MTG: tampon shortage should be blamed on trans people

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MTG: tampon shortage should be blamed on trans people

#1 Post by Bob Juch » Sat Jun 18, 2022 10:36 pm ... age-2022-6

On Monday, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spread a baseless, transphobic rumor that blamed the country's ongoing tampon shortage on trans people.

"Men have taken over everything. They're 'women of the year' in every category, in women's categories. And the latest news is, there's a shortage of tampons, and that's probably because men are buying tampons," Greene said on an episode of her podcast, "MTG Live."

However, the Georgia lawmaker did not provide evidence for her groundless claim concerning tampon shortages in some parts of the country.

Earlier this month, Walgreens and CVS alerted consumers that demand had outstripped their supply of tampons. Walgreens said it was experiencing "brand-specific shortages" in some areas while CVS said its suppliers had "not been able to fulfill the full quantities of orders placed," Insider's Gabrielle Bienasz reported.


"'People who menstruate' can't find tampons. Has anyone checked the warehouses at the border where all the baby formula is stocked floor to ceiling on shelves? Or maybe some men's restrooms? Apparently they are available there," Greene tweeted on Monday night.

Greene has been linked to several instances of transphobic behavior. She is known to have put up a sign stating that there are "two genders, male and female," opposite the office of Rep. Marie Newman, who has a trans daughter.

Greene also recently pushed a baseless conspiracy theory that emerged following the Texas school shooting, referencing a QAnon-linked claim that the gunman was a trans person.
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