WWTBAM Study Guide: 2006 (1/1 -> 12/01) Part 1

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WWTBAM Study Guide: 2006 (1/1 -> 12/01) Part 1

#1 Post by LoudmouthLee » Mon May 05, 2008 12:44 pm

$2,000 - Question 6
"If it bleeds, it leads" is said to be a common rule of thumb in what field of work?
A: Dry cleaning
B: TV news
C: Personal injury law
D: Emergency medicine

$4,000 - Question 7
A popular sparking wine, Asti Spumante is named after the town of Asti, located in what European country?
A: Greece
B: Portugal
C: Spain
D: Italy

$8,000 - Question 8
What patriotic song's words are from an 1814 poem titled "Defense of Fort M'Henry"?
A: The Star-Spangled Banner
B: America the Beautiful
C: God Bless America
D: Yankee Doodle

$16,000 - Question 9
In July 2005, GQ magazine reported that Saddam Hussein was partial to which of these snacks while in prison?
A: Cracker Jack
B: Chips Ahoy!
C: Doritos
D: Goobers

$25,000 - Question 10
Before the switch was made to helium, what gas was originally used to inflate blimps?
A: Hydrogen
B: Oxygen
C: Nitrogen
D: Carbon dioxide
$1,000 - Question 5
According to superstition, what should you blow off of your hand in order to make a wish come true?
A: Falling leaf
B: Grain of sugar
C: Soap bubbles
D: Stray eyelash

$2,000 - Question 6
A person who is "taking the Fifth" is invoking his constitutional right to avoid what?
A: Testifying against himself
B: Practicing religion
C: Paying excessive taxes
D: Registering for the draft

$4,000 - Question 7
What dance was made famous at the celebrated Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge?
A: Tango
B: Cancan
C: Waltz
D: Jitterbug

$8,000 - Question 8
Illusionist David Copperfield shares his name with the title character of a classic novel written by what author?
A: Charles Dickens
B: Henry James
C: Jane Austen
D: Thomas Hardy

$16,000 - Question 9
Often appearing in the name of boats, the abbreviation "S.S." stands for what?
A: Speed ship
B: Sovereign ship
C: Sailing ship
D: Steamship
$2,000 - Question 6
According to legend, what candy was inspired by Spanish Civil War soldiers who coated chocolate in sugar to keep it from melting?
A: M&Ms
B: Snickers
C: Kit Kats
D: Hershey's Kisses

$4,000 - Question 7
Rubber is so named because English chemist Joseph Priestley discovered it could be used to "rub out" what?
A: Ink blotches
B: Wine stains
C: Dirt stains
D: Pencil marks

$8,000 - Question 8
Thousand island dressing is commonly considered a variation of what type of salad dressing?
A: French
B: Italian
C: Ranch
D: Russian

$16,000 - Question 9
In 2005, a photographer was shot with a BB gun while staking out what celebrity's baby shower?
A: Heidi Klum
B: Britney Spears
C: Jennifer Garner
D: Angelina Jolie

$25,000 - Question 10
What does the word "Milo" refer to in the name of the famous "Venus de Milo" sculpture?
A: Model's family name
B: Sculptor's school
C: Place of discovery
D: Donor's family name
$2,000 - Question 6
Because they feed on the nectar, which of these birds play an important role in the pollination of plants?
A: Hummingbirds
B: Owls
C: Seagulls
D: Crows

$4,000 - Question 7
Cytoplasm would most likely be studied by a researcher in what field of science?
A: Astronomy
B: Meteorology
C: Cell biology
D: Nuclear physics

$8,000 - Question 8
The emblem of the US Coast Guard features what two nautical symbols crossing one another?
A: Compasses
B: Torpedoes
C: Anchors
D: Harpoons

$16,000 - Question 9
On television's Desperate Housewives, which housewife became a widow at the end of Season One?
A: Susan
B: Bree
C: Lynette
D: Gabrielle

$25,000 - Question 10
One of Jelly Belly's most popular jelly beans is flavored with the "secret syrup" of what drink?
A: Dr Pepper
B: Yoo-Hoo
C: Mountain Dew
D: Pepsi-Cola
$2,000 - Question 6
What medical symptom takes its name from a Greek word meaning "seasickness"?
A: Congestion
B: Fever
C: Lethargy
D: Nausea

$4,000 - Question 7
What US state's three most populous cities all have names beginning with the letter "C"?
A: Virginia
B: Michigan
C: Ohio
D: North Carolina

$8,000 - Question 8
In May 2005, David McCullough released a nonfiction bestseller recounting events occurring in what historic year?
A: 1492
B: 1776
C: 1865
D: 1945

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these activities is most likely to result in income classified as a "capital gain"?
A: Selling a home
B: Working overtime
C: Collecting an inheritance
D: Winning the lottery

$25,000 - Question 10
According to his last wishes, the ashes of author Hunter S. Thompson were disposed of in 2005 in what unusual manner?
A: Poured into concrete
B: Mailed to the White House
C: Turned into a sculpture
D: Shot out of a cannon
$2,000 - Question 6
Used for short trips, a puddle jumper is a small, lightweight type of what vehicle?
A: Bus
B: Train
C: Bicycle
D: Airplane

$4,000 - Question 7
Featured in the popular Chinese dish lo mein, "mein" means what in Chinese?
A: Noodles
B: Vegetables
C: Beans
D: Soup

$8,000 - Question 8
Of the numbers 2 through 10, how many are prime numbers?
A: 2
B: 3
C: 4
D: 5

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these animal's eyes have horizontal, rectangular-shaped pupils?
A: Wolf
B: Rabbit
C: Goat
D: Raccoon ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Leaked in 2005, the controversial "Downing Street Memo" is named for the residence of what country's prime minister?
A: Spain
B: France
C: United Kingdom
D: Italy

$4,000 - Question 7
Since 1978, the colorful Calle Ocho festival has celebrated Cuban-American culture in what city?
A: Miami
B: New York
C: San Diego
D: Houston

$8,000 - Question 8
The best-selling motivational book “Who Moved My Cheese?” features two practical mice named what?
A: Nibbles and Bits
B: Hem and Haw
C: Push and Pull
D: Sniff and Scurry

$16,000 - Question 9
Gustav Holst’s 1916 composition “The Planets” does not reference what planet, because it hadn’t been discovered yet?
A: Uranus
B: Pluto
C: Mercury
D: Neptune ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
On the TV series “The Simpsons,” which Simpson has blue hair?
A: Homer
B: Marge
C: Lisa
D: Bart

$4,000 - Question 7
Lipase is a digestive enzyme used by the body to break down what food component?
A: Starch
B: Fat
C: Protein
D: Fiber

$8,000 - Question 8
In August 2005, what country issued eviction notices for its settlers living in the contested Gaza Strip region?
A: Israel
B: Pakistan
C: Saudi Arabia
D: Turkey

$16,000 - Question 9
The 2003 album “How the West Was Won” is a collection of vintage live music from what rock band?
A: Pink Floyd
B: Led Zeppelin
C: The Eagles
D: The Who ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
A popular 1980s musical tells the story of what biblical character and his “Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”?
A: Peter
B: Joseph
C: Noah
D: Adam

$4,000 - Question 7
Engineered by scientists, the broccoflower is what type of edible?
A: Fruit
B: Grain
C: Vegetable
D: Nut

$8,000 - Question 8
At the 2005 Emmys, Donald Trump donned overalls and a straw hat to sing the theme song to what classic TV series?
A: The Addams Family
B: Green Acres
C: The Beverly Hillbillies
D: Gilligan’s Island

Monday, January 16, 2006
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$16,000 - Question 9
In physics equations, what letter is typically used to represent the speed of light?
A: c
B: m
C: t
D: v

$25,000 - Question 10
Delivered on August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech begins with what phrase?
A: Three score years ago
B: Four score years ago
C: Five score years ago
D: Six score years ago ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In Scotland, who are commonly referred to as "wee bairns"?
A: Newlywed couples
B: Small children
C: Old women
D: Bitter enemies

$4,000 - Question 7
Founded in the 1930s, Airstream is a leading maker of what specialty vehicles?
A: Golf carts
B: Snowmobiles
C: Motor homes
D: Fire trucks

$8,000 - Question 8
A primary function of the respiratory system is to remove what gas from the human body?
A: Hydrogen
B: Carbon dioxide
C: Nitrogen
D: Carbon monoxide

$16,000 - Question 9
Lynette Fromme, still in jail for attempting to assassinate President Ford, has what famous nickname?
A: Squeaky
B: Shiny
C: Shorty
D: Salty

$25,000 - Question 10
What band became a trio in 1997 with the departure of Bill Berry, who had played drums with the group for 17 years?
A: Van Halen
B: Bon Jovi
C: Genesis
D: R.E.M. ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In 2004, what specialty magazine introduced a puzzle for its readers titled "Run This Rack"?
A: Bowling Digest
B: Golf Digest
C: Billiards Digest
D: Auto Racing Digest

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these berries is a compound fruit that consists of clusters of tiny fruits called "drupelets"?
A: Cranberry
B: Strawberry
C: Raspberry
D: Blueberry

$8,000 - Question 8
According to legend, Galileo insisted, "And yet it moves!" in defense of his views on the movement of what?
A: The Earth
B: Electricity
C: Human blood
D: The atom

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these musical instruments are also known as "tubular bells"?
A: Harpsichords
B: Cymbals
C: Xylophones
D: Chimes

$25,000 - Question 10
Indigenous to the Kalahari desert, what plant is the main ingredient of Trimspa and many other diet supplements?
A: Valerian
B: Hoodia
C: Kava
D: Milk thistle ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Due to a common allergy, airlines such as American and United have stopped serving what traditional snack?
A: Peanuts
B: Pretzels
C: Potato chips
D: Raisins

$4,000 - Question 7
In a classic story by Rudyard Kipling, what animal saves the day using its remarkable ability to kill snakes?
A: Lemur
B: Mongoose
C: Wombat
D: Jackal

$8,000 - Question 8
In Catholicism, "pre-Cana" is an instructional program required of people who are about to do what?
A: Join the church
B: Have children
C: Become godparents
D: Get married

$16,000 - Question 9
Because it was supposedly set there, what television series' 40th anniversary was celebrated in 2005 by Cocoa Beach, FL?
A: Flipper
B: I Dream of Jeannie
C: My Favorite Martian
D: My Three Sons

$25,000 - Question 10
Introduced in the 1950s, Lismore is the name of what luxury brand's most popular pattern?
A: Burberry Plaid
B: Wedgwood China
C: Waterford Crystal
D: Tiffany Glassware ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What celebrity, originally named Philip John Clapp, took his last name from the Tennessee city where he was born?
A: Ryan Sergeant
B: Ashton Kutcher
C: Mark Wahlberg
D: Johnny Knoxville

$4,000 - Question 7
In humans, which of the following is usually caused by an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm?
A: Yawn
B: Hiccup
C: Charley Horse
D: Snoring

$8,000 - Question 8
The Lindy Hop is a dance from the 1920s that got its name from a 1927 headline that read "Lindy hops the" what?
A: Atlantic
B: Grand Canyon
C: English Channel
D: North Pole

$16,000 - Question 9
Because it contains no moisture and cannot expand, what gas is often used to inflate tires in NASCAR racing?
A: Hydrogen
B: Neon
C: Nitrogen
D: Carbon dioxide

$25,000 - Question 10
How many years elapsed between the time the Berlin Wall was erected and the time of its historic "fall"?
A: 22 years
B: 28 years
C: 37 years
D: 44 years ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite put into space, was launched in 1957 by what country?
A: Soviet Union
B: China
C: Japan
D: East Germany

$4,000 - Question 7
In finance, what adjective is used to describe a person's income after taxes have been taken out?
A: Compatible
B: Expandable
C: Perishable
D: Disposable

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these precious substances is often classified as an "organic gemstone"?
A: Emerald
B: Diamond
C: Pearl
D: Ruby

$16,000 - Question 9
The ABC News show "Nightline" originated as a series of special reports on what story?
A: Reagan assassination attempt
B: Iran hostage crisis
C: Camp David talks
D: Challenger explosion

$25,000 - Question 10
Introduced in the 1950s, the "food-exchange system" was developed to help people with what condition plan their diets?
A: Arthritis
B: Diabetes
C: High blood pressure
D: Asthma ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Known to the Romans as Somnus, Hypnos was the Greek god of what?
A: Medicine
B: Poetry
C: Humor
D: Sleep

$4,000 - Question 7
Prized for their many industrial applications, superconductors are named for their remarkable ability to conduct what?
A: Sound
B: Electricity
C: Radio waves
D: Heat

$8,000 - Question 8
The Starbucks drink size venti is the Italian word for what number?
A: 12
B: 16
C: 20
D: 30

$16,000 - Question 9
In geometry, which of the following is an example of a polyhedron?
A: Hexagon
B: Sphere
C: Cube
D: Ellipse

$25,000 - Question 10
Now used to refer to successful movies, blockbuster was once WWII slang for a type of what?
A: Bomb
B: Soldier formation
C: Tank
D: Fighter plane ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
When ripe, which of these fruits flesh is usually green?
A: Kiwi
B: Pineapple
C: Mango
D: Guava

$4,000 - Question 7
In the phrases bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah, bar and bat are Hebrew words meaning what?
A: Teacher and student
B: Son and daughter
C: Parent and child
D: Husband and wife

$8,000 - Question 8
On TVs Law & Order, the opening narration usually begins with the phrase In the what?
A: Halls of justice
B: Criminal justice system
C: Practice of law
D: US Constitution

$16,000 - Question 9
What is the term for the tiny blood vessels that extend into the toenails of cats and dogs?
A: The quick
B: The pale
C: The slick
D: The rise

$25,000 - Question 10
As a center of the high-tech boom, what California valley is commonly known as "Silicon Valley"?
A: San Fernando Valley
B: Simi Valley
C: Santa Clara Valley
D: San Gabriel Valley ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
By definition, a quinquagenarian is a person who falls into what age range?
A: Thirties
B: Forties
C: Fifties
D: Sixties

$4,000 - Question 7
What movie critic gives out Golden Thumb awards to forgotten gems at his annual Overlooked Film Festival?
A: Gene Shalit
B: Leonard Maltin
C: Rex Reed
D: Roger Ebert

$8,000 - Question 8
Originally built in an area called Orchard Place, what city's main airport uses the code ORD?
A: Chicago
B: Boston
C: Atlanta
D: San Francisco

$16,000 - Question 9
By definition, a maillot is what type of women's clothing item?
A: Fitted jacket
B: One-piece swimsuit
C: Wide-brimmed hat
D: Full-length skirt ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
"Stickball" is a street-friendly game in which a broomstick is used in place of what piece of sports equipment?
A: Tennis racquet
B: Baseball bat
C: Golf club
D: Hockey stick

$4,000 - Question 7
What is the term for the formal hearing in which a criminal defendant may plead guilty or not guilty?
A: Arraignment
B: Voir dire
C: Deposition
D: Deliberation

$8,000 - Question 8
By definition, bariatrics is a branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of what condition?
A: Alcoholism
B: Hair loss
C: Impotence
D: Obesity ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
"Hot and sour" soup is a common appetizer at what type of restaurants?
A: French
B: Indian
C: Italian
D: Chinese

$4,000 - Question 7
One molecule of water consists of how many atoms in total?
A: 1
B: 2
C: 3
D: 4

$8,000 - Question 8
Other than Antarctica, what continent has the smallest population?
A: Australia
B: South America
C: North America
D: Europe

$16,000 - Question 9
Appearing in over 2,600 periodicals around the globe, what is the world's most widely syndicated comic strip?
A: Garfield
B: Cathy
C: Dennis the Menace
D: The Family Circus

$25,000 - Question 10
Pepsi-Cola was invented by a young pharmacist who originally claimed that it could help soothe what malady?
A: Headache
B: Indigestion
C: Common cold
D: Arthritis
$2,000 - Question 6
By definition, a sonic boom is a loud noise that occurs when an aircraft does what?
A: Lifts off
B: Breaks the sound barrier
C: Exits earth's atmosphere
D: Descends too quickly

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these instruments is usually made differently for left-handed and right-handed musicians?
A: Saxophone
B: Clarinet
C: Guitar
D: Trumpet

$8,000 - Question 8
What South American nation is over 2,500 miles long from North to South but averages 110 miles in width?
A: Chile
B: Ecuador
C: Brazil
D: Columbia

$16,000 - Question 9
A major competitor of Microsoft Windows, the Linux operating system uses what animal as its mascot?
A: Cheetah
B: Goldfish
C: Alligator
D: Penguin

$25,000 - Question 10
Funded in part by a pet food company, a study released in 2005 found that cats are genetically unable to taste what flavors?
A: Sour
B: Bitter
C: Salty
D: Sweet ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Depending on how it is committed, what legal wrongdoing is often classified as either libel or slander?
A: Extortion
B: Forgery
C: Defamation
D: Embezzlement

$4,000 - Question 7
Caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood, cyanosis causes the skin to appear what color?
A: Blue
B: White
C: Red
D: Yellow

$8,000 - Question 8
Known for his brash, cowboy image, former Coca-Cola exec Vincente Fox is the president of what nation?
A: Argentina
B: Colombia
C: Brazil
D: Mexico

$16,000 - Question 9
"Easy peasy" and "lovely jubbly" are some of the colorful expressions favored by what celebrity chef?
A: Rachel Ray
B: Jamie Oliver
C: Bobby Flay
D: Mario Batali ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In keeping with its maritime image, what fashion label’s logo features a J-class sailboat?
A: Guess?
B: Nautica
C: Gucci
D: Benetton

$4,000 - Question 7
A provost is a high-ranking officer commonly found at what type of institution?
A: Museum
B: Hospital
C: University
D: Bank

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2005, rap impresario Sean “P. Diddy” Combs changed his name once again, this time whittling it down to what?
A: Sean
B: P.
C: Diddy
D: Combs

$16,000 - Question 9
Using a precise 100-point rating system, Robert Parker is one of the world’s most notable critics on what subject?
A: Cigars
B: Luxury hotels
C: Sports cars
D: Wine

$25,000 - Question 10
According to NASA, what is the only planet in the solar system that would be able to float in water?
A: Neptune
B: Uranus
C: Saturn
D: Jupiter ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What vegetable is typically mixed into the dough to make green-colored pasta?
A: Asparagus
B: Spinach
C: Zucchini
D: Celery

$4,000 - Question 7
What does the “V” stand for in the name of the QVC cable shopping network?
A: Variety
B: Value
C: Vision
D: Volume

$8,000 - Question 8
The Tropic of Capricorn does not pass through which of these continents?
A: Australia
B: Africa
C: South America
D: Asia

$16,000 - Question 9
In a study completed in 2005, what animal was trained to “sing” a short, high-pitched version of the “Batman” theme song?
A: Dolphin
B: Sea otter
C: Sheep
D: Coyote

$25,000 - Question 10
The largest known depository of gold in the world is a Federal Reserve Bank located in what US City?
A: Philadelphia
B: Denver
C: New York City
D: San Francisco ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
A penniless student named Raskolnikov is the anti-hero of a classic Russian novel titled "Crime and" what?
A: Punishment
B: Atonement
C: Judgment
D: Imprisonment

$4,000 - Question 7
The expression "foaming at the mouth" comes from a symptom of what unpleasant disease?
A: Chicken pox
B: Avian flu
C: Rabies
D: Tetanus

$8,000 - Question 8
In the movie "On the Waterfront," Marlon Brando laments that he "coulda been a contender... instead of a" what?
A: Nobody
B: Bum
C: Washout
D: Has-been ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
After the 2004 Iowa caucus, what candidate gave an over-the top speech now known as the "I Have A Scream" speech?
A: John Edwards
B: Wesley Clark
C: John Kerry
D: Howard Dean.

$4,000 - Question 7
What number is the lowest common denominator of the fractions one-sixth and one-eighth?
A: 12
B: 16
C: 24
D: 48

$8,000 - Question 8
"Vitamin C" is the common name for what beneficial compound?
A: Ascorbic acid
B: Formic acid
C: Salicylic acid
D: Acetic acid

$16,000 - Question 9
Indigenous to Central and South America, the bushmaster is a type of what animal?
A: Mole
B: Spider
C: Snake
D: Alligator

$25,000 - Question 10
The game show "Family Feud" was inspired by a segment featured in what other popular game show?
A: Concentration
B: Match Game
C: Password
D: To Tell the Truth ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In men's fashion, which of these adornments is traditionally worn on the shoulder?
A: Cravat
B: Epaulet
C: Ascot
D: Boutonniere

$4,000 - Question 7
What sitcom's 2005 premiere consisted of two live performances, one for the East Coast and one for the West?
A: According to Jim
B: Will & Grace
C: Two and a Half Men
D: Scrubs

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2004, Michelle Wie made headlines as a 14-year-old prodigy in what pro sport?
A: Golf
B: Tennis
C: Soccer
D: Cycling

$16,000 - Question 9
Produced in France since 1849, Cointreau is a popular liqueur with what distinctive flavor?
A: Almond
B: Orange
C: Cherry
D: Chocolate

$25,000 - Question 10
Of these US dollar bills, which one features a portrait of the American president who served most recently?
A: $2
B: $5
C: $20
D: $50 ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
A prominent 2004 campaign issue focused on senior citizens' access to what goods from Canada?
A: Prescription drugs
B: Cars
C: Shoes
D: Electronic equipment

$4,000 - Question 7
The 2005 movie, "The Longest Yard" tells the story of a football rivalry that develops in what unusual setting?
A: Prison
B: Monastery
C: Girls' boarding school
D: Old folks' home

$8,000 - Question 8
With handles shaped like bunny ears, the Rabbit is a popular, high-end version of what kitchen utensil?
A: Tea kettle
B: Corkscrew
C: Nutcracker
D: Pepper grinder

$16,000 - Question 9
To show national pride, Australian sports fans greet the chant "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" with what rousing response?
A: Yip, yip, yip!
B: Baa, baa, baa!
C: Ho, ho, ho!
D: Oi, oi, oi!

$25,000 - Question 10
The November 2005 issue of Esquire magazine named what former WB star "the sexiest woman alive"?
A: Jessica Biel
B: Sarah Michelle Gellar
C: Katie Holmes
D: Keri Russell ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
On computer keyboards, what key is commonly equipped with a small light that turns on if the key is activated?
A: Shift
B: Escape
C: Caps lock
D: Tab

$4,000 - Question 7
Often marketed as a cure-all for fatigue and aging, royal jelly is a secretion produced by what animals?
A: Hummingbirds
B: Garden snails
C: Caterpillars
D: Honey bees

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2005, party leaders reach an agreement making Angela Merkel the first female chancellor of what country?
A: Germany
B: Canada
C: South Africa
D: Switzerland

$16,000 - Question 9
One half the electricity consumed in the US is produced using what fuel source?
A: Coal
B: Nuclear power
C: Natural gas
D: Hydroelectric power

$25,000 - Question 10
Before he became A-list, what actor starred in a James Dean-inspired video for the Paula Abdul song "Rush Rush"?
A: Brad Pitt
B: Keanu Reeves
C: George Clooney
D: Johnny Depp ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What does the "N" stand for in the CBS hit drama "NCIS"?
A: Negative
B: North
C: Naval
D: Natural

$4,000 - Question 7
A small bump on the edge of the wrist is created by the head of which of these bones?
A: Tibia
B: Clavicle
C: Ulna
D: Fibula

$8,000 - Question 8
The 2005 movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin" is a semiautobiographical account of what rapper's rise from poverty to stardom?
A: 50 Cent
B: Eminem
C: Kanye West
D: Nelly

$16,000 - Question 9
In the British royal family, which of the following is not the name of one of Prince Charles's three siblings?
A: Edward
B: Anne
C: Andrew
D: Margaret

$25,000 - Question 10
According to FBI statistics, which of these US cities had the fewest per-capita incidents of violent crime in 2004?
A: Phoenix
B: San Diego
C: Chicago
D: Houston ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Located in a London cemetery, what historic man's tombstone reads "Workers of All Lands Unite"?
A: Isaac Newton
B: Charles Darwin
C: Karl Marx
D: Winston Churchill

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2004, the FDA warned pregnant women against eating swordfish because of its high levels of what element?
A: Mercury
B: Iodine
C: Lead
D: Sulfur

$8,000 - Question 8
Starring Stephen Colbert as a pompous news commentator, "The Colbert Report" is a spinoff of what TV show?
A: Late Night with Conan O'Brien
B: The Tonight Show
C: Saturday Night Live
D: The Daily Show

$16,000 - Question 9
For decades, what natural event has been depicted on the cover of L. Ron Hubbard's mega-selling book "Dianetics"?
A: Solar eclipse
B: Volcanic eruption
C: Tidal wave
D: Lightning storm

$25,000 - Question 10
What entertainer was once a Rhodes scholar who spent his time at Oxford studying poet William Blake?
A: James Taylor
B: Lyle Lovett
C: Art Garfunkel
D: Kris Kristofferson ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Completed in 1914, the Panama Canal connects the Caribbean Sea with what body of water?
A: Pacific Ocean
B: Amazon River
C: Gulf of Mexico
D: Rio Grande

$4,000 - Question 7
What luxury brand shares its name with a card game popular in European casinos?
A: Cartier
B: Mont Blanc
C: Hermes
D: Baccarat

$8,000 - Question 8
In March 2005, what veteran newsman replaced Dan Rather as anchor of “The CBS Evening News”?
A: Scott Pelley
B: Harry Smith
C: Bob Schieffer
D: John Roberts

$16,000 - Question 9
In the “Spider-Man” movies and comics, Peter Parker takes photos for what fictional New York paper?
A: Daily Spectator
B: Daily Herald
C: Daily Planet
D: Daily Bugle

$25,000 - Question 10
What US real estate franchise claims to own the largest hot-air balloon fleet in the world?
B: Century 21
C: Coldwell Banker
D: ERA ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In the classic A. A. Milne stories, Winnie-the-Pooh is friends with a mother and son named what?
A: Ella and Funt
B: Alli and Gator
C: Kanga and Roo
D: Chimp and Zoe

$4,000 - Question 7
In 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was famously assassinated on the fifteenth day, or "ides," of what month?
A: January
B: March
C: August
D: October

$8,000 - Question 8
The name of a famous grocery brand, "Spam" is a combination of "ham" and what other word?
A: Speckled
B: Special
C: Spanish
D: Spiced

$16,000 - Question 9
The MTV Video Music Award trophy features an astronaut holding a what?
A: Television
B: Flag
C: Guitar
D: Microphone
$2,000 - Question 6
In "When Harry Met Sally," Sally provokes what famous response from a fellow patron after "faking it" in a diner?
A: That's not on the menu
B: I'll have what she's having
C: You want fries with that?
D: Now that deserves a tip

$4,000 - Question 7
Held in Seattle in 2005, the World Barista Championship tests competitors' skills in what activity?
A: Building sand castles
B: Baking cookies
C: Making espresso drinks
D: Making soap

$8,000 - Question 8
Paul von Hindenburg, namesake of the ill-fated airship, served nine years as president of what country?
A: Germany
B: Czechoslovakia
C: Denmark
D: Belgium

$16,000 - Question 9
The highest number of US states lie either partially or entirely inside what time zone?
A: Eastern
B: Central
C: Mountain
D: Pacific

$25,000 - Question 10
A 175-year-old gal named Harriet, believed to be the world's oldest living creature, is what type of animal?
A: Lizard
B: Tortoise
C: Elephant
D: Humpback whale ________________________________________

$2,000 - Question 6
What organization's official Web site features a quiz titled "What knot would you use?"
A: Greenpeace
C: Salvation Army
D: Boy Scouts of America

$4,000 - Question 7
On the TV series "Diff'rent Strokes," Arnold often poses what signature question to his brother, Willis?
A: What'chu talkin' bout?
B: What'chu lookin' at?
C: What'chu doin' there?
D: What'chu smiling for?

$8,000 - Question 8
Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, rhymes with what other state's capital?
A: Delaware
B: Texas
C: Ohio
D: North Carolina

$16,000 - Question 9
In 2005, animal rights activists urged what country's palace guards to get rid of their famous bearskin hats?
A: United Kingdom
B: Spain
C: Belgium
D: Monaco ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What famous American listens to tunes such as “My Sharona” and “Centerfield” on a device nicknamed “iPod One”?
A: Tyra Banks
B: Michael Jordan
C: George W. Bush
D: Ted Kennedy

$4,000 - Question 7
Of the AFI's "100 Greatest Movie Quotes," the only quote that features a Spanish phrase is from what movie?
A: Titanic
B: Taxi Driver
C: Terminator 2
D: E.T. ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
A person is most likely to hear the command "Right hand, red" when playing which of these games?
A: Twister
B: Charades
C: Musical chairs
D: Pictionary

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2004, what state adopted gumbo as its "official state cuisine"?
A: West Virginia
B: Nevada
C: Louisiana
D: Tennessee

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2005, what pop star returned to "Saturday Night Live" one year after an embarrassing lip-synching gaffe?
A: Avril Lavigne
B: Christina Aguilera
C: Ashlee Simpson
D: Hilary Duff

$16,000 - Question 9
During mating season, what animal's males engage in high-speed, head-butting competitions?
A: Black bear
B: Llama
C: Mountain lion
D: Bighorn sheep

$25,000 - Question 10
In 2005, what country threatened to sue Yale to recover artifacts taken from the Machu Picchu ruins almost a century ago?
A: Peru
B: Cambodia
C: Mexico
D: Panama ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Equinoxes are semiannual events, meaning they occur how many times a year?
A: Two
B: Six
C: Eight
D: Twelve

$4,000 - Question 7
What government officials traditionally give an annual speech called the "State of the State address"?
A: US Ambassadors
B: Supreme Court Justices
C: Attorneys General
D: Governors

$8,000 - Question 8
Popularized in the '80s, the term "shabby chic" is usually applied to a trendy style of what?
A: Makeup
B: Cooking
C: Home décor
D: Poetry

Connie uses the 50:50 lifeline.
Choices B and C remain.

$16,000 - Question 9
In the theme song to their TV series, who are described as "good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm"?
A: Simon and Simon
B: The Dukes of Hazzard
C: Starsky and Hutch
D: The A-Team

$25,000 - Question 10
Which of these nations is located on a peninsula attached to the Asian mainland?
A: South Korea
B: Philippines
C: Japan
D: Indonesia ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In which of these contractions does the apostrophe take the place of only the letter "a"?
A: They'll
B: They'd
C: They're
D: They've

$4,000 - Question 7
Upon actor Pat Morita's death in 2005, what former costar issued a touching statement calling him "Forever my sensei"?
A: Rich Schroder
B: Corey Feldman
C: Macaulay Culkin
D: Ralph Macchio

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these high school math classes is usually considered the most advanced?
A: Calculus
B: Geometry
C: Trigonometry
D: Algebra ________________________________________

$2,000 - Question 6
What is the name of the pro-environment party that chose Ralph Nader as its presidential nominee in 1996 and 2000?
A: Blue Party
B: Yellow Party
C: Green Party
D: Brown Party

$4,000 - Question 7
The concept of justice is often personified as a blindfolded woman carrying which of these symbolic items?
A: Scales
B: Mirror
C: Quill
D: Spyglass

$8,000 - Question 8
Birds are classified as oviparous animals because they do what?
A: Build nests
B: Lay eggs
C: Have wings
D: Migrate annually

$16,000 - Question 9
What 2005 movie's U.K. version was cut by eight minutes to edit out the sappy ending between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy?
A: The 40-Year-Old Virgin
B: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
C: The Constant Gardener
D: Pride and Prejudice

$25,000 - Question 10
The city of High Point is at the center of what US state's furniture industry, which makes over 60% of our nation's furniture?
A: Louisiana
B: Virginia
C: North Carolina
D: Kentucky ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
On the official Web site of "The Muppets," who keeps a blog entitled "Sow and the City"?
A: Kermit
B: Fozzie
C: Miss Piggy
D: Gonzo

$4,000 - Question 7
On what TV series do the judges regularly accuse the contestants of being "pitchy"?
A: Dancing with the Stars
B: American Idol
C: America's Next Top Model
D: Project Runway

$8,000 - Question 8
The word "alphabet" is derived from "alpha" and "beta," the first two letters of what alphabet?
A: Roman
B: Arabic
C: Hebrew
D: Greek

$16,000 - Question 9
A rich sauce used in Mexican cuisine, mole most commonly features which of these ingredients?
A: Chocolate
B: Coconut
C: Cornmeal
D: Honey ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
A well-known mnemonic used to remember the colors of the rainbow begins with what name?
A: Sid
B: Roy
C: Tom
D: Joe

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these sides of a standard six-sided die does not have a dot located directly in the middle?
A: 1
B: 3
C: 4
D: 5

$8,000 - Question 8
What is the term for the organic matter in the earth's soil that comes from decaying plants and animals?
A: Basalt
B: Potash
C: Humus
D: Sediment

$16,000 - Question 9
The five peace treaties that ended World War I were all signed in suburbs of what city?
A: Paris
B: Munich
C: Rome
D: Geneva

$25,000 - Question 10
What magazine's cover often features the familiar image of a foppish sophisticate named Eustace Tilley?
A: The Atlantic Monthly
B: The New Yorker
C: The New Republic
D: Harper's Magazine ________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
With markings similar to the monarch, a viceroy is a type of what insect?
A: Dragonfly
B: Beetle
C: Butterfly
D: Grasshopper

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, what country was granted the right to be Europe's sole producer of feta cheese?
A: Spain
B: The Netherlands
C: Greece
D: Switzerland

$8,000 - Question 8
The shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice occurs in what month?
A: November
B: December
C: January
D: February

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these countries is an island nation in the Pacific and not a country in Africa?
A: Guinea-Bissau
B: Equatorial-Guinea
C: Papua New Guinea
D: Guinea

$25,000 - Question 10
Featuring the word "yogasm," a 2004 ad for reruns of what show prompted Yogi Berra to file a $10 million lawsuit?
A: Everybody Loves Raymond
B: Seinfeld
C: Friends
D: Sex and the City
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
In 2005, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case brought by what celeb regarding the estate of her much older late husband?
A: Anna Nicole Smith
B: Pamela Anderson
C: Anna Kournikova
D: Drew Barrymore

$4,000 - Question 7
What gymnastic event features a difficult move called the "iron cross"?
A: Parallel bars
B: Vault
C: Pommel horse
D: Rings

$8,000 - Question 8
When touch typing on a standard keyboard, the left index finger is supposed to rest on what key?
A: A
B: F
C: S
D: D

$16,000 - Question 9
Crystal differs from ordinary glass in that it contains an oxide form of what metal?
A: Lead
B: Zinc
C: Copper
D: Nickel

$25,000 - Question 10
Autistic "mega-savant" Kim Peek was the main inspiration for what popular movie?
A: Forrest Gump
B: A Beautiful Mind
C: Shine
D: Rain Man
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these word phrases is not a synonym for "punctual"?
A: On the dot
B: On the button
C: On the house
D: On the nose

$4,000 - Question 7
Signed in 1992, NAFTA is a trade agreement among the U.S., Mexico, and what third country?
A: Canada
B: United Kingdom
C: Japan
D: China

$8,000 - Question 8
Little Morris McGurk lets his imagination run wild in a Dr. Seuss classic titled "If I Ran the" what?
A: Swimming pool
B: Carousel
C: Playground
D: Circus

$16,000 - Question 9
In 2005, what candy introduced a large "mega" variety with "adult-oriented" colors such as teal and maroon?
A: M&Ms
B: Starburst fruit chews
C: Skittles
D: Reese's pieces

$25,000 - Question 10
To protect an unpopular tax, what state's residents staged a famous 1794 uprising called the "Whiskey Rebellion"?
A: Rhode Island
B: Virginia
C: Pennsylvania
D: Delaware
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these famous melodies is traditionally played on the bugle?
A: Pomp and Circumstance
B: Taps
C: Here Comes the Bride
D: Happy Birthday to You

$4,000 - Question 7
A living will is a legal document that usually specifies a person's wishes regarding what issue?
A: Custody of children
B: Sale of a house
C: Donations to charity
D: Medical treatment

$8,000 - Question 8
In 2004, what news anchor was embroiled in a controversy over the authenticity of "the Killian memos"?
A: Dan Rather
B: Wolf Blitzer
C: Ted Koppel
D: Tom Brokaw

$16,000 - Question 9
Because it lies mostly at or below sea level, which of these European nations is identified as one of the Low Countries?
A: Portugal
B: Belgium
C: Italy
D: Sweden

$25,000 - Question 10
According to a 2005 Census Bureau study, what is the median age of first-time brides in the U.S.?
A: 21 years old
B: 23 years old
C: 25 years old
D: 27 years old
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
In a classic deli sandwich, pastrami is usually served on what type of bread?
A: French
B: Rye
C: Sourdough
D: Whole wheat

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, a life-size log cabin was unveiled as part of a new museum dedicated to what US president?
A: George Washington
B: Thomas Jefferson
C: Abraham Lincoln
D: Andrew Jackson

$8,000 - Question 8
A genetic trait also known as "achoo syndrome," the photic sneeze reflex causes you to sneeze in response to what?
A: Boredom
B: Bright light
C: Cold water
D: Extreme heat

$16,000 - Question 9
Las Ramblas is a colorful, tourist-friendly promenade that runs through what famous city?
A: Barcelona
B: Milan
C: Rio de Janeiro
D: Athens

$25,000 - Question 10
With more that $436 million in domestic box office receipts, what was the highest-grossing movie of 2004?
A: The Incredibles
B: Shrek 2
C: Spider-Man 2
D: The Passion of the Christ
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
What Vermont-based food company shows visitors to its factory a short "moovie" in its Cow Over the Moon Theater?
A: Smuckers
B: Oscar Mayer
C: Ben & Jerry's
D: Pepperidge Farm

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these US company names can be spelled out using only Roman numerals?

$8,000 - Question 8
Stars of the hit musical "The Producers," Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane returned to Broadway in 2005 in what show?
A: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
B: Waiting for Godot
C: La Cage aux Folles
D: The Odd Couple

$16,000 - Question 9
George H.W. Bush's presidential library is located on the campus of what Texas university?
A: Texas A&M
B: Rice
C: Southern Methodist
D: Baylor

$25,000 - Question 10
The aptly named Great Sandy Desert occupies over 150,000 square miles of what country?
A: South Africa
B: Egypt
C: Australia
D: Mongolia
$2,000 - Question 6
First adopted in Massachusetts, no-fault insurance plans usually cover what sort of incidents?
A: Car accidents
B: Earthquakes
C: Sports injuries
D: Wildfires

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, reality TV star Richard Hatch was indicted for tax evasion for allegedly failing to report his winnings from what show?
A: Fear Factor
B: Survivor
C: The Amazing Race
D: Big Brother

$8,000 - Question 8
A young girl and boy take a magical journey in the classic children's musical titled "Babes in" what?
A: Heartland
B: Candyland
C: Toyland
D: Playland

$16,000 - Question 9
Due to the presence of a bitter chemical, which of the following are inedible when picked straight from the tree?
A: Dates
B: Walnuts
C: Figs
D: Olives

$25,000 - Question 10
Trying to garner public support, what authoritarian ruler famously claimed that he made the trains run on time?
A: Joseph Stalin
B: General Franco
C: Benito Mussolini
D: Mao Tse-tung
$2,000 - Question 6
In this scene from "Finding Nemo," Dory is attempting to speak what marine "language"?
A: Dolphin
B: Whale
C: Tortoise
D: Jellyfish

$4,000 - Question 7
In the "Legally Blonde" movies, Elle Woods gets men's attention using a signature move called what?
A: Bend and Snap
B: Twist and flounce
C: Shimmy and shrug
D: Stretch and glance

$8,000 - Question 8
In the 1999 cult film "Office Space," what malfunctioning piece of office equipment meets an untimely end?
A: Speakerphone
B: Photocopier
C: Fax machine
D: Printer
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
In "Broadcast News," Albert Brooks's character botches the evening news due to what embarrassing problem?
A: Eye twitch
B: Hiccups
C: Heavy sweating
D: Sneezing fit

$4,000 - Question 7
In this scene from "Young Frankenstein," Dr. Frankenstein attempts to use charades to signal what?
A: Seduction
B: Sediment
C: Sedative
D: Said a lot

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these actresses did not appear in the 1997 movie "Soul Food"?
A: Nia Long
B: Regina King
C: Vivica A. Fox
D: Vanessa Williams

$16,000 - Question 9
Bernard Herrmann's score for what Hitchcock movie features only stringed instruments?
A: Vertigo
B: Psycho
C: The Birds
D: North by Northwest

$25,000 - Question 10
In a famous scene from "Pulp Fiction," John Travolta and Uma Thurman cut a rug at a '50s-themed restaurant named what?
A: Big Daddy-O's
B: Ally Gator's
C: Jack Rabbit Slim's
D: Lucky O'Shea's
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these Martin Scorsese movies is filmed primarily in black-and-white?
A: New York, New York
B: Raging Bull
C: Mean Streets
D: Taxi Driver

$4,000 - Question 7
In this scene from "A Christmas Story," Ralphie uses his prized decoder pin to decipher the line "Be sure to" what?
A: Eat your Wheaties
B: Clean with Ivory Soap
C: Drink your Ovaltine
D: Brush with Colgate

$8,000 - Question 8
In "Breakfast at Tiffany's," Holly Golightly uses what extremely literal name for her pet?
A: Bunny
B: Fish
C: Cat
D: Dog

$16,000 - Question 9
Which of these actors did not appear in the 1982 teen movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"?
A: Eric Stoltz
B: Nicolas Cage
C: Forest Whitaker
D: Tim Robbins

$25,000 - Question 10
At the end of "The Deer Hunter," Meryl Streep's character leads the other mourners in a rendition of what song?
A: Battle Hymn of the Republic
B: I'll Be Seeing You
C: Auld Lang Syne
D: God Bless America
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these Oscar movies is set in the earliest time period?
A: Chariots of Fire
B: Sense and Sensibility
C: Shakespeare in Love
D: A Passage to India

$4,000 - Question 7
The Netflix Movie Clip Question: This scene from Shawshank Redemption features a famous poster of what screen siren?
A: Rita Hayworth
B: Jayne Mansfield
C: Ava Gardner
D: Jean Harlow

$8,000 - Question 8
In the 1989 movie Heathers, the trend-setting Heathers spend much of their time playing which of these games?
A: Croquet
B: Field Hockey
C: Horseshoes
D: Tennis

$16,000 - Question 9
Character actor Hector Elizondo has appeared in every one of what director's 14 feature films?
A: Robert Zemeckis
B: Chris Columbus
C: Oliver Stone
D: Garry Marshall

$25,000 - Question 10
Ron O'Neal stars as Youngblood Priest, a criminal who "sticks it to the man," in which of these blaxploitation era films?
A: Dolemite
B: Cotton Comes to Harlem
C: Superfly
D: The Mack
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
In a famous scene from "2001: A Space Odyssey," a shot of what airborne object segues into a shot of a spacecraft?
A: Bone
B: Shooting star
C: Spear
D: Coin

$2,000 - Question 6
Praised for its remarkable realism, this trainwreck scene is from what Harrison Ford movie?
A: Presumed Innocent
B: Patriot Games
C: Clear and Present Danger
D: The Fugitive

$4,000 - Question 7
The 1970 movie "They Call Me Mister Tibbs!" was the less successful sequel to what Sidney Poitier classic?
A: The Blackboard Jungle
B: A Raisin in the Sun
C: In the Heat of the Night
D: To Sir, With Love ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
The 1999 movie "American Beauty" prominently features footage of what object "dancing" in the wind?
A: Plastic bag
B: Feather
C: Balloon
D: Piece of wrapping paper

$4,000 - Question 7
Netflix movie clip question: The jive-talking actress in this scene from "Airplane!" is best remembered as what beloved TV mom?
A: Harriet Nelson
B: June Cleaver
C: Marion Cunningham
D: Maureen Robinson

$8,000 - Question 8
What director's movies are commonly referred to as "joints"?
A: Paul Thomas Anderson
B: David Lynch
C: Spike Lee
D: Tim Burton

$16,000 - Question 9
What country's natural beauty is featured in the 1993 movie "The Piano"?
A: New Zealand
B: South Africa
C: India
D: Kenya

$25,000 - Question 10
Which of these pop songs does not make an anachronistic appearance in the 2001 movie musical "Moulin Rouge"?
A: Let's Go Crazy
B: Smells Like Teen Spirit
C: Roxanne
D: Like a Virgin ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In 2005, what TV series created hype by circulating $1 bills with stickers of Geena Davis's face on them?
A: House
B: Las Vegas
C: The West Wing
D: Commander in Chief

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these religious periods last for forty days?
A: Hanukkah
B: Passover
C: Lent
D: Ramadan

$8,000 - Question 8
Pine tar is a substance commonly used by pros to improve their grip on what piece of sports equipment?
A: Hockey stick
B: Baseball bat
C: Tennis racquet
D: Golf club

$16,000 - Question 9
During standard time, what is the time difference between California and Hawaii?
A: One hour
B: Two hours
C: Three hours
D: Four hours

$25,000 - Question 10
What breed of dog, known for its thick white coat, is named for the nomadic people of Siberia who once raised it?
A: Samoyed
B: Borzoi
C: Basenji
D: Malamute ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In 2003, what company unveiled a global ad campaign featuring the slogan, I'm Lovin' It"?
A: Levi's
B: Pepsi
D: McDonald's

$4,000 - Question 7
Offering a ten-minute bird's-eye view of the area, the Whirlpool Aero Car is a popular attraction at what tourist spot?
A: Yosemite
B: Grand Canyon
C: Niagara Falls
D: Mount Rushmore

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these colors is not considered a secondary color?
A: Purple
B: Green
C: Yellow
D: Orange

$16,000 - Question 9
Martha Stewart served her prison sentence at a minimum security facility in West Virginia nicknamed what?
A: Camp Cupcake
B: The Pitz-Carlton
C: Heavenworth
D: Hokey Pokey

$25,000 - Question 10
The historic region of Palestine lies on the eastern shore of what body of water?
A: Red Sea
B: Mediterranean Sea
C: Persian Gulf
D: Arabian Sea ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Famously sampled by the mischievous Goldilocks, porridge is commonly made by boiling which of the following?
A: Cabbage
B: Beef
C: Eggs
D: Oats

$4,000 - Question 7
Commonly used in the South, the word "y'all" usually functions as what part of speech?
A: Adverb
B: Pronoun
C: Conjunction
D: Preposition

$8,000 - Question 8
In October of 2005, what famous mom revealed that she does not let her kids watch TV, read magazines or eat ice cream?
A: Madonna
B: Rosie O'Donnell
C: Demi Moore
D: Nicole Kidman

$16,000 - Question 9
What element's chemical symbol comes from the Latin word "natrium"?
A: Silver
B: Tin
C: Iron
D: Sodium

$25,000 - Question 10
Before Alaska and Hawaii were admitted in 1959, what was the last state to enter the union?
A: Montana
B: Arizona
C: New Mexico
D: Utah ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Thousands of pounds of clay were used to create a 36-foot-long Tyrannosaurus Rex for what blockbuster movie?
A: Monsters, Inc.
B: Jurassic Park
C: Armageddon
D: Independence Day

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, a utility worker's goof triggered blackouts that left roughly half of what US city in the dark for a few hours?
A: Los Angeles
B: Boston
C: Chicago
D: Detroit

$8,000 - Question 8
What type of liquor is traditionally flavored with juniper berries?
A: Vodka
B: Tequila
C: Rum
D: Gin ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What book of the Bible derives its name from the Greek word for "creation"?
A: Genesis
B: Exodus
C: Deuteronomy
D: Psalms

$4,000 - Question 7
In the adult human body, over half of the bones are located where?
A: Ribcage
B: Head
C: Spine
D: Hands and feet

$8,000 - Question 8
Born in 2005 at Washington's National Zoo, Tai Shan is a rare and much-celebrated baby what?
A: Mountain gorilla
B: Giant panda
C: Snow leopard
D: White rhino

$16,000 - Question 9
"Firmament" is a fancy word for which of the following?
A: The ocean
B: The sky
C: The mountains
D: The forest

$25,000 - Question 10
Which of these international breads is not usually flat in shape?
A: Brioche
B: Injera
C: Chapati
D: Matzoh ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Which of these natural wonders is believed to have been formed over millions of years by the Colorado River?
A: Grand Canyon
B: San Andreas Fault
C: Carlsbad Caverns
D: Death Valley

$4,000 - Question 7
What candy is protected by US Patent titled "Process of Preparing Gasified Candy"?
A: Smarties
B: Pop Rocks
C: Jujubes
D: Good & Plenty

$8,000 - Question 8
In Shakespearean English, the word "ere" was commonly used to mean what?
A: Far
B: Quickly
C: Underneath
D: Before

$16,000 - Question 9
As a schoolboy, what renowned 20th century psychiatrist was nicknamed Kleck, meaning "inkblot"?
A: Carl Jung
B: Sigmund Freud
C: Hermann Rorschach
D: B. F. Skinner

$25,000 - Question 10
In 2005, televangelist Pat Robertson sparked controversy when he called for the assassination of what country's president?
A: Colombia
B: Peru
C: Venezuela
D: Argentina ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Molasses provides the flavoring and color for the common "brown" version of what cooking staple?
A: Butter
B: Salt
C: Flour
D: Sugar

$4,000 - Question 7
"Laryngeal prominence" is the scientific term for what part of the human body?
A: Kneecap
B: Tailbone
C: Adam's apple
D: Bellybutton

$8,000 - Question 8
As holder of all of its preferred stock, the US Department of Transportation owns most of what company?
A: Amtrak
B: Greyhound
C: Hertz
D: JetBlue

$16,000 - Question 9
On the TV show "Lost," the castaways include a lottery winner, a rock star, a fugitive, and a dog named what?
A: Monty
B: Vincent
C: Rufus
D: Max

$25,000 - Question 10
What is the term for the Senate procedure in which a three-fifths majority votes to end a filibuster?
A: Cloture
B: Fiat
C: Quorum
D: Proxy ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
What reality show's logo features the outline of a person running while holding a briefcase?
A: America's Next Top Model
B: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
C: Nanny 911
D: The Apprentice

$4,000 - Question 7
The musical "West Side Story" is loosely based on what Shakespeare tragedy?
A: Othello
B: King Lear
C: Macbeth
D: Romeo and Juliet

$8,000 - Question 8
In Canada, what abbreviation is commonly used instead of MPH when referring to speed limits?

$16,000 - Question 9
When a shark swims near the ocean's surface, which of its fins is ominously visible above the water?
A: Pectoral fin
B: Dorsal fin
C: Pelvic fin
D: Ventral fin

$25,000 - Question 10
Featured on a nickel newly issued in 2005, "Ocean in view! O! The joy!" is a quote from what explorer's journal?
A: James Cook
B: Henry Hudson
C: William Clark
D: Walter Raleigh ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
On the hit TV drama "House" the title character is a cane-wielding maverick who holds what job?
A: Police detective
B: Doctor
C: Criminal defense attorney
D: Chef

$4,000 - Question 7
A popular topping, lox is believed to get its name form "Lachs," the German word for what?
A: Salmon
B: Butter
C: Onion
D: Tomato

$8,000 - Question 8
Richard Starkey, who is better known by his stage name, played the drums for what legendary rock band?
A: Rolling Stones
B: The Doors
C: Led Zeppelin
D: The Beatles

Leah uses the Phone a Friend lifeline.

$16,000 - Question 9
In 2005, what powerful Republican was indicted on criminal charges of money laundering and conspiracy?
A: Tom DeLay
B: Dennis Hastert
C: Bill Frist
D: Trent Lott

$25,000 - Question 10
What island nation lies less than 100 miles away from India across the treacherous Palk Strait?
A: Madagascar
B: Sri Lanka
C: Cyprus
D: Indonesia ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
In 2005, Suresh Joachim broke the so-called "couch potato" world record by doing what for over 69 hours straight?
A: Knitting
B: Juggling
C: Watching TV
D: Doodling

$4,000 - Question 7
In the folk song "On Top of Old Smoky," the singer laments the loss of his what?
A: Way home
B: Fair steed
C: Bag of gold
D: True lover

$8,000 - Question 8
In the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," the Queen's men are made out of what objects?
A: Teapots
B: Playing cards
C: Kitchen utensils
D: Umbrellas

$16,000 - Question 9
In 2005, the College Board added to its SAT exam a new section called what?
A: Analytical skills
B: Science
C: Writing
D: History

$25,000 - Question 10
Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware occurred on the eve of what Revolutionary War conflict?
A: Battle of Trenton
B: Battle of Saratoga
C: Battle of Yorktown
D: Battle of Bunker Hill ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Since the 18th Century, what pronoun has been used in place of the Old English word "thou"?
A: We
B: You
C: They
D: Our

$4,000 - Question 7
The subject of a recent worldwide health scare, H5N1 is a strain of flu spread primarily by what animal?
A: Birds
B: Rats
C: Pigs
D: Horses

$8,000 - Question 8
In music industry lingo, an artist's record "drops" when it does what?
A: Tops the charts
B: Gets positive reviews
C: Sells poorly
D: Gets released

$16,000 - Question 9
What food item, supposedly bearing an image of the Virgin Mary, sold on E-Bay in 2004 for $28,000?
A: Grilled cheese sandwich
B: Mushroom omelet
C: Potato pancake
D: Sausage patty

$25,000 - Question 10
Before its country suffered through a 15-year Civil War, what city was known as "the Paris of the Middle East"?
A: Damascus
B: Tehran
C: Beirut
D: Riyadh ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
A Windsor Knot is a type of slip knot commonly used on what type of clothing accessories?
A: Sneakers
B: Necktie
C: Griddle
D: Halter top

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these characters was not one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men?
A: Will Scarlet
B: Little John
C: William Tell
D: Friar Tuck

$8,000 - Question 8
Becoming a worldwide sensation in 2005, sudoku is a puzzle that involves arranging what in a grid?
A: Shapes
B: Letters
C: Colors
D: Numbers

$16,000 - Question 9
What state is home to an international airport named after its US senator of 36 years, Ted Stevens?
A: Alabama
B: Arizona
C: Alaska
D: Arkansas

$25,000 - Question 10
The expression "there's a method to his madness" is based on a line from what Shakespeare play?
A: Hamlet
B: Macbeth
C: Othello
D: King Lear
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
Located in the arm in humans, the humerus bone is located is located where in birds?
A: Wings
B: Feet
C: Tail
D: Beak

$4,000 - Question 7
Quiche Lorraine is a popular dish named after a region of what country?
A: Russia
B: France
C: Italy
D: Greece

$8,000 - Question 8
A sign with the Spanish word "salida" on it indicates what?
A: Closed
B: Stop
C: Danger
D: Exit

$16,000 - Question 9
Muskmelons are commonly sold in the US under what more appetizing albeit inaccurate name?
A: Passion fruit
B: Papaya
C: Cantaloupe
D: Watermelon

$25,000 - Question 10
What painter shot himself in a field of wheat shortly after completing the painting "Wheatfield With Crows"?
A: Pierre-August Renoir
B: Vincent Van Gogh
C: Henri Matisse
D: Claude Monet
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
In the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "The Phantom of the Opera," the phantom sports what signature accessory?
A: Golden crown
B: White mask
C: Eye patch
D: Wooden leg

$4,000 - Question 7
Often spread by mosquitoes, encephalitis is a dangerous disease characterized by the inflammation of what organ?
A: Stomach
B: Liver
C: Heart
D: Brain

$8,000 - Question 8
What animated character's lopsided head was inspired by an old hairdo worn by the creator's father?
A: Popeye
B: Gumby
C: Daffy Duck
D: Bullwinkle

$16,000 - Question 9
In 2005, a Russian astrologer filed a $300 million lawsuit against what US agency for interfering with her horoscope?
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
A length of pipe with a sharp bend in it borrows its name from what body part?
A: Waist
B: Neck
C: Wrist
D: Elbow

$4,000 - Question 7
In the 1976 movie "Rocky," Rocky trains by running the stairs of a museum in what city?
A: New York
B: Boston
C: Philadelphia
D: Chicago

$8,000 - Question 8
The quirky head investigator on the TV series "CSI," Gil Grissom is a specialist in what field?
A: Entomology
B: Ballistics
C: Criminal psychology
D: Toxicology

$16,000 - Question 9
Due to its cross-shaped flower petals, which of these healthy veggies is classified as a "cruciferous" vegetable?
A: Onion
B: Broccoli
C: Beet
D: Carrot

$25,000 - Question 10
A tourist-friendly promenade called the "Fremont Street Experience" aims to revitalize what city's downtown?
A: Pittsburgh
B: Miami
C: Los Angeles
D: Las Vegas
$2,000 - Question 6
A classic 1982 song by The Clash asks the age-old question, "Should I Stay or Should I" what?
A: Play
B: Exit
C: Go
D: Sleep

$4,000 - Question 7
In 2005, what country sent two "taikonauts" on a five-day space mission aboard a craft named Shenzhou VI?
A: India
B: China
C: Israel
D: South Korea

$8,000 - Question 8
Which of these marine animals propels itself by squirting water out of a tubelike body part called a siphon?
A: Dolphin
B: Sea horse
C: Squid
D: Lobster

$16,000 - Question 9
According to legend, which of these famous ancient Greeks was blind?
A: Hippocrates
B: Aristotle
C: Socrates
D: Homer

$25,000 - Question 10
In 2004, President Bush released payroll records of his service in what state's National Guard?
A: Alabama
B: Connecticut
C: South Carolina
D: Arkansas
________________________________________$2,000 - Question 6
In the U.S., what 20th-century event immediately preceded the beginning of the so-called "Baby Boom" era?
A: World War I
B: Prohibition
C: World War II
D: Stock market crash

$4,000 - Question 7
A mulligan is an unofficial "do-over" occasionally taken by players in what sport?
A: Bowling
B: Baseball
C: Tennis
D: Golf

$8,000 - Question 8
A popular Mexican food, the burrito gets its name from a Spanish word that literally means "little" what?
A: Donkey
B: Cow
C: Sheep
D: Pig

$16,000 - Question 9
In humans, the injury-prone ligament often known simply as the "ACL" is located in what joint?
A: Knee
B: Ankle
C: Shoulder
D: Wrist

$25,000 - Question 10
Revived on Broadway in 2003, the Tony-winning musical "Nine" was based on what numerically-titled film?
A: Butterfield 8
B: 8.5
C: 9 1/2 Weeks
D: 10
$2,000 - Question 6
In the 2005 movie "Herbie: Fully Loaded," the endearingly expressive Herbie is what type of car?
A: Ford Mustang
B: Volkswagen Beetle
C: Pontiac Trans Am
D: Chevrolet Corvette

$4,000 - Question 7
Mexico's Independence Day, known as "Diez y Seis de Septiembre," falls on what day of September?
A: The 11th
B: The 13th
C: The 16th
D: The 19th

$8,000 - Question 8
Endorsed by the National Institute of Health, the DASH diet is specially designed for people with what condition?
A: Wheat allergies
B: Low blood sugar
C: Diabetes
D: High blood pressure ________________________________________
$2,000 - Question 6
Featuring sausage on a bun, the McKielbasa is a popular McDonald's menu item in what country?
A: Canada
B: Argentina
C: Poland
D: South Africa

$4,000 - Question 7
Which of these Presidential last names is spelled with letters that all lie on the right-hand side of a standard keyboard?
A: Polk
B: Taft
C: Ford
D: Bush

$8,000 - Question 8
What TV series features a handsome physician whom the interns have named "Dr. McDreamy"?
A: Nip/Tuck
B: Grey's Anatomy
C: House

$16,000 - Question 9
Passed by Congress in 1798, the Sedition Act focused on what problem?
A: Religious persecution
B: Bribery
C: Smuggling
D: Treasonous activity

$25,000 - Question 10
Sugar magnate Henry Tate is the founder and namesake of a famous art gallery located in what city?
A: London
B: Boston
C: Sydney
D: Dublin ________________________________________

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