Bored Hedge Fund Update

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Bored Hedge Fund Update

#1 Post by Spock » Tue Jun 21, 2022 11:26 am

Last week-I finally had some time and I reactivated Spock's Bored Hedge Fund.

To remind anyone that has forgotten-the Bored Hedge Funds strategy is based on a short-term strategy to see if there is any money to be picked up around dividend dates.

I started last Monday-which was a big down day and the rest of the week seemed to also be mostly bigger down days.

Somewhat surprisingly, because the shares are bought right before the dividend dates-it seems to be a fairly forgiving strategy.

I implemented 12 turns with a turn equaling the number of whole shares I can buy for $750.

With one exception, I chose stocks that paid more than a 4% annual dividend so I am playing for the 1% (or more) quarterly dividend.

Of the 12 turns-I closed 5 turns last week with a gain (capital appreciation plus the dividend) ranging from .76% to 2.37%.

2 More turns were closed this morning with a .89% gain and 2.66% gain.

I basically have them all listed to sell automatically so I could pickup a 1% capital appreciation plus the dividend which is where the 2.66% gain came from-I just made the choice to sell the one turn at the .89% gain.

I am sitting on current capital losses on the remaining 5 open turns from last week which range from a negative 2.26% to a negative 6.15%.

I have no reason to sell at a loss at this time and the calendar works in kind of a fun way with this strategy. Because I buy the shares so close to the dividend-I only have to hold them 3 months to get half the dividend for the year-.etc etc. In that manner, It gets pretty forgiving pretty quickly.

Just say, in 3 months-I am sitting on a 1% capital loss, but I would get 2 of the quarterly dividends.-I could close out that turn at a capital loss and still make a profit on the deal.

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Re: Bored Hedge Fund Update

#2 Post by tlynn78 » Tue Jun 21, 2022 12:10 pm

What's my cut?
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Re: Bored Hedge Fund Update

#3 Post by Beebs52 » Tue Jun 21, 2022 12:29 pm

Hey. I saddled the horses and wrote prospectuses, prospecti, like that.
Well, then

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Re: Bored Hedge Fund Update

#4 Post by Spock » Fri Jun 24, 2022 9:35 am

Well, I have a little team building exercise planned for you 2. It is based on Navy Seal training. If you can make it through Hell Week-I might let you in if the results are negative.

Other than that-Week 2 was a good week for the Bored Hedge Fund-with the lesson being patience-patience patience.

All those negative open turns from last week are now closed (mostly today) at a gain-with the exception of one that I took a 45 cent loss on.

So for simplicity-I use a $7500 initial investment as my initial capital with a turn being the number of whole shares I can buy for $750.

Week 1: $48.21 gain or .64% return

Week 2: $71.23 gain or .95% return

Two week total======$119.44 gain or 1.59% Return

I only have 1 open turn currently sitting about 3% negative-there are a lot of ex-dividend dates coming up on June 29-so I have Monday and Tuesday to work on those-time won't permit today.

I really don't like not holding shares-but the lesson of the last 2 weeks is that I can buy a day prior to the Ex-dividend date and still come out ahead.

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