Transcript 3/21/2021 - Ryan Fox

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Transcript 3/21/2021 - Ryan Fox

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Mon Apr 05, 2021 2:10 pm

Ryan Fox
food delivery driver

Ryan was a bartender before the pandemic closed all the bars. Jimmy asks if people are tipping better now; Ryan says he has good weeks and bad weeks. The smartest person he knows is Dana Shihadah, his girlfriend. She's a cinematographer. If he wins the million he wants a bigger place - he and Dana and three cats share a one-bedroom apartment.

$100: Possibly a reference to the Blarney Stone, the saying "kiss me, I'm Irish" is traditionally associated with what holiday?
A - Labor Day
B - St. Patrick's Day
C - Independence Day
D - Bono's Birthday
Answer: B (St. Patrick's Day)
$200: Often called the largest living thing on earth due to its trunk volume, California's "General Sherman" is 275-foot tall what?
A - bear
B - tree
C - mushroom
D - iceberg

Ryan says he's glad "elephant" wasn't there.
Answer: B (tree)
$300: A specialty license plate featuring the image of a lobster is offered by which of these U.S. states?
A - Maine
B - Kansas
C - Oklahoma
D - Tennessee
Answer: A (Maine)
$500: First spotted on the wall of a British pub, "Kissing Coppers" is a Bansky artwork that depicts two amorous what?
A - bus drivers
B - veterinarians
C - chefs
D - police officers
Answer: D (police officers)
$1000: In which section of the Philadelphia Zoo can visitors see a red kangaroo?
A - African Plains
B - Big Cat Falls
C - Outback Outpost
D - Bird Valley
Answer: C (Outback Outpost)
$2000: The breakout star of TV's "The Mandalorian" was a tiny, adorable Star Wars character called "The Child," popularly known to audiences as what?
A - Baby Yoda
B - Baby Darth
C - Baby R2
D - Baby Chewie

Ryan hasn't watched the show but he's seen enough in social media to know the answer.
Answer: A (Baby Yoda)
commercial break

Today is Dana's birthday.

$4000: According to the National Weather Service, hail sizes range from 1/4 inch in diameter, or "pea size," to 4 1/2 inches in diameter, the size of a what?
A - golf ball
B - chicken egg
C - softball
D - human head
Answer: C (softball)
$8000: Besides Antarctica, what is the only continent that has never hosted a Summer or Winter Olympics?
A - South America
B - Africa
C - Australia
D - Europe
Answer: B (Africa)
$16,000: What singer co-writes many of her songs with her brother who is known professionally as Finneas?
A - Selena Gomez
B - Camila Cabello
C - Billie Eilish
D - Ariana Grande

Ryan doesn't listen to any of these artists except C and knows that her brother does her beats.
Answer: C (Billie Eilish)
$32,000: Which of these historic places employs a full-time Ravenmaster to care for the flock of ravens that live on the landmark?
A - Palace of Versailles
B - Great Pyramids of Giza
C - The Colosseum
D - Tower of London

Ryan says this is the first question that he didn't know right off the bat. He asks Dana and she says she's been to the pyramids and the Colosseum and didn't see any ravens at either place. Versailles has the glamor, but the tower seems like the place that ravens would fly in and out of. Ryan uses his 50:50.
"50:50 results": B & D
Ryan smiles at the results and says he feels good about his answer.
Answer: D (Tower of London)
commercial break

Ryan has to choose whether to keep Dana for one more question and trade off another lifeline. Ryan asks if Dana is ready to have more fun; she says yes so Ryan keeps Dana and gives up "ask the host".

$64,000: In 2020, a Washington Post article argued that what classic American literary work features "the most famous act of social distancing"?
A - Heart of Darkness
B - The Scarlet Letter
C - Walden
D - On the Road

Ryan says he doesn't read. D is definitely clicking with him, so that sounds good. But he knows that Walden was written by Thoreau who was out in the woods, and that is distancing. He decides to call Laura, who reads a lot. Laura is Dana's sister-in-law.
"Phone-a-friend" results: Ryan paraphrases the question and reads the answers, leaving 20 seconds. Ryan says he's between C and D and explains his reasoning, leaving only 5 seconds for Laura to answer. She says "Walden makes sense to me" just before the time expires.
Ryan says he thinks he may have wasted the lifeline since he and Laura agreed.
Answer: C (Walden)
commercial break

$125,000: With more than 230 million followers, the most popular Instagram account in the world belongs to an athlete in what sport?
A - cricket
B - basketball
C - boxing
D - soccer

Ryan is a sports fan but can't rule any of the answers out because it's not a key stat in any sport. He's a big basketball fan and thinks Lebron James could be the answer, then considers soccer and names several players. Ryan says it's obviously not cricket.
Answer: D (soccer)
$250,000: Oddly similar to the line "I see dead people" from "The Sixth Sense," the line "All I see are dead people" appears in what other Bruce Willis film?
A - Armageddon
B - 12 Monkeys
C - The Fifth Element
D - The Jackal

Ryan definitely rules out A or C. He wants to say B but he doesn't want to say because he'd drop down to $32,000. He thinks that Dana may have seen "12 Monkeys" in a class and so he decides to ask her.
"Ask the smartest person" results: Dana hasn't seen the movie.
Ryan says that Bruce is in a mental institution in "12 Monkeys" so it would make sense that he would say that line. Ryan reads through the question again. He says that a lot of people die in "Armageddon" but the line doesn't fit the tone. Jimmy asks if Ryan is going to go "The Whole Nine Yards" or "Die Hard". Ryan says he'd be in "Sin City" if he misses the question. Jimmy asks if he means Las Vegas and Ryan says he was trying a pun like Jimmy did. Ryan decides to walk away.
Answer: B (12 Monkeys)

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