I own a racehorse - Going To Vegas

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I own a racehorse - Going To Vegas

#1 Post by SpacemanSpiff » Mon Oct 11, 2021 9:22 am

...and it's turning out ok for now. She's a four-year-old mare racing on the west coast.

Mind you, I don't own much of her -- I figure about 1/10,000th of her. (Heck, I probably own more horse in my bass violin bow than I do of her!) I bought her (and portions of five others, who are two-year olds and aren't racing yet) back in April via Myracehorse. I bought her specifically because I wanted to at least own one horse that was actively running. Collectively, I spent about $400 total for the lot, just for grins. To paraphrase Charles Foster Kane, "I think it would be fun to own a racehorse."

I also admit I don't know jack about racehorses. Heck, I barely know the difference between a farrier and a furrier. But this setup is ownership via microshares of the ownership group - Myracehorse owns 51% of Going To Vegas. I don't have to kick in additional funds (like a partner might), though that limits whatever profits might come out (which are doubtful; like I said, this is more about fun than an investment).

Anyway, Going to Vegas had a race in Del Mar on Memorial Day weekend, got boxed in and finished fifth. C'est la vie, I said.

Then she got hot. She won a Grade 3 race the next month, then a Grade 2, both running away. Two Saturdays ago, she won a Grade 1 race at Santa Anita wire-to-wire, which was a "win and your in" race for The Breeders' Cup.

Yep. I have a racehorse in the Breeders' Cup! She's racing in the Maker's Mark Filly and Mare Turf race in early November.


Sadly, this relationship is likely to be short lived. The consortium that owns her will likely sell her at auction a week after the race. They bought the horse about a year ago for $500,000, but figure after her races this year she would fetch $1.2 million at auction (higher if she does well at the Breeder's Cup). Of course, I'd get a piece of the action.

The auction house has put together a nice little commercial for her.


I know it's a business decision, but it's been a heck of a ride just the same.
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Re: I own a racehorse - Going To Vegas

#2 Post by silverscreenselect » Mon Oct 11, 2021 9:53 am

I would say break a leg, but somehow I don't think that's appropriate.

I did find another video with footage of you and your fellow owners at the last race your horse was in. I'm not sure which one is you though.

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Re: I own a racehorse - Going To Vegas

#3 Post by Bob Juch » Mon Oct 11, 2021 9:29 pm

Cool! When I lived in Boise, I owned 100% of two: a two-year-old and a 16-year-old.

The 16-YO was winning mile races when I bought him, but towards the end of the season, he couldn't catch up.

The 2 YO threw her jockey in her first race, and that's when I bought her. After that, she won 5-furlong races, beating the boys easily.

When I moved to the NYC area in 2003, I sold them.
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