TANSTAAFL Would Get a Kick Out Of This*

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TANSTAAFL Would Get a Kick Out Of This*

#1 Post by Spock » Wed Aug 03, 2022 9:27 pm

I think I mentioned here earlier that based on his wife telling me that our Pastor read a lot of WW2 stuff that I lent my copy of "Quartered Safe Out Here" to him. This is George MacDonald Fraser's (GMF) well regarded memoir of his service in Burma. I let him know right away that his well-known "Flashman" series might be a little raunchy for his taste.

Well, I think I created a monster. A couple weeks ago he told me how much he enjoyed "Quartered Safe" and that he was saving passages into a word document.

I didn't go to church last Sunday, but Mrs. Spock did and pastor requested "Flashman." He said that if it was too bad he could just stop reading it.

I am going to make him earn his "Flashman" by first reading "The Private McAuslan" stories which are completely clean and infused with the light British humor that I love GMF for.

Then I have assigned him GMF's memoir of his time in Hollywood and includes a capsule autobiography (to be read right at the beginning of these 2 works).

The McAuslan stories and Quartered Safe are my 2 favorite books.

I was thinking tonight that it might be fun for a pastor to get a suggestion and have some discussions about secular books once in awhile.

Although, if I do give him Flashman-it will have to be on the sly as the covers are kind of suggestive

Actually "Risque" might be a better word than "Raunchy" for Flashman.

*For those that don't remember-TANSTAAFL was fellow fan of Flashman and Quartered Safe-but I could never get him to read the Private McAuslan stories

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