WWTBAM Study Guide: 2006 (1/1 -> 12/01) Part 2

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WWTBAM Study Guide: 2006 (1/1 -> 12/01) Part 2

#1 Post by LoudmouthLee » Mon May 05, 2008 12:50 pm

$1,000 - Question 5
What was the subject of the 2004 ad campaign that asked "How many bars do you have?"?
A: Car insurance
B: Cell phone service
C: Healthcare coverage
D: Home security

$2,000 - Question 6
What term is commonly used to describe a dress with a narrow top and a flared skirt?
A: A-line
B: H-line
C: M-line
D: W-line

$4,000 - Question 7
The name of a well-known type of technology, IMAX is a combination of "maximum" and what other word?
A: Ignition
B: Intensity
C: Ink
D: Image

$8,000 - Question 8
What popular US tourist destination's exterior consists of 142 stainless-steel equilateral triangles?
A: Golden Gate Bridge
B: Washington Monument
C: Gateway Arch
D: Space Needle

$16,000 - Question 9
Released on DVD in 2004, "THX 1138" is the little-known first film of what famous director?
A: Martin Scorsese
B: Stanley Kubrick
C: Steven Spielberg
D: George Lucas

$25,000 - Question 10
The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah takes its name from a Hebrew word meaning what?
A: Patience
B: Dedication
C: Hopefulness
D: Gratitude ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
The lines "See Jane schlep. Schlep, Jane. Schlep" are from a 2004 humor book titled what?
A: Dutch with Dick and Jane
B: French with Dick and Jane
C: Yiddish with Dick and Jane
D: Greek with Dick and Jane

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these psychology terms comes from a Greek verb meaning "to purge"?
A: Neurosis
B: Libido
C: Catharsis
D: Gestalt

$8,000 - Question 8
The scientist Archimedes made the famous claim that he could move the earth using what device?
A: Wedge
B: Lever
C: Wheel
D: Screw ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these words' vowels appear in reverse alphabetical order?
A: Troublemaking
B: Equation
C: Subcontinental
D: Buoyancies

$4,000 - Question 7
Somnoplasty is an increasingly common medical procedure designed to put a stop to what problem?
A: Hair loss
B: Snoring
C: Excessive sweating
D: Teeth grinding

$8,000 - Question 8
Named after one of its main streets, the Castro is an historic neighborhood in what US city?
A: Washington, D.C.
B: Chicago
C: Boston
D: San Francisco

$16,000 - Question 9
Made by Steinway & Sons, the limited edition Rhapsody piano was designed in honor of what composer?
A: Aaron Copland
B: Leonard Bernstein
C: George Gershwin
D: Irving Berlin.

$25,000 - Question 10
Which of these vegetables are commonly processed to make the food additive MSG?
A: Carrots
B: Beets
C: Eggplants
D: Potatoes ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What classic novel begins with the line "It was a pleasure to burn"?
A: The Great Gatsby
B: Fahrenheit 451
C: Pride and Prejudice
D: Invisible Man

$4,000 - Question 7
Featuring some of the largest trees on Earth, the Giant Forest is the main attraction of what US national park?
A: Sequoia
B: Everglades
C: Shenandoah
D: Yellowstone

$8,000 - Question 8
Lewis Libby, Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff, has hat well-known nickname?
A: Bones
B: Clutch
C: Scooter
D: Hot Dog

$16,000 - Question 9
Often compared to the iPod, many radio stations have switched to an automated, DJ-less format known as what?
A: Blitz FM
B: Pump FM
C: Scoop FM
D: Jack FM

$25,000 - Question 10
Since the Bill of Rights was passed in 1791, the US Constitution has been amended how often on average?
A: Every 4 years
B: Every 8 years
C: Every 12 years
D: Every 16 years ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
The TV series "Everybody Hates Chris" recounts the childhood experiences of what well-known performer?
A: Chris Elliott
B: Chris Kattan
C: Chris Rock
D: Chris Tucker

$4,000 - Question 7
What is the slang term for a basketball shot that bounces wildly off the rim and misses the basket?
A: Brick
B: Stone
C: Rock
D: Boulder

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2005, NASA's Deep Impact probe lived up to its name when it deliberately crashed into what celestial object?
A: An asteroid
B: The moon
C: Mercury
D: A comet ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What part of the face is often informally referred to as the "pout"?
A: Eyebrows
B: Lips
C: Eyelashes
D: Cheeks

$4,000 - Question 7
A politician who is so popular that he can get other members of his party elected is said to have what kind of "effect"?
A: Top hat
B: Shirtsleeve
C: Overcoat
D: Coattail

$8,000 - Question 8
In an effort to compete with rival shoe giant Nike, Adidas announced a takeover of what company in 2005?
A: Reebok
B: Puma
C: Converse
D: New Balance

$16,000 - Question 9
In Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass," Alice exchanges words with which of these nursery rhyme characters?
A: Old King Cole
B: Jack Sprat
C: Little Bo-Peep
D: Humpty Dumpty

$25,000 - Question 10
In 2005, scientists determined that what landmark is 29,017 feet high, 12 feet shorter than when it was measured in 1975?
A: Pyramid at Giza
B: Victoria Falls
C: Mount Everest
D: Mount Rushmore ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In weightlifting, the bench press is usually performed while a person is in what position?
A: On his stomach
B: Kneeling down
C: On his back
D: Standing up

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, what TV series ran a special live episode featuring a presidential debate hosted by Forrest Sawyer?
A: Boston Legal
B: E-Ring
C: Commander In Chief
D: The West Wing

$8,000 - Question 8
In pregnant women, what is the name of the thin, fluid-filled membrane that surrounds the fetus?
A: Amnion
B: Pericardium
C: Meninges
D: Pleura

$16,000 - Question 9
What singer promotes fair trade, his pet cause, by wearing tape on his fingers and drawing an equal sign on his hand?
A: Bono
B: Chris Martin
C: Seal
D: Lenny Kravitz

$25,000 - Question 10
Established in 1949, East Germany was officially called the "German" what?
A: People's Federation
B: Representative Union
C: Federal Republic
D: Democratic Republic ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
With over $27 billion, the world's largest charitable foundation bears the name of what businessman and his wife, Melinda?
A: Paul Allen
B: Sam Walton
C: Jack Welch
D: Bill Gates

$4,000 - Question 7
Not actually pigs, guinea pigs are members of what mammalian order?
A: Carnivore
B: Rodent
C: Primate
D: Marsupial

$8,000 - Question 8
What classic rock opera is based on a 1964 clash between two British gangs named the Mods and the Rockers?
A: Hair
B: Tommy
C: The Wall
D: Quadrophenia

$16,000 - Question 9
SpongeBob SquarePants has a beloved snail named Gary that commonly makes what uncharacteristic animal sound?
A: Meow
B: Ribbit
C: Moo
D: Baa

$25,000 - Question 10
What is the singular form for the Italian word "spaghetti"?
A: Spaghettum
B: Spaghettone
C: Spaghetto
D: Spaghettus ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Jamie Foxx' classical training on what instrument helped him nab his Oscar-winning role in the biopic Ray?
A: Guitar
B: Violin
C: Piano
D: Flute

$4,000 - Question 7
Known for its bright colors and ferocious fighting ability, the moray is what type of sea creature?
A: Squid
B: Eel
C: Shark
D: Stingray

$8,000 - Question 8
What luxury brand's long-running slogan claims "There is no substitute"?
A: Porsche
B: Rolex
C: Gucci
D: Godiva ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these integers is equal to its square root?
A: 1
B: 4
C: 9
D: 16

$4,000 - Question 7
What TV talk show host usually kicks off each show by performing some of her signature dance moves?
A: Oprah Winfrey
B: Ellen DeGeneres
C: Tyra Banks
D: Kelly Ripa

$8,000 - Question 8
Known for his slow wit and upbeat demeanor, Odie is the canine sidekick in what popular comic strip?
A: Garfield
B: Dilbert
C: Blondie
D: Ziggy

$16,000 - Question 9
After escaping slavery, Frederick Douglass launched an influential newspaper in New York named what?
A: The Horizon
B: The Guiding Light
C: The North Star
D: The Beacon

$25,000 - Question 10
Named the most powerful woman in business by Fortune Magazine, Meg Whitman is the CEO of what company?
A: eBay
B: Avon
C: Pepsico
D: Xerox ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these methods of cooking is commonly done by placing food underneath the heat source?
A: Poaching
B: Sauteing
C: Stir-frying
D: Broiling

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, Laura Bush spoke about the value of reading on "Alam Simsim," the Egyptian version of what kid's show?
A: Sesame Street
B: Teletubbies
C: Dora the Explorer
D: Blue's Clues

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these medical conditions is formally known as an "embolism"?
A: Broken bone
B: Pinched nerve
C: Torn muscle
D: Blocked blood vessel

$16,000 - Question 9
Because its meaning can evolve over time, what historic text is often referred to as a "living document"?
A: Mayflower Compact
B: US Constitution
C: The Federalist Papers
D: Emancipation Proclamation

$25,000 - Question 10
In 2004, the top three best-selling vehicles in the US were what type of automobile?
A: Minivans
B: Pickup trucks
D: Sedans ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Because of its high acidity, which of these cooking ingredients is capable of dissolving pearls?
A: Baking soda
B: Vinegar
C: Corn syrup
D: Olive oil

$4,000 - Question 7
What world leader's office has the Web site address "www.elysee.fr"?
A: Vladimir Putin
B: Vicente Fox
C: Jacques Chirac
D: Ariel Sharon

$8,000 - Question 8
Held in 1995, the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., was aimed to promote unity within what community?
A: African-American
B: Evangelical Christian
C: Latino
D: Gay and lesbian

$16,000 - Question 9
What celeb wrote about being a granddad in the 2004 children's book "I Already Know I Love You"?
A: Paul McCartney
B: Billy Crystal
C: James Earl Jones
D: Robert Redford

$25,000 - Question 10
The 2004 movie "The Terminal" is based on a real person who has lived in an airport in what city since 1988?
A: Paris
B: Berlin
C: London
D: Rome ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Based on a legendary Spanish nobleman, the nickname "Don Juan" is used to describe what kind of person?
A: Womanizer
B: Coward
C: Idealist
D: Miser

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, what supermodel invited a plastic surgeon onto her new talk show to prove that her breasts are real?
A: Heidi Klum
B: Tyra Banks
C: Cindy Crawford
D: Rebecca Romijn

$8,000 - Question 8
"Pain perdu" is the French term for what food?
A: French dressing
B: French fries
C: French toast
D: French dip

$16,000 - Question 9
What does the "R" stand for in the common scientific acronym "laser"?
A: Reversal
B: Robotics
C: Resistance
D: Radiation

$25,000 - Question 10
After his 2005 trial, Michael Jackson reportedly spent weeks in what kingdom as a guest of his royal highness Sheik Abdullah?
A: Bahrain
B: Jordan
C: Morocco
D: Brunei ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Also known as "recontouring," enameloplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed on what part of the body?
A: Eyebrows
B: Teeth
C: Nose
D: Toes

$4,000 - Question 7
Singer Debbie Harry claims that her band's name was inspired by truck drivers who made a habit of yelling what at her?
A: Hey Blondie!
B: Hey Sweetie!
C: Hey Girlie!
D: Hey Tootsie!

$8,000 - Question 8
Published in 2005, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is which book in the seven-book series?
A: Fourth
B: Fifth
C: Sixth
D: Seventh

$16,000 - Question 9
In fashion, the practice of making clothes bigger to make consumers feel slimmer is called what?
A: Beauty sizing
B: Vanity sizing
C: Wishful sizing
D: Flattery sizing ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Under fire for his response to Hurricane Katrina, Michael Brown resigned as the head of what US agency in 2005?

$4,000 - Question 7
In physics, the point at which an object can be balanced is called its "center of" what?
A: Energy
B: Direction
C: Friction
D: Gravity

$8,000 - Question 8
Experts in unconventional warfare, the Green Berets are officially called the "Army's" what?
A: Special Forces
B: Covert Units
C: Assault Commandos
D: Advance Rangers

$16,000 - Question 9
In 2000, the Clintons traded in the White House for a five-bedroom, four-bath in what upscale New York community?
A: Pleasantville
B: Chappaqua
C: Briarcliff Manor
D: Larchmont ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
The Mississippi River is located entirely in what time zone?
A: Eastern
B: Central
C: Mountain
D: Pacific

$4,000 - Question 7
The three vertical stripes of the Jif peanut butter logo feature all of these colors except what?
A: Yellow
B: Red
C: Blue
D: Green

$8,000 - Question 8
Because it sampled his song "Super Freak," Rick James is credited as co-writer of what rap hit?
A: Baby Got Back
B: Ice Ice Baby
C: Bust a Move
D: U Can't Touch This

$16,000 - Question 9
Appearing at the end of many country names, the suffix "-stan" originates from what language?
A: Turkish
B: Russian
C: Persian
D: Arabic ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Found in Asia and Africa, jackals belong to the same family as what domesticated animals?
A: Dogs
B: Cats
C: Horses
D: Sheep

$4,000 - Question 7
In a football game, a kicker may prop the ball on a tee only for what type of kick?
A: Kickoff
B: Field goal attempt
C: Punt
D: Extra point attempt

$8,000 - Question 8
In a popular science experiment, kids mix vinegar with what household product to simulate a volcanic eruption?
A: Table salt
B: Flour
C: Baking soda
D: Granulated sugar

$16,000 - Question 9
In 2005, what singer launched the socially conscious fashion label Edun, which is "nude" spelled backward?
A: Alanis Morissette
B: Bono
C: Sheryl Crow
D: Seal ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In 2005, a United Nations panel awarded Bill Cosby the rights to what cartoon-inspired internet domain name?
A: fatalbert.org
B: elmerfudd.net
C: woodywoodpecker.com
D: scoobydoo.edu

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, Danica Patrick made history when she became the first woman ever to take the lead in what sports event?
A: Masters Tournament
B: Tour de France
C: Kentucky Derby
D: Indianapolis 500

$8,000 - Question 8
Capri pants are named for a picturesque resort island located off the coast of what country?
A: Spain
B: Turkey
C: Italy
D: Mexico

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these words comes from a Greek word meaning "a person who eats at someone else's table?"
A: Scavenger
B: Parasite
C: Vermin
D: Cannibal

$25,000 - Question 10
Thought to be our solar system’s tenth planet, the celestial body identified as 2003 UB313 has what TV-inspired nickname?
A: Xena
B: Picard
C: Xander
D: Mulder ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What is the term for an image that is used as the background on a computer desktop?
A: Postcard
B: Billboard
C: Wallpaper
D: Carpet

$4,000 - Question 7
“Enriched” flour is flour that has had which of the following added to it?
A: Vitamins
B: Preservatives
C: Artificial coloring
D: Salt

$8,000 - Question 8
The reunification of what European country was recognized in a 1990 agreement called the “Two-Plus-Four Treaty”?
A: Germany
B: Poland
C: Romania
D: Austria

$16,000 - Question 9
What is the subject of the 2005 US postage stamp series that features works by Frank Gehry and Richard Meier?
A: Fashion design
B: Painting
C: Architecture
D: Photography

$25,000 - Question 10
In the ubiquitous series of TV ads, who provides the voice for the pesky duck who shouts "AFLAC"?
A: Robin Williams
B: Gilbert Gottfried
C: Howie Mandel
D: Rob Schneider ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Copying files from a computer to a CD or DVD is usually known as what?
A: Burning
B: Drilling
C: Striking
D: Carving

$4,000 - Question 7
What classic TV show was inspired by a short L.A. Times article about couples with kids from previous marriages?
A: My Three Sons
B: The Brady Bunch
C: The Waltons
D: Father Knows Best

$8,000 - Question 8
As a marketing ploy, what critter is often added to bottles of the Mexican liquor Mezcal?
A: Grasshopper
B: Cockroach
C: Worm
D: Earwig

$16,000 - Question 9
With the help of the ciliary muscle, what part of the eye changes shape to help you focus on near or far objects?
A: Lens
B: Iris
C: Cornea
D: Retina ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
An index called the Nikkei 225 lists commonly traded stocks on what city's stock exchange?
A: London
B: Toronto
C: Paris
D: Tokyo

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these plants is known for its distinctive, compound leaves called fronds?
A: Holly
B: Fern
C: Cactus
D: Ivy

$8,000 - Question 8
Lactose, a type of sugar that many people cannot digest, is naturally found in all but which of these milks?
A: Goat milk
B: Sheep milk
C: Soy milk
D: Cow milk

$16,000 - Question 9
On the TV sitcom "The Golden Girls," which of the "girls" was not a widow?
A: Rose
B: Dorothy
C: Blanche
D: Sophia

$25,000 - Question 10
What newspaper columnist popularized the expression "wake up and smell the coffee"?
A: Erma Bombeck
B: Art Buchwald
C: Mike Royko
D: Ann Landers ________________________________________
$1,000 - Question 5
A person curls the index and middle fingers on each hand to make a common gesture called what?
A: Air brackets
B: Air quotes
C: Air colons
D: Air dashes

$2,000 - Question 6
Newly-issued guidelines for what medical procedure advise giving 30 chest compressions for every two breaths?
B: Root canal
C: Blood test
D: X-ray

$4,000 - Question 7
What toy's 25th year in the US was celebrated in 2005 with one-handed and blindfolded solving contest?
A: Slinky
B: Play-Doh
C: Magic 8 Ball
D: Rubik's Cube

$8,000 - Question 8
In plants, the DNA is located in what part of the cell?
A: Cell wall
B: Vacuole
C: Nucleus
D: Chloroplasts

$16,000 - Question 9
In 1950, what country's constitution abolished "untouchability" a tenet of its centuries-old caste system?
A: Egypt
B: Argentina
C: Turkey
D: India

$25,000 - Question 10
"To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper Lee was close childhood friends with what other acclaimed writer?
A: Truman Capote
B: Eudora Welty
C: Carson McCullers
D: John Steinbeck ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In the world of rap, what short adjective precedes the names "Romeo," "Kim" and "Flip"?
A: Ol'
B: Fine
C: Lil'
D: Fat

$4,000 - Question 7
Placing a blanket over a fire extinguishes it by robbing the flame of what gas?
A: Oxygen
B: Carbon dioxide
C: Helium
D: Nitrogen

$8,000 - Question 8
Title IX is a US law aimed at stopping discrimination in school athletics or other programs based on what?
A: Gender
B: Religious beliefs
C: Race
D: Age

$16,000 - Question 9
On TV's "South Park," Mr. Mackey is the guidance counselor who punctuates almost every sentence with what word?
A: Hey-oh
B: Hooboy
C: Mm'kay
D: Okeydoke

$25,000 - Question 10
Nitrates are a type of medication commonly prescribed to treat what ailment?
A: Angina
B: Diabetes
C: High cholesterol
D: Arthritis ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Suffered by many babies, colic is an unexplained condition characterized by long bouts of what?
A: Coughing
B: Feeding
C: Sleeping
D: Crying

$4,000 - Question 7
Don McLean's 1972 hit "Vincent" is a tribute to what artist and his celebrated painting "The Starry Night"?
A: Monet
B: Van Gogh
C: Matisse
D: Picasso

$8,000 - Question 8
In the Pythagorean theorem, what mathematical symbol goes between "a squared" and "b squared"?
A: Multiplication sign
B: Division sign
C: Plus sign
D: Minus sign

$16,000 - Question 9
In reference to the rich history of its setting, CBS's "Survivor: Guatemala" had what subtitle?
A: The Inca Empire
B: The Aztec Empire
C: The Maya Empire
D: The Toltec Empire

$25,000 - Question 10
Introduced in the late 1800s, what sport's earlier names included mushball, kittenball, and pumpkin ball?
A: Volleyball
B: Softball
C: Soccer
D: Tennis
$2,000 - Question 6
To cut down on brawling, what pro sport has an instigator rule that penalizes players for starting fights?
A: Tennis
B: Hockey
C: Beach volleyball
D: Cycling

$4,000 - Question 7
Ty Pennington host of Extreme Makeover Home Edition got his start as a hunky carpenter on what cable show?
A: While You Where Out
B: Surprise By Design
C: Trading Spaces
D: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

$8,000 - Question 8
Ratified in 1920 the Constitution’s 19th Amendment says what cannot be denied on account of sex?
A: Property ownership
B: Equal pay
C: Religious freedom
D: Right to vote

$16,000 - Question 9
What 2005 film's official website invites visitors to learn about America's dependence on foreign oil?
A: Good Night and Good Luck
B: Syriana
C: North Country
D: Munich

$25,000 - Question 10
In 2005, what beauty resumed her role as a cover girl model, now pitching makeup for the over-35 set?
A: Cindy Crawford
B: Elle MacPherson
C: Kim Alexis
D: Christie Brinkley ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Curry is a heavily-spiced sauce traditionally used in which of these cuisines?
A: French
B: Greek
C: Indian
D: Italian

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, what baseball team swept the Houston Astros to win its first World Series title since 1917?
A: Chicago White Sox
B: Detroit Tigers
C: Pittsburgh Pirates
D: Philadelphia Phillies

$8,000 - Question 8
What natural occurrences are classified as being either partial, annular or total?
A: Shooting stars
B: Volcanic eruptions
C: Earthquakes
D: Solar eclipses

$16,000 - Question 9
Measuring screen width in relation to screen height, the "aspect ratio" of a standard widescreen TV is what?
A: 16:09
B: 12:07
C: 9:05
D: 5:03

$25,000 - Question 10
On TV's "Desperate Housewives," Teri Hatcher's Susan is a klutzy mom with what work-from-home job?
A: Jewelry designer
B: Children's book illustrator
C: Freelance copy editor
D: Special events planner ________________________________________
$1,000 - Question 5
In track and field, which of these events requires a piece of equipment called a baton?
A: 4 x 100-meter relay
B: Shot put
C: Long jump
D: 110-meter hurdles

$2,000 - Question 6
What soft drink's name was inspired by a silver-haired elf from an old Coca-Cola ad?
A: Sunkist
B: Mountain Dew
C: Fresca
D: Sprite

$4,000 - Question 7
On a man's jacket, "notch" and "peak" are two common styles of what?
A: Cuffs
B: Lapels
C: Buttons
D: Pinstripes

$8,000 - Question 8
In the popular claymation duo of Wallace and Gromit, what kind of animal is Gromit?
A: Dog
B: Parrot
C: Chimpanzee
D: Cat

$16,000 - Question 9
Referring to an idea that is above criticism, the phrase "sacred cow" alludes to an important tenet of what religion?
A: Taoism
B: Judaism
C: Islam
D: Hinduism

$25,000 - Question 10
The registration number NCC-1701 is displayed on the exterior of what fictional vehicle?
A: Herbie the Love Bug
B: Batmobile
C: USS Enterprise
D: Millennium Falcon ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What genre of music, popularized in the '50s, commonly features vocal harmonies and no musical instruments?
A: Big Band
B: Doo-wop
C: Bluegrass
D: Reggae

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, the Tolkien Society held a conference marking the 50th anniversary of what fictional work's completion?
A: The Lord of the Rings
B: On the Road
C: Atlas Shrugged
D: Invisible Man

$8,000 - Question 8
The Earth's equator passes through which of these continents?
A: North America
B: Europe
C: Antarctica
D: Africa

$16,000 - Question 9
During the historic 2005 elections in Iraq, voters' fingertips were dyed what color to prevent multiple voting?
A: Red
B: Green
C: Purple
D: Black

$25,000 - Question 10
Citing the "twinkle in he eye," who did People magazine choose as the Sexiest Man Alive in 2005?
A: Vince Vaughn
B: Matthew McConaughey
C: Patrick Dempsey
D: Matthew Fox ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What sport's playing surface features two curved boundaries called "three-point lines"?
A: Soccer
B: Basketball
C: Football
D: Tennis

$4,000 - Question 7
In January 2006, Howard Stern made his much-hyped debut on a satellite radio station named what?
A: Westwood One
C: Sirius
D: Clear Channel

$8,000 - Question 8
SiriusHata, Jivamukti, and Ashtanga are all popular styles of what fitness activity?
A: Spinning
B: Yoga
C: Aerobics
D: Kickboxing

$16,000 - Question 9
Steven Spielberg's 2005 movie "Munich" recounts tragic events that took place in 1972 during what event?
A: Military coup
B: Peace summit
C: Student protest
D: Summer Olympics

$25,000 - Question 10
Due to the gray hairs that they get with age, what animal's adult males are called "silverbacks"?
A: Gorilla
B: Moose
C: Giraffe
D: Wolf ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these popular movies of 2005 is a prequel?
A: The Dukes of Hazzard
B: War of the Worlds
C: Batman Begins
D: Madagascar

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these numbers is considered an improper fraction?
A: ¼
B: 6-Mar
C: 3-Feb
D: 2-Mar

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these pieces of gym equipment is also often known as a "cross-trainer"?
A: Barbell
B: Elliptical machine
C: Punching bag
D: Medicine ball

$16,000 - Question 9
What city's original name was a Spanish phrase meaning "Our Lady Saint Mary of the Good Winds"?
A: Buenos Aires
B: Sâo Paulo
C: Rio de Janeiro
D: Los Angeles

$25,000 - Question 10
Food Network TV personality Rachael Ray is known for posing what rhetorical question throughout her shows?
A: Are you kidding me?
B: What's not to like?
C: Who's cooking now?
D: How cool is that? ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What music legend's 2005 autobiography is titled "I Feel Good: A Memoir of a Life of Soul"?
A: James Brown
B: Al Green
C: Smokey Robinson
D: Stevie Wonder

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these hit TV series is filmed on location on the Hawaiian island of Oahu?
A: Gray's Anatomy
B: Lost
C: Scrubs
D: Two and a Half Men

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these famous statues depicts a young man who is about to do battle with a giant?
A: The Kiss
B: David
C: Venus de Milo
D: The Thinker

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these birds is named for the distinct, repetitive call that it makes?
A: Grackle
B: Thrush
C: Whippoorwill
D: Oriole

$25,000 - Question 10
The first United States Presidential votes are traditionally cast in Hart's Location and Dixville Notch, tiny towns in what state?
A: Maine
B: Rhode Island
C: Massachusetts
D: New Hampshire ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In a standard desk of playing cards, what suit is symbolized by a quadrilateral figure?
A: Hearts
B: Diamonds
C: Spades
D: Clubs

$4,000 - Question 7
On the television series Cheers, who had a never-seen wife named Vera?
A: Woody
B: Coach
C: Norm
D: Cliff

$8,000 - Question 8
A chef who is butterflying shrimp is doing what to them?
A: Dipping them in butter
B: Grilling them
C: Seasoning them with salt
D: Cutting them open

$16,000 - Question 9
Before their 2005 New York City debut, the Country Music Association Awards were always held in what Southern city?
A: Nashville
B: Atlanta
C: Dallas
D: Charleston

$25,000 - Question 10
Naproxen is sold over the counter under what brand name?
A: Advil
B: Aleve
C: Bufferin
D: Motrin
$2,000 - Question 6
In Australia, "barbie" is a common slang word for what?
A: Barbecue
B: Barbed wire
C: Barbershop
D: Barbells

$4,000 - Question 7
As demonstrated in the name of the 2006 Super Bowl, how is "40" expressed in Roman numerals?

$8,000 - Question 8
What kind of creature is Aslan, the iconic character from "The Chronicles of Narnia" book series?
A: Eagle
B: Faun
C: Centaur
D: Lion

$16,000 - Question 9
As of 2006, the FDA is requiring Nutrition Facts labels to include what additional category?
A: Trans fats
B: Lactose
C: Antioxidants
D: Electrolytes

$25,000 - Question 10
Which of the following is the name of a team in the WNBA and not the NBA?
A: Toronto Raptors
B: Charlotte Bobcats
C: Houston Comets
D: Memphis Grizzlies ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
People who need to lower their cholesterol are commonly advised to eat less of which of these foods?
A: Citrus fruit
B: Egg yolk
C: Whole wheat
D: Leafy greens

$4,000 - Question 7
As of 2006, America's tricentennial is how many years away?
A: 30
B: 50
C: 70
D: 90

$8,000 - Question 8
Following in her father's footsteps, Christie Hefner has served as CEO of what media company since 1988?
A: Playboy
B: Time Warner
C: Simon & Schuster
D: Conde Nast

$16,000 - Question 9
"I'm not gonna be ignored, Dan" is a famous line from what 1980s thriller?
A: Suspect
B: Body Heat
C: Fatal Attraction
D: Jagged Edge

$25,000 - Question 10
What US state is bordered by Iowa to the north and Arkansas to the south?
A: Kansas
B: Illinois
C: Oklahoma
D: Missouri ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Given the right soil conditions, what animal is known to tunnel underground at a speed of 15 feet per hour?
A: Skunk
B: Beaver
C: Mole
D: Raccoon

$4,000 - Question 7
On the pronunciation of her last name, what actress has explained that it's "like the lettuce"?
A: Rebecca Romijn
B: Chloë Sevigny
C: Rachel Weisz
D: Maggie Gyllenhaal

$8,000 - Question 8
The 2004 cult hit "Napoleon Dynamite" inspired a popular T-shirt bearing what political slogan?
A: Vote for Zeke
B: Vote for Kyle
C: Vote for Curtis
D: Vote for Pedro

$16,000 - Question 9
When spoken out loud, which of these Internet abbreviations has more syllables that the term it abbreviates?
D: HTML ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Of the five Great Lakes, how many share their name with a US state?
A: Zero
B: One
C: Two
D: Three

$4,000 - Question 7
In bowling, the ten pins are traditionally arranged to form what type of triangle?
A: Scalene
B: Right
C: Equilateral
D: Obtuse ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Gilbert Stuart's famous portrait of what president is featured on the front of the $1 bill?
A: George Washington
B: Thomas Jefferson
C: Franklin Roosevelt
D: Ulysses S. Grant

Tuesday, May 9, 2006
Ryan is contestant number 1.

$4,000 - Question 7
On TV's "The Daily Show," the segment "Mess O'Potamia" satirizes the U.S.'s involvement with what country?
A: Russia
B: Cuba
C: Iraq
D: North Korea

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2004, what shoe company debuted the Pump 2.0, an update of its popular 1989 sneaker?
A: Converse
B: Reebok
C: Nike
D: Adidas

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these square numbers also happens to be the sum of two smaller square numbers?
A: 16
B: 25
C: 36
D: 49 ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
By definition, twilight is the time of day when what celestial body is just below the Earth's horizon?
A: Mars
B: The Moon
C: The Sun
D: Venus

$4,000 - Question 7
Referring to an old riddle, U2's much-acclaimed 2004 album is titled "How to Dismantle" what?
A: A Happy Family
B: An Atomic Bomb
C: An Elephant
D: A Jet Airplane

$8,000 - Question 8
What country's National Day of Healing tries to make amends for its past treatment of the Aboriginal community?
A: Australia
B: Turkey
C: South Africa
D: Indonesia

$16,000 - Question 9
In 1998, Intel replaced Westinghouse as sponsor of a famous high school competition in what field?
A: Music
B: Science
C: Creative writing
D: Geography

$25,000 - Question 10
In "Lazy Sunday," a 2005 "SNL" video spoof that became an Internet sensation, two rapping pals go to what movie?
A: The Chronicles of Narnia
B: The Family Stone
C: Brokeback Mountain
D: King Kong ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
To encourage traditional dress, the Japanese city of Kyoto gave free bus rides in March 2005 to passengers wearing what?
A: Serapes
B: Saris
C: Kimonos
D: Dashikis

$4,000 - Question 7
In the 2003 hit song "Hey Ya!", the band OutKast urges listeners to "shake it like a" what?
A: Can of V8
B: Wheaties box
C: Polaroid picture
D: Cup of Jell-O

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2005, Microsoft unveiled the long-awaited new version of its Xbox with what updated name?
A: Xbox Ultra
B: Xbox 360
C: Xbox Hotbox
D: Xbox Xtra

$16,000 - Question 9
What part of Ralfe Fiennes' face was digitally removed for his portrayal of Lord Voldemort in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"?
A: Eyes
B: Mouth
C: Ears
D: Nose

$25,000 - Question 10
What recyclables are commonly labeled with the numbers 1 through 7 to indicate the exact materials they are made from?
A: Glass bottles
B: Cardboard boxes
C: Plastic containers
D: Metal cans ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Fidelito, or "little Fidel," is the eldest of the numerous children fathered by the longtime leader of what country?
A: France
B: Israel
C: Cuba
D: Ireland

$4,000 - Question 7
With over 8000 locations, Curves is a booming fitness club chain aimed at what specific demographic?
A: College students
B: Women
C: Senior citizens
D: Businessmen

$8,000 - Question 8
What is the term for the aerodynamic force that directly opposes the thrust of the plane's engines?
A: Lift
B: Drag
C: Weight
D: Tension

$16,000 - Question 9
A pattern representing "X" and "Y" in telegraphic code is featured on the cover of what band's 2005 album?
A: Coldplay
B: The White Stripes
C: Foo Fighters
D: Dave Matthews Band

$25,000 - Question 10
According to the US Constitution, a member of the House of Representatives must be at least how old?
A: 18 years old
B: 21 years old
C: 25 years old
D: 30 years old ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these fields of study is not usually considered one of the "humanities"?
A: Literature
B: History
C: Philosophy
D: Engineering

$4,000 - Question 7
What is the title of the 2005 hit by the Black Eyed Peas that pays tribute to its singer's curvy assets?
A: My Jiggle
B: My Humps
C: My Hotcakes
D: My Sweetcheeks

$8,000 - Question 8
In a 2004 buddy comedy, Harold and Kumar go on a quest to satisfy their fast-food cravings at what chain?
A: White Castle
B: Arby's
C: Roy Rogers
D: Taco Bell

$16,000 - Question 9
The logo for the human rights group Amnesty International features barbed wire wrapped around what?
A: Globe
B: Dove
C: Outstretched hand
D: Candle________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In Wal-Mart's corporate logo, the hyphen in the company's name is replaced with what symbol?
A: Star
B: Exclamation point
C: US flag
D: Check mark

$4,000 - Question 7
Made of spinach and layers of flaky pastry dough, spanakopita is a traditional dish of what country?
A: Russia
B: Greece
C: Italy
D: Spain

$8,000 - Question 8
On August 1,2005, what baseball player's Hall-of-Fame hopes were jeopardized by a suspension for steroid use?
A: Roger Clemens
B: Sammy Sosa
C: Manny Ramirez
D: Rafael Palmeiro

$16,000 - Question 9
Featured in the memorial poem "In Flanders Fields," what flowers are commonly associated with war veterans?
A: Poppies
B: Lillies
C: Daffodils
D: Petunias

$25,000 - Question 10
The 2005 song "Come Together Now," an all-star collaboration for Hurricane Katrina victims, was co-written by what actress?
A: Sharon Stone
B: Susan Sarandon
C: Sandra Bullock
D: Angelina Jolie ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
The actor who originated the role of Cooter on what TV show called its 2005 big-screen remake a "sleazy insult"?
A: Bewitched
B: The Dukes of Hazzard
C: The Honeymooners
D: Fat Albert

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2001, Utah invited Bill Cosby to help announce what food as its official snack?
A: Rice Krispies Treats
B: Doritos
C: Jell-O
D: Oreos

$8,000 - Question 8
The famous swallows of the San Juan Capistrano mission traditionally return on St. Joseph's Day, the 19th of what month?
A: March
B: June
C: September
D: December ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
On Earth, how many degrees of latitude separate the North Pole from the South Pole?
A: 45
B: 90
C: 120
D: 180

$4,000 - Question 7
Written in the woods of Massachusetts, Henry David Thoreau's "Walden" was named after what nearby landmark?
A: River
B: Valley
C: Mountain
D: Pond

$8,000 - Question 8
In May 2005, what country singer proposed to girlfriend Trisha Yearwood onstage in front of thousands of fans?
A: Garth Brooks
B: Alan Jackson
C: Toby Keith
D: Clint Black

$16,000 - Question 9
Often used in French, what pronunciation mark is always placed under a letter and never above it?
A: Umlaut
B: Tilde
C: Cedilla
D: Circumflex

$25,000 - Question 10
Amid widespread political squabbling, what country's president sacked his entire 7-month-old cabinet in 2005?
A: Poland
B: Ukraine
C: Czech Republic
D: Croatia ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these kitchen gadgets is used primarily to scrape the peels off of citrus fruits?
A: Masher
B: Spatula
C: Zester
D: Whisk

$4,000 - Question 7
In the 2005 movie "The Bad News Bears", Billy Bob Thornton reprises a role originally played by what actor?
A: Robert Duvall
B: Walter Matthau
C: Jack Lemmon
D: Charles Durning

$8,000 - Question 8
What Republican resigned as Speaker of the House after his party suffered losses in the 1998 midterm elections?
A: Dick Armey
B: Bob Barr
C: Henry Hyde
D: Newt Gingrich

$16,000 - Question 9
In a memorable song, what hit Broadway musical reminds its audience that "a year comprises 525,600 minutes"?
A: Evita
B: Rent
C: Phantom of the Opera
D: The Producers

$25,000 - Question 10
Known for his powdered hair and ever-present fan, eccentric designer Karl Lagerfeld has helmed what fashion house since 1983?
A: Chanel
B: Christian Dior
C: Louis Vuitton
D: Gucci ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What sport was reborn in California in the 1970s, thanks to a record drought that left many swimming pools empty?
A: Gymnastics
B: Handball
C: Squash
D: Skateboarding

$4,000 - Question 7
A person can feel his carotid pulse by placing his fingers where on the body?
A: Neck
B: Chest
C: Abdomen
D: Temple

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2005, what beauty was dropped by H&M and Burberry after scandalous photos of her appeared in a British tabloid?
A: Heidi Klum
B: Gisele Bundchen
C: Kate Moss
D: Elizabeth Hurley

$16,000 - Question 9
Once known as "Indian saffron," what spice commonly gives curry dishes their distinctive yellow color?
A: Paprika
B: Turmeric
C: Cumin
D: Cilantro

$25,000 - Question 10
"If a son strikes his father, his hands shall be hewn off" is a harsh decree from what ancient leader’s famous code of laws?
A: Hammurabi
B: Attila the Hun
C: Genghis Khan
D: Alexander the Great ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
According to its official Web site, what classic candy bar is 40% peanuts?
A: 3 Musketeers
B: PayDay
C: Milky Way
D: Nestle Crunch

$4,000 - Question 7
"La Petite Roche," a riverside rock formation once used for navigation, inspired the name of what state's capital?
A: Arkansas
B: Kentucky
C: Oklahoma
D: South Carolina

$8,000 - Question 8
"Wingman" is a slang term commonly used to refer to a guy who assists his friends with what?
A: Getting jobs
B: Fixing cars
C: Wasting money
D: Meeting women

$16,000 - Question 9
In 2005, what sports league unveiled a more conservative, "business casual" dress code for its players?

$25,000 - Question 10
What astronomer introduced his famous "heliocentric" theory of planetary motion in a manuscript titled "Commentariolus"?
A: Ptolemy
B: Copernicus
C: Johannes Kepler
D: Isaac Newton ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Often made from fur, a stole is a woman's fashion accessory designed to be worn where on the human body?
A: Around the wrist
B: Around the shoulders
C: Around the waist
D: Around the ankle

$4,000 - Question 7
What is the name of the imaginary line that circles the globe at zero degrees longitude?
A: Prime meridian
B: Tropic of Cancer
C: Tropic of Capricorn
D: Equator

$8,000 - Question 8
"4 8 15 16 23 42" is a mysterious string of numbers that keeps popping up on what TV series?
A: 24
B: Smallville
C: Desperate Housewives
D: Lost

$16,000 - Question 9
In September 2005, what Arab country held its first multi-candidate presidential election in its history?
A: Kuwait
B: Libya
C: Saudi Arabia
D: Egypt

$25,000 - Question 10
What internal organ is considered the largest gland in the human body?
A: Stomach
B: Liver
C: Spleen
D: Pancreas ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Held every August in San Francisco, Jerry Day is a festival celebrating the birthday of what rock group's late lead singer?
A: The Grateful Dead
B: The Doors
C: Nirvana
D: Queen

$4,000 - Question 7
The expression "asleep at the switch" originally referred to an inattentive person who worked in what industry?
A: Fishing
B: Railroad
C: Logging
D: Newspaper publishing

$8,000 - Question 8
Measuring up to 22 inches long, what mammal's prehensile tongue is used mostly to strip leaves from trees?
A: Kangaroo
B: Elephant
C: Giraffe
D: Zebra

$16,000 - Question 9
Nick Carraway, a young Midwesterner, is the narrator of what classic American novel?
A: The Great Gatsby
B: On the Road
C: Catch-22
D: The Sun Also Rises

$25,000 - Question 10
In an unusual marketing move, what group debuted its video "Streets of Love" on a 2005 episode of "Days of Our Lives"?
A: Green Day
B: The Rolling Stones
C: U2
D: Coldplay ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
By definition, an analgesic is a type of medication intended primarily to do what?
A: Aid digestion
B: Cause drowsiness
C: Relieve pain
D: Reduce coughing

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these types of soup traditionally has some form of pasta in it?
A: Chowder
B: French onion
C: Split pea
D: Minestrone

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2005, who topped Forbes magazine's list of the 100 most powerful celebrities for the first time?
A: Mel Gibson
B: Oprah Winfrey
C: Steven Spielberg
D: Tom Cruise

$16,000 - Question 9
Founded in 1967, the American Cetacean Society focuses on the conservation of which of these animals?
A: Whales
B: Eagles
C: Buffalo
D: Sea turtles ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Due to its unique climate, Hawaii is the only US state to grow which of these crops commercially?
A: Cotton
B: Corn
C: Oranges
D: Coffee

$4,000 - Question 7
The 2004 movie "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" stars an evil guardian named what?
A: Count Olaf
B: Prince Gustav
C: Baron Van Klapp
D: Lord Ivan

$8,000 - Question 8
According to legend, Lady Godiva protested her husband's tax policy by getting naked and doing what?
A: Climbing a tree
B: Riding a horse
C: Dancing a waltz
D: Playing a harp

$16,000 - Question 9
The Spanish-language TV program "100 Mexicanos Dijeron" is the Mexican version of what game show?
A: The Newlywed Game
B: Wheel of Fortune
C: The Price is Right
D: Family Feud ________________________________________

$2,000 - Question 6
Coined in the 1800s, what expression originally ended with the words "at high tide"?
A: Sly as a fox
B: Happy as a clam
C: Strong as an ox
D: Stubborn as a mule

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these dishes is traditionally made with poached eggs?
A: Eggs Benedict
B: Deviled eggs
C: French toast
D: Quiche

$8,000 - Question 8
What 2005 movie takes its title from a slang term for a US Marine?
A: Valiant
B: Jarhead
C: The Weather Man
D: The Pacifier

$16,000 - Question 9
What historic age is commonly divided into three periods" the Paleolithic, the Mesolithic and the Neolithic?
A: Ice Age
B: Bronze Age
C: Iron Age
D: Stone Age

$25,000 - Question 10
In June 2005, what organization tapped former Verizon executive Bruce Gordon to be its next president?
D: ACLU ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Often in the news, OxyContin is a highly addictive drug that is usually prescribed as a what?
A: Appetite suppressant
B: Pain reliever
C: Antidepressant
D: Sleep aid

$4,000 - Question 7
Popular in Spain and Mexico, a churro is a snack consisting of what?
A: Fried dough
B: Rice pudding
C: Fried plantains
D: Frozen custard ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What birds rotate their wings in a distinct figure-eight pattern that allows them to fly backwards?
A: Swallows
B: Parakeets
C: Robins
D: Hummingbirds

$4,000 - Question 7
In 1993, Intel introduced its groundbreaking computer chip named what?
A: Pentium
B: Bluetooth
C: Vaio
D: Centrino

$8,000 - Question 8
The cheerleading chant "sis boom bah!" was originally meant to echo the sounds heard at what type of event?
A: Military parade
B: Opera performance
C: Circus
D: Fireworks display ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
According to a longtime ad slogan for American Express, "membership has its" what?
A: Responsibilities
B: Moments
C: Privileges
D: Perks

$4,000 - Question 7
In math, the number 10 raised to the fourth power is equal to what?
A: One thousand
B: Ten thousand
C: One hundred thousand
D: One million

$8,000 - Question 8
In July 2005, what female hip-hop artist was sentenced to one year in prison for a perjury conviction?
A: Lil' Kim
B: Foxy Brown
C: Eve
D: Missy Elliott

$16,000 - Question 9
In what language are letters such as "s" and "p" often silent when they come at the end of a word?
A: French
B: German
C: Spanish
D: Italian

$25,000 - Question 10
What actor and ardent lemur supporter had a new species of the animal named in his honor in 2005?
A: Liam Neeson
B: Kenneth Branagh
C: Tim Curry
D: John Cleese ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What does the "HG" stand for in the name of the cable network HGTV?
A: Hobbies and Games
B: Hope and Glory
C: Home and Garden
D: History and Geography

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these cooking terms means "to coat with flour or crumbs"?
A: Dredge
B: Blanch
C: Baste
D: Truss

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these exclamations is a traditional foxhunting cry used to signal the sighting of a fox?
A: Heigh-ho
B: Tally-ho
C: Heave-ho
D: Land-ho

$16,000 - Question 9
In a 2005 interview with Oprah, Kirstie Alley attributed her dramatic 55-pound weight loss to what activity?
A: Golf
B: Yard work
C: Sex
D: Dancing ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Introduced by Senator John McCain, the Clean Sports Act of 2005 aims to tackle what pro sports problem?
A: Illegal betting
B: Steroid use
C: Players' strikes
D: Improper recruiting

$4,000 - Question 7
In a classic Milton Bradley game, players who correctly answer a series of questions are invited to "Go to the" what?
A: End of the Road
B: Head of the Class
C: Front of the Line
D: Top of the Heap

$8,000 - Question 8
In the 2005 movie "War of the Worlds," unfriendly aliens wage war on mankind using giant machines called what?
A: Automatons
B: Psychlos
C: Tripods
D: Rovers

$16,000 - Question 9
On motorboats, the outboard motor is usually mounted where on the boat?
A: Stern
B: Starboard
C: Port
D: Bow

$25,000 - Question 10
The author of which of these classic novels never had another novel published during his or her lifetime?
A: Uncle Tom's Cabin
B: Catch-22
C: Gone With the Wind
D: On the Road ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Director of hits such as "Home Alone," Christopher Columbus has a production company that is aptly named for what year?
A: 1066
B: 1492
C: 1776
D: 1812

$4,000 - Question 7
Although it has been extinct in the area for many decades, what US state's flag features the grizzly bear?
A: Montana
B: Utah
C: Texas
D: California
$2,000 - Question 6
In the classic novel "Treasure Island," Long John Silver favors the expression "Shiver my" what?
A: Buckles
B: Wagons
C: Caskets
D: Timbers

$4,000 - Question 7
The snail Bufonaria borisbeckeri was named by a German researcher in honor of a champion in what sport?
A: Soccer
B: Basketball
C: Tennis
D: Golf

$8,000 - Question 8
A caprese salad traditionally includes which of these ingredients?
A: Walnuts
B: Mozzarella cheese
C: Beets
D: Mandarin orange

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these 2005 movies is based on a successful video game franchise?
A: The Island
B: Sin City
C: Doom
D: Stealth

$16,000 - Question 9
Because it violated a policy barring the sale of used underwear, whose jewel-encrusted bra was removed from eBay in 2005?
A: Madonna
B: Britney Spears
C: Mariah Carey
D: Janet Jackson

$25,000 - Question 10
Famous for his guerrilla activities in Latin America, 20th-century revolutionary "Che" Guevara had what first name?
A: Ernesto
B: Jorge
C: Alejandro
D: Juan-Carlos ________________________________________

$2,000 - Question 6
In the classic novel "Treasure Island," Long John Silver favors the expression "Shiver my" what?
A: Buckles
B: Wagons
C: Caskets
D: Timbers

$4,000 - Question 7
The snail Bufonaria borisbeckeri was named by a German researcher in honor of a champion in what sport?
A: Soccer
B: Basketball
C: Tennis
D: Golf

$8,000 - Question 8
A caprese salad traditionally includes which of these ingredients?
A: Walnuts
B: Mozzarella cheese
C: Beets
D: Mandarin orange ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In the quotation "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," what word functions as the direct object?
A: Nobody
B: Puts
C: Baby
D: Corner

$4,000 - Question 7
The capital of what US state was named in honor of our nation's fourth president?
A: Wisconsin
B: Iowa
C: South Dakota
D: Montana

$8,000 - Question 8
Since 1989, Russ Leatherman has been the famous voice behind the greeting "Hello, and welcome to" what?
A: Moviefone
B: Yahoo!

$16,000 - Question 9
Popular in Greek cuisine, tzatziki is a dip traditionally made of yogurt and what vegetable?
A: Beets
B: Eggplant
C: Carrot
D: Cucumber

$25,000 - Question 10
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a concert-level performer on what instrument?
A: Oboe
B: French horn
C: Piano
D: Cello ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What popular Web site's name is based on a mathematical term defined as "a 1 followed by 100 zeros"?
A: Yahoo!
B: Amazon
C: Google
D: Earthlink

$4,000 - Question 7
What classic toy comes with a pointing device called a planchette?
A: Ouija board
B: Rubik's Cube
C: Yahtzee
D: Magic 8 Ball ________________________________________

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