My Defense-Minded Basketball Coaching Son on Caitlin Clark

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My Defense-Minded Basketball Coaching Son on Caitlin Clark

#1 Post by Spock » Tue Apr 02, 2024 10:49 am

He is extremely frustrated with Clark's defenders on the videos he has seen and including last night during the LSU vs Iowa game.

Me, while I enjoy watching high school basketball-that is basically as far as it goes and I can't tell if you are playing a man or zone defense.

But anyway-his frustration is that the defender can't go under the screen (as they apparently do way too often) that just leaves Clark wide open and she will likely hit it. The defender has to try and go over the top of the screen and get a hand up-when they do that she is more likely to miss it.

As he says-they don't defend Steph Curry by going under the screen.

His bona fides are that he coaches 7th and 8th grade boys basketball so he does a lot of fundamentals and he also had 4 years of experience around a D1 program when he was a basketball manager for the NDSU Men's Basketball program.

I have long thought he should do some sort of sports content thing on the interwebs and try to monetize it. But he won't do that.

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