Transcript 3/21/2021 - Lena Waithe

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Transcript 3/21/2021 - Lena Waithe

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Mon Apr 05, 2021 2:08 pm

Lena Waithe

Lena is an Emmy-winning writer and actress. She's in the movie "Bad Hair" on Hulu and the producer of "The 40-Year Old Version" on Netflix. She's playing for The Trevor Project, a hotline available to people in need. The smartest person Lena knows is Rishi Rajani, the president of Lena's company. He's a reluctant participant.

$100: Which of these recent movies chronicles the final years of a notorious gangster?
A - Dolittle
B - Capone
C - Onward
D - Sonic the Underboss
Answer: B (Capone)
$200: A total lunar eclipse is also called a "Blood Moon" because the Moon appears to turn what color?
A - blue
B - green
C - red
D - silver
Answer: C (red)
$300: Like two peas in a pod, a broom is often sold in a set that comes with what other household item?
A - iron
B - bottle opener
C - dustpan
D - toothbrush
Answer: C (dustpan)
$500: During a particularly cold winter in Florence, Italy, it is said that Michelangelo built perhaps the world's greatest what?
A - sand castle
B - birdhouse
C - paper kite
D - snowman
Answer: D (snowman)
$1000: Which company's delivery trucks warn would-be thieves that "Drivers do not carry burritos"?
A - Chipotle
B - Arby's
C - Subway
D - Dairy Queen
Answer: A (Chipotle)
$2000: At the start of a chess game, there are four of all but which of these pieces on the board?
A - knights
B - bishops
C - queens
D - rooks

Lena doesn't know so she asks Rishi, who does know.
Answer: C (queens)
$4000: Always the romantic, Mike Tyson has admitted that he cries every time he watches what sappy movie starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams?
A - Serendipity
B - The Proposal
C - 10 Things I Hate About You
D - The Notebook
Answer: D (The Notebook)
$8000: @HMSeye is the Twitter handle of what department at Harvard Medical School?
A - neurology
B - ophthalmology
C - dermatology
D - radiology

Lena knows that ophthalmology has to do with eyes but asks Rishi for conformation.
Answer: B (ophthalmology)
$16,000: On a Season Four episode of "Seinfeld," George explains that if he ever became an adult film star he would take what stage name?
A - Squeaky Springs
B - Butt Reynolds
C - Alan Thick
D - Buck Naked

Lena asks if Rishi knows "Seinfeid stuff", and he says he doesn't. She decides to ask the host. Jimmy says he's watched every episode numerous times.
"Ask the host" results: Jimmy says that it's D but reminds Lena that he doesn't know the answer.
Answer: D (Buck Naked)
$32,000: The only post office in the U.S. that still receives mail delivered by mule is in the Native American village of Supai, which is located where?
A - Marfa, Texas
B - Grand Canyon
C - Pike National Forest
D - Aleutian Islands

Lena immediately asks Rishi, who says he thinks it might be the Grand Canyon. He doesn't know much about the Aleutian Islands. Lena says that she could use the 50:50 and be sure, or be worried if B is taken away. She decides to use the lifeline.
"50:50 results": B & D
Lena is relieved, but still nervous.
Answer: B (Grand Canyon)
commercial break

Lena now has to decide if she wants to trade her remaining lifeline, "phone a friend", or keep Rishi for one more question. Her lifeline is Cynthia Erivo. She decides to keep the "phone a friend" lifeline.

$64,000: According to a common history myth, Marie Antoinette uttered the famous line "Let them eat cake" in response to being told what?
A - her army was refusing to fight
B - her subjects had no bread
C - her daughters were to be married
D - France and Austria were at war
Answer: B (her subjects had no bread)
$125,000: Primarily occurring in the central and eastern U.S., a derecho is a type of rare storm characterized by what?
A - wall of strong wind
B - rapid snowfall
C - spiral-shaped air current
D - dust cloud

Lena doesn't know so she's going to use her last lifeline.
"Phone-a-friend" results: Lena reads the question and spells "derecho", leaving 13 seconds. Cynthia says "wind, it's wind" before time runs out. Lena says she was thinking it was a dust cloud.
Lena isn't confident enough to risk the charity's money so she decides to walk away. Jimmy asks Rishi what he would have guessed, and he says "wind".
Answer: A (wall of strong wind)
commercial break

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