Transcript 3/14/2021 - Kyle Shaules

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Transcript 3/14/2021 - Kyle Shaules

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Mon Mar 22, 2021 5:13 pm

Kyle Shaules
registered nurse

Kyle works in a dialysis center. The smartest person Kyle knows is his uncle Bill Shaules, his dad's brother. He's a professor in Los Angeles.

$100: In 1849, thousands of settlers rushed to California after the discovery of what?
A - gold
B - soap
C - ink
D - avocado toast
Answer: A (gold)
$200: Which of these tennis greats once won the Australian Open while roughly eight weeks pregnant?
A - Andy Murray
B - Serena Williams
C - Roger Federer
D - John McEnroe
Answer: B (Serena Williams)
$300: What David Bowie song was fittingly released in 1969 just a few days before the first moon landing?
A - Rebel Rebel
B - Let's Dance
C - Space Oddity
D - Suffragette City
Answer: C (Space Oddity)
$500: Which of these iconic landmarks can be seen on the cover of a Fodor's travel guide to London?
A - Taj Mahal
B - Mount Rushmore
C - Machu Picchu
D - Tower Bridge
Answer: D (Tower Bridge)
$1000: Which of these apt taglines was once the slogan for Planters?
A - Let's Taco 'Bout It
B - Relax. Go Nuts.
C - Bean There, Done That.
D - We're Kind of a Big Dill.
Answer: B (Relax. Go Nuts.)
commercial break

$2000: Likely making censors wince as the 2020 Emmy nominations were announced, what TV show was mentioned on air three times before racking up 15 total noms?
A - Better Call Saul
B - The Goldbergs
C - Schitt's Creek
D - Stranger Things
Answer: C (Schitt's Creek)
$4000: On the human body, the gluteal cleft is more commonly known as what?
A - Adam's apple
B - earlobe
C - armpit
D - butt crack
Answer: D (butt crack)
$8000: To the delight of her colleagues, Elena Kagan was able to get a fro-yo machine installed in the cafeteria of what esteemed institution?
A - the Pentagon
B - the U.S. Capitol
C - the U.S. Supreme Court
D - West Point

Kyle asks if Bill is familiar with Elena Kagan. Bill replies that she's a Supreme Court justice so C makes the most sense.
Answer: C (the U.S. Supreme Court)
$16,000: Named for the film's most famous quote, the 2020 book "Alright, Alright, Alright" bills itself as "the definitive oral history" of what cult classic?
A - Dazed and Confused
B - The Big Lebowski
C - Heathers
D - Starship Troopers

Kyle is pretty confident that it's A.
Answer: A (Dazed and Confused)
$32,000: On Wikipedia, a search for "da da da DUM" redirects users to the page for what classical work?
A - Mozart's The Magic Flute
B - Handel's Messiah
C - Beethoven's 5th Symphony
D - Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite

Kyle is pretty sure it's C but he asks Bill for confirmation.
Answer: C (Beethoven's 5th Symphony)
commercial break

Kyle has to choose whether to keep Bill as a lifeline and swap out another one. Kyle trades the 50:50 to keep Bill for one more answer.

$64,000: Which of the following statements is true about the names of four of the U.S.'s twenty most populous cities?
A - they start with "San"
B - they end in "land"
C - they start with "New"
D - they end in "City"

Kyle names San Francisco, San Diego, & San Antonio. Only New York City starts with "new" and he can't think of any that end in "land" or "City". Kyle decides to ask Bill.
Ask the smartest person results:
Bill says "that's a stumper". He says that "San" is mostly the west coast and the southwest. He can't think of too many cities that end in "land". He thinks it's either C or D. If he had to choose, he'd pick C. Kyle asks how confident Bill is - he replies 80%.
Kyle says he hates to do this since it's a free guess but he's going to use another lifeline and ask Jimmy.
Ask the host results:
Jimmy says that they should be Los Angeles is #2, Chicago is #3, and San Francisco and Philadelphia are #4 & #5. He thinks Houston and Dallas would be among the top 20 also. He knows that Phoenix and Denver are on the list as well. He names New York City and possibly Oklahoma City. Kyle mentions San Jose as the possible fourth. Jimmy then mentions Kansas City but says that San Jose is larger.
Kyle makes A his final answer.
Answer: A (they start with "San")
$125,000: The spot where Francis Crick and James Watson announced their 1953 discovery, The Eagle pub in Cambridge, England honors the duo today by offering an ale called what?
A - Black Hole
B - Penicillin
D - Titanic

Kyle doesn't know who the two men are. Since he has no idea he's going to use his last lifeline and call his uncle Danny.
Phone-a-friend results:
Kyle reads the question and answers, leaving 13 seconds. Danny says he has no idea but if he had to guess he would say "black ale".
Kyle was thinking the same thing but for no particular reason. He has no desire to risk the money he has won and decides to walk away. He would have said A.
Answer: C (DNA)

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