One of the Blacks I liked to Hunt With

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One of the Blacks I liked to Hunt With

#1 Post by Spock » Sat Feb 24, 2024 10:33 pm

In one of Weyoun's farthest flights of fancy-he accused me of having fantasies of hunting FOR blacks-not sure what fever dreams that version of "The Most Dangerous Game"-came out of, but I would guess projection on his part, but in reality I have had wonderful experiences of hunting WITH black men in Africa (and IIRC there was even a woman government game scout along on part of a hunt).

But anyway, I saw a fun picture of our tracker (Paulus) from Namibia at Minnesota Safari Club (SCI) this weekend. He was in a big banner picture at the booth for the firm we went to Namibia with in 2021. The owner's son said that his dad now only uses Paulus as his tracker as he is that good-so we were lucky to have had him as we weren't hunting with the firm's owner.

It is fun to be at SCI and be around other people who "Get" the Africa thing.

One funny story was that we talked to a younger guy who is the part-time US rep for a South African outfitter. He said he got drunk at a banquet a few years ago and bought an Africa hunt at auction and now here he is serving as their rep with several trips to his credit.

One disappointment was that I specifically attended to hear a banquet speaker whose book I have-but people were so rude and loud during his speech that you could hardly hear him. I went right up to him after his speech and had him sign it-he liked that. He was selling his book at a booth as well-but I did not see him there.

The Mozambique buffalo bug hit harder-I talked to one guy that would fit right into the kind of trip I would like-and surprisingly-Mrs Spock is not totally opposed.

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Re: One of the Blacks I liked to Hunt With

#2 Post by Weyoun » Tue Feb 27, 2024 1:51 pm

Paulus seems like a sharp guy. Probably learned very quickly to always be at your back.

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