine?
A: Morocco
B: Thailand
C: India
D: South Korea

$25,000 - Question 10
According to the 2000 Census, which of these states does not have a city of Springfield with a population exceeding 100,000?
A: California
B: Illinois
C: Massachusetts
D: Missouri ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Electronic gadgets are the cause of an increasingly common repetitive stress injury called "Blackberry" what?
A: Neck
B: Knee
C: Elbow
D: Thumb

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these wars was also known as the "War of Secession"?
A: War of 1812
B: World War II
C: U.S. Civil War
D: Spanish-American War

$8,000 - Question 8
A single episode of TV's "Jeopardy!" features a maximum of how many "answers"?
A: 41
B: 51
C: 61
D: 71

$16,000 - Question 9
After the U.S. and Soviet Union, what is the only country to have launched a person into space aboard its own rocket?
A: France
B: China
C: Brazil
D: Japan ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these correctly-spelled American English words would typically have a different spelling in British English?
A: President
B: Bakery
C: Telephone
D: Color

$4,000 - Question 7
The late Ethiopian Emperor Halle Selassle I is revered as a god by members of what religion?
A: Islam
B: Hare Krishna
C: Jehovah's Witnesses
D: Rastafari ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In his column for Details magazine, what newsman wrote that his prematurely gray hair began appearing at age 20?
A: Matt Lauer
B: Anderson Cooper
C: Brian Williams
D: Wolf Blitzer

$4,000 - Question 7
The Sinai Peninsula is a triangular piece of land that connects what two continents together?
A: Europe and Africa
B: North and South America
C: Asia and Europe
D: Asia and Africa ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Home to over 100 miles of navigable inland waterways, what apt nickname is claimed by the city of Fort Lauderdale, FL?
A: Madrid of America
B: Berlin of America
C: Venice of America
D: Dublin of America

$4,000 - Question 7
Geroge W. Bush is the first U.S. president to hold what advanced degree from graduate school?
A: M.B.A.
C: J.D.
D: M.F.A.

$8,000 - Question 8
After its 7,486th performance in 2006, what surpassed "Cats" as the longest-running Broadway show in history?
A: Beauty and the Beast
B: The Phantom of the Opera
C: The Lion King
D: Chicago

$16,000 - Question 9
An element discovered by Marie Curie in 1898 is named for what country?
A: Austria
B: Poland
C: Denmark
D: Italy

$25,000 - Question 10
On the TV series "Sesame Street," what is the full name of the muppet known as The Count?
A: Count Outloud
B: Count de Numbers
C: Count Jackula
D: Count von Count ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
During World War I, anti-German sentiment led many Americans to rename what dish "Liberty cabbage"?
A: Borscht
B: Brussels sprouts
C: Coleslaw
D: Sauerkraut

$4,000 - Question 7
Featuring two characters at a piano, the opening sequence of "Family Guy" parodies the opening of what 1970s sitcom?
A: All in the Family
B: Happy Days
C: Sanford & Son
D: Good Times

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these NYSE stock ticker symbols has letters that match the first three letters of its company's full name?
D: WMT ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
The fat substitute Olestra was introduced to the public in 1996 in which of these foods?
A: Frozen pizza
B: Snack chips
C: Ice cream
D: Cookies

$4,000 - Question 7
What author, best known for her vampire novels, announced in 2005 that she would instead write "only for the Lord"?
A: Danielle Steele
B: Mary Higgins Clark
C: Patricia Cornwell
D: Anne Rice

$8,000 - Question 8
In 1993 a European country peacefully divided into two to become the Czech Republic and what other nation?
A: Slovakia
B: Estonia
C: Romania
D: Albania

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these animals is usually trapped for its fur in the winter when its coat is almost completely white?
A: Mink
B: Lynx
C: Ermine
D: Chinchilla ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction is known as Newton's third law of what?
A: Motion
B: Electricity
C: Magnetism
D: Time

$4,000 - Question 7
Often used in legal contracts, the term "act of God" usually refers to what type of event?
A: Wedding ceremony
B: Natural disaster
C: Birth of a child
D: Criminal act

$8,000 - Question 8
At age 23, Ben Roethlisberger became the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl when he led what team to victory in 2006?
A: Pittsburgh Steelers
B: Denver Broncos
C: Carolina Panthers
D: Seattle Seahawks

$16,000 - Question 9
Literature lovers celebrate "Bloomsday" on June 16th, because it is the day on which what James Joyce book is set?
A: Finnegan's Wake
B: The Dubliners
C: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
D: Ulysses

$25,000 - Question 10
According to urban legend, what actress was mistakenly awarded an Oscar that was intended for Vanessa Redgrave?
A: Hilary Swank
B: Renee Zellweger
C: Marisa Tomei
D: Halle Berry ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these presidential-sounding movies is not actually about a U.S. president?
A: Jefferson in Paris
B: The Truman Show
C: Young Mr. Lincoln
D: Nixon

$4,000 - Question 7
In 1982, what branch of the U.S. armed services introduced the appropriate slogan "Aim High"?
A: Army
B: Navy
C: Air Force
D: Marines

$8,000 - Question 8
Also the name of a popular animated character, "shrek" is a Yiddish word meaning what?
A: Fright
B: Tantrum
C: Naivete
D: Honesty

$16,000 - Question 9
In a May 2006 referendum, what small Eastern European country voted to declare itself independent of Serbia?
A: Bosnia-Hercegovinia
B: Croatia
C: Macedonia
D: Montenegro

$25,000 - Question 10
Which of these is not currently a suffix that can be used in Internet domain names?
A: .info
B: .name
C: .news
D: .biz ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Eirik Thorvaldson was a famous Viking explorer who is better known by what hair-inspired nickname?
A: Eric the Black
B: Eric the Golden
C: Eric the Gray
D: Eric the Red

$4,000 - Question 7
In his hit 2005 song, British crooner James Blunt repeatedly gives a mysterious woman what compliment?
A: You're marvelous
B: You're lovely
C: You're beautiful
D: You're breathtaking

$8,000 - Question 8
The famous presidential declaration "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" was in response to what crisis?
A: World War I
B: The Great Depression
C: Russian revolution
D: Pearl Harbor attack

$16,000 - Question 9
What writer sought out his former college professor Morrie Schwartz after seeing him on an episode of "Nightline"?
A: John Berendt
B: Sebastian Junger
C: John Krakauer
D: Mitch Albom

$25,000 - Question 10
When it runs out of names for tropical storms, the World Meterological Organization assigns names based on what?
A: Greek alphabet
B: Roman numerals
C: Constellations
D: Ancient gods ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
On a computer, which of these commands is commonly listed under the "Edit" menu?
A: Print
B: Word count
C: Copy
D: Save

$4,000 - Question 7
In Spanish, "de nada" is a standard response to which of these niceties?
A: Buenas noches
B: Bienvenido
C: Muchas gracias
D: Salud

$8,000 - Question 8
A surprise Oscar winner for Best Song, Three 6 Mafia's "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" was featured in what 2005 movie?
A: Hustle & Flow
B: Crash
C: A History of Violence
D: Transamerica

$16,000 - Question 9
The first Volvo automobile was made in 1927 in what country?
A: Germany
B: France
C: Belgium
D: Sweden

$25,000 - Question 10
What U.S. Supreme Court justice administered the presidential oath of office to both George W. Bush and his father?
A: William Rehnquist
B: Sandra Day O'Connor
C: Antonin Scalia
D: John Paul Stevens ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these classic cartoon characters is often shown wearing a collar and necktie but no shirt?
A: Yogi Bear
B: Woody Woodpecker
C: Yosemite Sam
D: Bullwinkle J. Moose

$4,000 - Question 7
The sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale, British poet George Gordon Byron, was popularly known by what name?
A: Earl Byron
B: Lord Byron
C: Duke Byron
D: Count Byron

Friday, November 3, 2006
Bethany is contestant number 1.

$8,000 - Question 8
Medial tibial stress syndrome is the medical term for what common ailment?
A: Athlete's foot
B: Swimmer's ear
C: Shin splints
D: Tennis elbow

$16,000 - Question 9
The controversial 2006 Supreme Court case Hamdan v. Rumsfeld held that President Bush lacked authority to do what?
A: Authorize wiretaps
B: Establish military tribunals
C: Deploy troops
D: Pardon prisoners ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
The hypotenuse is the longest side of what type of geometric figure?
A: Trapezoid
B: Rhombus
C: Right triangle
D: Equilateral triangle

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, what country's King Norodom Sihamoni granted Angelina Jolie citizenship for her efforts to help the environment?
A: Cambodia
B: Vietnam
C: South Korea
D: Nepal

$8,000 - Question 8
What type of computer software was first introduced to the public in 1979 with a program called VisiCalc?
A: Internet browser
B: E-mail
C: Word processor
D: Spreadsheet

$16,000 - Question 9
In 2006, amid controversy over his recent bestseller, what author prompted a tearful Oprah Winfrey to say, "I feel duped"?
A: Stephen Glass
B: James Frey
C: Augusten Burroughs
D: Jason Blair

$25,000 - Question 10
Believed by some to be the origin of the word "OK", "Old Kinderhook" was a nickname of what US president?
A: James K Polk
B: Rutherford B Hayes
C: Martin Van Buren
D: William Henry Harrison ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What classic children's book features a title character who, before the story's end, has 514 offspring?
A: The Cat in the Hat
B: Curious George
C: Charlotte's Web
D: The Velveteen Rabbit

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of the following letters does not begin the name of a U.S. state?
A: B
B: G
C: H
D: L

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2005, what rapper came under fire for commenting on live TV that the president "doesn't care about black people"?
A: Nelly
B: 50 Cent
C: Common
D: Kanye West

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these years was a leap year?
A: 1992
B: 1993
C: 1994
D: 1995

$25,000 - Question 10
The second cervical vertebra, the part of the spine that enables the skull to rotate, has what name?
A: Pivot
B: Axis
C: Fulcrum
D: Focus ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In 2005, the Henry Ford Museum draped black crepe over a historic city bus to honor the passing of whom?
A: Rosa Parks
B: Arthur Miller
C: Pope John Paul II
D: Peter Jennings

$4,000 - Question 7
A type of pesticide, molluscicides are designed to get rid of what slimy creatures?
A: Salamanders
B: Frogs
C: Earthworms
D: Snails

$8,000 - Question 8
What Muppet shares his name with an over-the-top style of journalism pioneered by the late Hunter S. Thompson?
A: Kermit
B: Gonzo
C: Fozzie
D: Scooter

$16,000 - Question 9
In a surprising 2005 announcement, the International Olympic Committee named what city as the host of the 2012 games?
A: Moscow
B: Paris
C: London
D: Madrid

$25,000 - Question 10
Enacted in most U.S. states, dram shop laws are commonly used by courts to impose liability on which of these businesses?
A: Bars
B: Auto repair shops
C: Factories
D: Electronics stores ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these recent U.S. presidents was serving as the vice president when elected?
A: Jimmy Carter
B: Ronald Reagan
C: George H.W. Bush
D: Bill Clinton

$4,000 - Question 7
A signer of the Declaration of Independence, Reverend John Witherspoon is a direct ancestor of an Oscar winner for what 2005 film?
A: Syriana
B: Capote
C: Walk the Line
D: Brokeback Mountain

$8,000 - Question 8
According to legend, the 'honeymoon' is named for a custom in which couples imbibed what honey-based drink for a month after the wedding?
A: Mead
B: Ale
C: Brandy
D: Rum

$16,000 - Question 9
Cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that incensed Arab communities were first published in 2005 in what country?
A: Germany
B: Denmark
C: Italy
D: France

$25,000 - Question 10
Ethylene glycol is the sweet-tasting but poisonous active ingredient frequently found in what chemical product?
A: Rubbing alcohol
B: Lighter fluid
C: Hairspray
D: Antifreeze
$2,000 - Question 6
Papyrology is the study of ancient what?
A: Medicines
B: Weapons
C: Manuscripts
D: Coins

$4,000 - Question 7
The port city of Valdez is located in what U.S. state?
A: Hawaii
B: Oregon
C: Washington
D: Alaska

$8,000 - Question 8
Indian guru Bikram Choudhury is the founder of a popular method of what fitness activity?
A: Pilates
B: Aerobics
C: Spinning
D: Yoga

$16,000 - Question 9
In its shocking 2006 season finale, what popular TV series killed off rich girl Marissa Cooper in a fiery car wreck?
A: Grey's Anatomy
B: The O.C.
C: The Sopranos
D: Desperate Housewives

$25,000 - Question 10
The word "vaccine" comes from the Latin word for what animal?
A: Chicken
B: Rat
C: Cow
D: Rabbit
$2,000 - Question 6
In March 2006, what business tycoon welcomed the birth of his fifth child, Baron, with his third wife, Melania?
A: Donald Trump
B: Ted Turner
C: Rupert Murdoch
D: Bill Gates

$4,000 - Question 7
What tech company, founded in an Iowa farmhouse, uses "cow-spotted" boxes as a tribute to its heritage?
A: Gateway
B: Apple
C: Dell
D: Hewlett-Packard

$8,000 - Question 8
According to the stage directions, what Shakespeare play's first scene is set in "Rome, A Street"?
A: MacBeth
B: King Lear
C: Julius Caesar
D: Romeo and Juliet

$16,000 - Question 9
At the end of the Spanish-American War, the U.S. gained control over all but which of these islands?
A: Philippines
B: Guam
C: Puerto Rico
D: Canary Islands ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In the 2006 movie "Click," Adam Sandler's character learns valuable life lessons by using what magical device?
A: Remote control
B: Wristwatch
C: Cell phone
D: Digital camera

$4,000 - Question 7
Normally found in warm, shallow waters, which of these sea creatures grow in areas known as beds?
A: Jellyfish
B: Tuna
C: Dolphins
D: Oysters

$8,000 - Question 8
American Idol winners Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard as well as runner-up Bo Bice all hail from what Southern U.S. state?
A: Georgia
B: Arkansas
C: Tennessee
D: Alabama

$16,000 - Question 9
Completed in 1869, the Suez Canal provides passage through what nation?
A: Egypt
B: Saudi Arabia
C: Israel
D: Lebanon

$25,000 - Question 10
What is the name of the 78-year-old campaign contributor shot by Dick Cheney on an ill-fated 2006 hunting trip?
A: Robert Waltrip
B: Harry Whittington
C: Walden O'Dell
D: Craig Stapleton ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these elements of the periodic table share their names with well-known U.S. car models?
A: Argon and Iridium
B: Boron and Xenon
C: Cobalt and Neon
D: Barium and Tungsten

$4,000 - Question 7
Located 650 miles east of North Carolina, Bermuda is a dependency of what European country?
A: United Kingdom
B: Spain
C: France
D: Portugal

$8,000 - Question 8
From "Oh, say can you see" to "the home of the brave," The Star-Spangled Banner's first verse is how many words?
A: 30
B: 55
C: 80
D: 105

$16,000 - Question 9
On the TV series "My Name is Earl," Darnell Turner is often called by what nickname inspired by his place of employment?
A: Mop Man
B: Crab Man
C: Gas Man
D: Watch Man

$25,000 - Question 10
In 2004 the National Trust for Historic Preservation placed what entire U.S. state on its list of endangered historic places?
A: Hawaii
B: Montana
C: Alaska
D: Vermont ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these recent movies is not an animated film?
A: Over the Hedge
B: The Squid and the Whale
C: The Ant Bully
D: Madagascar

$4,000 - Question 7
What sitcom featured a character whose full name was Christmas Snow?
A: Three's Company
B: Laverne & Shirley
C: Newhart
D: Growing Pains

$8,000 - Question 8
Who sings "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night," the tune that kicks off NBC's weekly "Sunday Night Football" broadcast?
A: Shakira
B: Pink
C: Kelly Clarkson
D: Nelly Furtado

$16,000 - Question 9
Revealed to be a Web hoax in 2006, the popular YouTube blogger "Bree" is better known by what online username?
A: partygirl22
B: nerdygirl86
C: flirtygirl7
D: lonelygirl15

$25,000 - Question 10
Which of these exclamations is not featured in the lyrics of the hit Ô80s single "Footloose"?
A: Jack, get back!
B: Whoa, Milo!
C: Tom, be calm!
D: Oowhee, Marie! ________________________________________

$2,000 - Question 6
On TV's "The Golden Girls," what gal's many racy one-liners included "I'm as jumpy as a virgin at a prison rodeo!"?
A: Blanche
B: Sophia
C: Rose
D: Dorothy

$4,000 - Question 7
After a bidding war, what magazine acquired the U.S. rights to publish the first baby pictures of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt?
A: In Touch
B: People
C: Life & Style
D: Us Weekly

$8,000 - Question 8
In a 1998 hit, what band offered up the puzzling but much-quoted lyric "Chickity China, the Chinese chicken"?
A: Goo Goo Dolls
B: Barenaked Ladies
C: Smash Mouth
D: Chumbawumba

$16,000 - Question 9
What would be the title of NBC's "My Name Is Earl" if it included Earl's last name?
A: My Name Is Earl Jarvis
B: My Name Is Earl Gunther
C: My Name Is Earl Hickey
D: My Name Is Earl Prindle

$25,000 - Question 10
A 2006 Gap ad features Audrey Hepburn dancing in slim black pants, which is actual footage from what film?
A: Sabrina
B: Breakfast at Tiffany's
C: My Fair Lady
D: Funny Face ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Tony Hawk's Underground is part of a best-selling video games featuring what sport?
A: Skateboarding
B: Surfing
C: Skiing
D: Snowboarding

$4,000 - Question 7
The theme song to what 1980s sitcom begins with the memorable line "Streaks on the china never mattered before"?
A: Gimme a Break
B: The Facts of Life
C: Mr. Belvedere
D: Designing Women

$8,000 - Question 8
Who was "Trapped in the Closet" in the controversial "South Park" episode nominated for an Emmy in 2006?
A: Tobey Maguire
B: Tom Cruise
C: Elijah Wood
D: Orlando Bloom

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these extreme mental conditions is not also the title of a Def Leppard album?
A: Pyromania
B: Euphoria
C: Hysteria
D: Dementia
$2,000 - Question 6
The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last-chance power drive is a memorable lyric from what rock anthem?
A: Hollywood Nights
B: Won't Get Fooled Again
C: Freebird
D: Born to Run

$4,000 - Question 7
In a scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," Ferris poses as Abe Froman, a businessman who is known by what moniker?
A: Sausage King of Chicago
B: Vacuum King of Chicago
C: Lumber King of Chicago
D: Camera King of Chicago

$8,000 - Question 8
Who played the memorable TV character "B. A." Baracus?
A: Scott Bakula
B: Loni Anderson
C: Mr. T
D: Carol Burnett

$16,000 - Question 9
According to the 90s hit, "I'm Too Sexy," Right Said Fred is "too sexy" for all of the following except what?
A: My cat
B: My friends
C: My hat
D: My car

$25,000 - Question 10
On TV's Arrested Development" it is revealed that patriarch George Bluth Sr. struck a deal to build model homes for whom?
A: Don King
B: Saddam Hussein
C: John Gotti Jr.
D: Kim Jong Il ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In 2005, what TV personality's highly public disappearance forced Comedy Central to run a "no-show marathon"?
A: Jeff Foxworthy
B: Bill Maher
C: Dave Chappelle
D: Jon Stewart

$4,000 - Question 7
In the 1977 movie "Star Wars", which of the following characters is introduced to the story last?
A: Princess Leia
B: Luke Skywalker
C: Obi-Wan Kenobi
D: Han Solo

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2006, what actress auctioned off jewelry worth millions of dollars, after her divorce from billionaire Ron Perelman?
A: Kelly McGillis
B: Rebecca DeMornay
C: Faye Dunaway
D: Ellen Barkin

$16,000 - Question 9
What 1980s TV drama shares its name with a 2006 debut album by pop duo Gnarls Barkley?
A: St. Elsewhere
B: Knots Landing
C: Murder, She Wrote
D: L.A. Law

$25,000 - Question 10
Set on the mean streets of New York, what 1970s cult film was the basis for a popular video game introduced in 2005?
A: Death Wish
B: Serpico
C: The Warriors
D: The Lords of Flatbush ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Based on a true story, what Meryl Streep movie features the famous line, "The dingo's got my baby!"?
A: Out of Africa
B: Ironweed
C: The River Wild
D: A Cry in the Dark

$4,000 - Question 7
The 2006 Us Weekly headline "Denise Steals Heather's Husband" refers to a love triangle involving what band's guitarist?
A: Bon Jovi
B: Van Halen
C: Aerosmith
D: Guns N' Roses

$8,000 - Question 8
Though it often parodied Reagan-era values, what sitcom did President Reagan name as a favorite during a 1986 speech?
A: Diff'rent Strokes
B: Silver Spoons
C: Family Ties
D: Night Court

$16,000 - Question 9
Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction" occurred as they finished a duet of what song?
A: Cry Me A River
B: Se–orita
C: Like I Love You
D: Rock Your Body

$25,000 - Question 10
A 2006 Sacha Baron Cohen movie is titled "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of" where?
A: Ukraine
B: Uzbekistan
C: Belarus
D: Kazakhstan ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these nursery rhyme titles is also the name of a 2006 hit performed by Fergie?
A: Georgie Porgie
B: London Bridge
C: Little Bo Peep
D: Rain Rain Go Away

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these feature films is not about baseball?
A: The Sandlot
B: The Natural
C: The Player
D: The Babe

$8,000 - Question 8
On the HBO series "Entourage," Vincent Chase's brother Johnny is often referred to by what nickname?
A: Drama
B: Method
C: Oscar
D: Action

$16,000 - Question 9
In what classic '80s movie does a disgruntled romantic grumble, "I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen"?
A: Sixteen Candles
B: Pretty in Pink
C: Can't Buy Me Love
D: Say Anything

$25,000 - Question 10
On the acclaimed sci-fi series "Battlestar Galactica," humanity fights for its survival against evil robots called what?
A: Narcons
B: Cylons
C: Gardons
D: Argons ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these movies is set in 1963 at a fictional Catskills resort called Kellerman's Mountain House?
A: Dirty Dancing
B: The Great Outdoors
C: Meatballs
D: Vacation

$4,000 - Question 7
In September 2006, Us Weekly ran a cover story reporting that Jessica Simpson had been "Dumped!" by what singer?
A: Enrique Iglesias
B: Ryan Adams
C: JC Chasez
D: John Mayer

$8,000 - Question 8
On TV's "In Living Color," Damon Wayans played a surly clown who often exclaimed "Homey don't" what?
A: Go there
B: Like it
C: Care none
D: Play that

$16,000 - Question 9
After raves from the protagonist of the 2004 movie "Sideways," what type of wine experienced a dramatic leap in consumer demand?
A: Red Zinfandel
B: Pinot Noir
C: Shiraz
D: Cabernet Sauvignon

$25,000 - Question 10
In the online video for the song "Here it Goes Again," OK Go performs an elaborate dance routine using what unlikely props?
A: Treadmills
B: Pogo sticks
C: Stilts
D: Bumper cars ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What rap star hosts the MTV makeover show "Pimp My Ride"?
A: Ludacris
B: Juvenile
C: Method Man
D: Xzibit

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these handheld devices features a touch-sensitive control called a "Click Wheel"?
A: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
B: Apple iPod
C: Palm Treo
D: Motorola RAZR

$8,000 - Question 8
What major U.S. city is known to locals as "the Old Pueblo," after the Spanish word for village?
A: Tucson, AZ
B: Dallas, TX
C: Jacksonville, FL
D: Reno, NV

$16,000 - Question 9
The Super Finger, or "Su-FI," is an impolite hand gesture popularized in a routine by what stand-up comedian?
A: Dane Cook
B: Chris Rock
C: Dave Chappelle
D: Larry the Cable Guy

$25,000 - Question 10
According to an ASPCA list, which of these movie titles features two of the twenty most popular pet names in the U.S.?
A: Lady and the Tramp
B: Beauty and the Beast
C: Smokey and the Bandit
D: Bonnie and Clyde ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Popularized by Nelly's 2005 song "Grillz," the slang term "grill" refers to jewelry worn on what part of the body?
A: Ankle
B: Bellybutton
C: Teeth
D: Fingers

$4,000 - Question 7
The use of the suffix "-gate" to denote a scandal derives from a period in U.S. history centered around what president?
A: Gerald Ford
B: Lyndon Johnson
C: Jimmy Carter
D: Richard Nixon

$8,000 - Question 8
What European landmark sits atop a rock formation known as the Acropolis?
A: Parthenon
B: Colosseum
C: Arc de Triomphe
D: Notre Dame Cathedral

$16,000 - Question 9
What popular social networking Web site was founded in 2004 by Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg?
A: Facebook
B: Flickr
C: Blogger
D: Digg

$25,000 - Question 10
Scientists believe the Earth's solid inner core is comprised almost entirely of what element?
A: Zinc
B: Iron
C: Titanium
D: Lead ________________________________________

$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these spring break hot spots is located farthest north?
A: Daytona Beach
B: Hilton Head Island
C: South Padre Island
D: Miami Beach

$4,000 - Question 7
The 2006 song "What's Left of Me" explores the aftermath of what musician's recent high-profile break up?
A: Nick Lachey
B: Travis Barker
C: Chris Robinson
D: Dave Navarro

$8,000 - Question 8
An alternative to the SAT, the ACT is a standardized college entrance exam in which scores range from 1 to what number?
A: 24
B: 36
C: 48
D: 60

$16,000 - Question 9
On "The Colbert Report," what animals, which Colbert calls "godless killing machines," are often atop his "Threatdown" list?
A: Sharks
B: Gorillas
C: Piranhas
D: Bears ________________________________________
$1,000 - Question 5
In 2003, what actress made a well-publicized return to the big screen as a "fallen" Charlie's Angel?
A: Demi Moore
B: Sharon Stone
C: Kim Basinger
D: Mira Sorvino ________________________________________

$2,000 - Question 6
What is the full name of the notoriously difficult college course often called "orgo"?
A: Organic physics
B: Organic psychology
C: Organic chemistry
D: Organic calculus

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, Spin magazine named what British band's "OK Computer" the top album of the last twenty years?
A: Depeche Mode
B: Blur
C: Oasis
D: Radiohead

$8,000 - Question 8
Michigan's lower peninsula is said to be shaped like what article of clothing?
A: Baseball cap
B: Bow tie
C: Sock
D: Mitten

$16,000 - Question 9
According to the U.N., what country will replace China as the most populous country in the world, by 2030?
A: Indonesia
B: India
C: Russia
D: Brazil

$25,000 - Question 10
In Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart," the narrator kills an old man because he despises his what?
A: Silver pocket watch
B: Disciplined daily routine
C: Evil-looking eye
D: Pipe smoking ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In the United Kingdom, what is the capital of Wales?
A: Aberdeen
B: Liverpool
C: Belfast
D: Cardiff

$4,000 - Question 7
What rapper, who topped the charts with his debut album "The College Dropout," dropped out of Chicago State University?
A: Snoop Dogg
B: Eminem
C: Kanye West
D: 50 Cent

$8,000 - Question 8
In an experiment popularized online, what candy creates an explosive geyser when dropped into a 2-liter Diet Coke bottle?
A: Skittles
B: Mint Mentos
C: Atomic Fireballs
D: Lemonheads

$16,000 - Question 9
What part of the U.S. coastline is easily recognized on a map due to its distinctive fishhook shape?
A: Cape May
B: Cape Cod
C: Cape Hatteras
D: Cape Canaveral

$25,000 - Question 10
On the Princeton Review's 2007 list of top party schools, what college was ranked most "stone cold sober" for the ninth straight year?
A: Southern Methodist University
B: Texas Christian University
C: U.S. Naval Academy
D: Brigham Young University ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Pyrosis is the technical name for what common medical condition?
A: Lactose intolerance
B: Food poisoning
C: Heartburn
D: Strep throat

$4,000 - Question 7
A 2005 study at the Pew Internet Project found that the most common task conducted by Web users is what?
A: Sending e-mail
B: Buying music
C: Trading stocks
D: Playing games

$8,000 - Question 8
Because of his fiery shock of red hair, snowboarder Shaun White is often referred to by what outlandish nickname?
A: The Flying Tomato
B: Scarlett Oh-Hair-Ah
C: Fire and Ice
D: The Ruby Slipper

$16,000 - Question 9
Traditionally used in French cooking, a bouquet garni is a small bundle of what?
A: Giblets
B: Dried fruit
C: Bouillon cubes
D: Mixed herbs

$25,000 - Question 10
On a 2006 "Daily Show" episode, Jon Stewart offered tea and a Twinkie to Pervez Musharraf, the president of what country?
A: India
B: Pakistan
C: Turkey
D: Azerbaijan ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In the uppercase, what Greek letter is shaped like a triangle?
A: Lambda
B: Epsilon
C: Mu
D: Delta

$4,000 - Question 7
On TV's "SNL" motivational speaker Matt Foley warned kids that they too could be "living in a van" where?
A: On the wrong side of town
B: Down by the river
C: Under the overpass
D: In a Kmart parking lot

$8,000 - Question 8
Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern dish that is traditionally served with what seasame-seed based sauce?
A: Hoisin
B: Pesto
C: Tahini
D: Aioli

$16,000 - Question 9
The cover of Green Day's 2004 album "American Idiot" features an image of what item in the shape of a heart?
A: Television set
B: Dollar bill
C: Padlock
D: Grenade

$25,000 - Question 10
In an infamous 2006 accident, Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington while they were hunting for what?
A: Deer
B: Quail
C: Rabbits
D: Turkeys ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Measuring up to fourteen feet, the alpenhorn is a wooden horn traditionally used to call cattle in what country?
A: Greece
B: Canada
C: Switzerland
D: Brazil

$4,000 - Question 7
In the 1950s, which of these baseball teams temporarily changed its name to avoid any association with Communism?
A: Detroit Tigers
B: Cleveland Indians
C: New York Yankees
D: Cincinnati Reds

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2006, Lance Bass announced he was gay after years of being in the closet as a member of what boy band?
B: Backstreet Boys
C: 98 Degrees
D: O-Town

$16,000 - Question 9
In architecture, a vertical window set in a gable on a sloping roof is called a what?
A: Stanchion
B: Dormer
C: Marquee
D: Cupola

$25,000 - Question 10
One of Time magazine's 100 "People of the Century," the "Unknown Rebel" famously stood up to the army of what country?
A: East Germany
B: China
C: Soviet Union
D: Vietnam ________________________________________
$1,000 - Question 5
What classic cartoon character is the uncle of Splinter and Knothead, his niece and nephew?
A: Porky Pig
B: Mighty Mouse
C: Woody Woodpecker
D: Huckleberry Hound

$2,000 - Question 6
Letour.fr is the official Web site of a world famous sporting event for what type of athletes?
A: Cyclists
B: Golfers
C: Tennis players
D: Soccer players

$4,000 - Question 7
In geometry, a straight angle measures how many degrees?
A: 120
B: 150
C: 180
D: 270

$8,000 - Question 8
What movie's well-known poster is often compared to Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream"?
A: Home Alone
B: Forrest Gump
C: Men in Black
D: The Matrix

$16,000 - Question 9
What U.S. coin depicts a president wearing a bow tie?
A: Dime
B: Penny
C: Nickel
D: Quarter

$25,000 - Question 10
In 2006, Gwen Stefani gave birth to a son who shares his first name with the capital of what Caribbean nation?
A: Cuba
B: Dominican Republic
C: Haiti
D: Jamaica ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these scientific units is named in honor of the inventor of the telephone?
A: Decibel
B: Kilohertz
C: Megawatt
D: Milligram

$4,000 - Question 7
Popular in Europe and the Middle East, the leek belongs to the same family as what other vegetable?
A: Onion
B: Beet
C: Broccoli
D: Cucumber

$8,000 - Question 8
In 1949, a classic George Orwell novel was published that was set how many years in the future?
A: 15
B: 25
C: 35
D: 45

$16,000 - Question 9
Commonly used by jewelers, a loupe is what kind of instrument?
A: File
B: Magnifying lens
C: Scale
D: Torch

$25,000 - Question 10
What brand of beverage features bottlecaps that bear the motto "We're juice guys"?
A: Welch's
B: Veryfine
C: V8
D: Nantucket Nectars ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In a 2006 ceremony in Sydney, Australia, actress Nicole Kidman married what Grammy-winning country singer?
A: Kenny Chesney
B: Brad Paisley
C: Trace Adkins
D: Keith Urban

$4,000 - Question 7
What is the only state in the U.S. that borders the Atlantic time zone?
A: Maine
B: Massachusetts
C: Delaware
D: Florida

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these female names has not appeared in the title of a Rolling Stones hit song?
A: Ruby
B: Jane
C: Angie
D: Daisy

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these company's logos features a stylized version of its founder's signature?
A: Sears
B: Ford
C: Disney
D: Goodyear

$25,000 - Question 10
Meaning "bitter criticism," the word "vitriol" is also a synonym for what corrosive substance?
A: Turpentine
B: Lye
C: Sulfuric acid
D: Chlorine bleach ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
The popular fitness trend Spinning was started in the 1980s by Jonathan Goldberg, a world-class athlete at what sport?
A: Cycling
B: Figure skating
C: Weightlifting
D: Cross-country skiing

$4,000 - Question 7
What U.S. president's nickname came from an enthusiastic campaign supporter who urged him to "Give 'em hell!"?
A: Richard Nixon
B: Woodrow Wilson
C: Dwight Eisenhower
D: Harry Truman

$8,000 - Question 8
Every year since 1988, TV's Discovery Channel has aired a bloody but popular annual event called what?
A: Tiger Week
B: Shark Week
C: Bear Week
D: Snake Week

$16,000 - Question 9
According to the U.S. Census, which of these states has three of the 10 most populous cities in the country?
A: Ohio
B: Illinois
C: Texas
D: New York

$25,000 - Question 10
Affectionately known as "Two-Buck Chuck," Charles Shaw is a popular and affordable line of what product?
A: Wine
B: Cigars
C: Cheese
D: Olives ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these mathematical operations is the equivalent of "3x"?
A: 3 plus x
B: x divided by 3
C: 3 times x
D: x minus 3

$4,000 - Question 7
In a 1993 episode titles "The Outing," what show made repeated use of the line "Not that there's anything wrong with that..."?
A: Seinfeld
B: Roseanne
C: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
D: Murphy Brown

$8,000 - Question 8
Most cats of the Manx breed have what distinctive characteristic?
A: No fur
B: No tail
C: No claws
D: No whiskers

$16,000 - Question 9
What body of water did the ancient Romans call "Mare Nostrum," or "our sea"?
A: Atlantic Ocean
B: North Sea
C: Mediterranean Sea
D: Red Sea

$25,000 - Question 10
On a piano, the keys for which of these pairs of notes are not separated by a black key?
A: A and B
B: G and A
C: C and D
D: E and F

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