You Are Like That Guy From Ashby

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You Are Like That Guy From Ashby

#1 Post by Spock » Thu Jun 10, 2021 11:49 am

Yeah, it was funny the first 10 times I heard it.

We leave for Namibia on Saturday and most people who hear of our "Africa" trip have the same stupid response that is starting to piss me off-"You are like that guy from Ashby."

We had a high profile local embezzlement/fraud case where an elevator manager stole millions over decades and spent it on hunting trips and so forth. ... -millions/

Given all the "casino-driven" embezzlement over time-nobody ever says when they hear of somebody going to the casino-"Are you stealing from work?"

It is fun to talk to people that are genuinely interested.

The fun part( as with last time) is that nobody we know has been where we are going. Some may have been to Etosha-which is a minor part of the trip.

For the most part, we have no idea of where the hunt will be.

We have 2 days of sight-seeing in Etosha National Park. Beyond that-I am not sure of what come next-I think we will be somewhere in "Bushmanland" in northeastern Namibia-but I am not sure of that.

I will bring 2 books-one is a 1950's era agricultural survey of the Kalahari and Namib deserts-Haven't decided on the second yet.

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