Transcript 3/7/2021 - DeShae Alcorn

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Transcript 3/7/2021 - DeShae Alcorn

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Mon Mar 22, 2021 2:29 pm

DeShea Alcorn
Oakland, CA
registered nurse

DeShae spends her working hours treating COVID patients. Her father Darrian is the smartest person she knows.

$100: Which of these recent movies is based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm?
A - Gretel & Hansel
B - Richard Jewell
C - Midway
D - Cinderella: Day of the Soldado
Answer: A (Gretel & Hansel)
$200: What was the answer to the 2019 New York Times crossword clue that read "Good name for a girl born on December 24"?
A - Hayley
B - Kim
C - Eve
D - Jennifer
Answer: C (Eve)
$300: Which of these items in your medicine cabinet often comes with instructions for both oral and rectal use?
A - cotton swab
B - thermometer
C - tongue depressor
D - tweezers
Answer: B (thermometer)
$500: Long before it was a global enterprise, the founders of Yahoo! gave their directory the folksy name "Jerry and David's Guide to the" what?
A - solar system
B - World Wide Web
C - publishing industry
D - U.S. Constitution
Answer: B (World Wide Web)
$1000: After receiving a letter in 1968 that lamented the lack of diversity among his beloved characters, Charles Schulz introduced Franklin in what comic strip?
A - Blondie
B - Dennis the Menace
C - Peanuts
D - Marmaduke

Both DeShae and Darrian know that Schulz is associated with "Peanuts" but they don't recall Franklin. DeShae isn't sure that "Peanuts" is a comic strip. After the answer is revealed she says she only knows them as cartoons.
Answer: C (Peanuts)
$2000: What fruit is described by as "the adorable little nephew of the orange family"?
A - plum
B - clementine
C - apricot
D - fig

DeShae was hoping the answers would include Cuties. She asks her dad but he isn't sure, so he says it's her decision.
Answer: B (clementine)
commercial break

$4000: Because they mainly eat eucalyptus leaves, what animals are said to smell like cough drops?
A - koalas
B - penguins
C - hyenas
D - alligators

DeShae can't imagine getting close enough to C or D to smell them and there isn't much eucalyptus where penguins live.
Answer: A (koalas)
$8000: The title of Alex Trebek's 2020 memoir features what fitting catchphrase?
A - Come On Down!
B - The Answer Is...
C - I'd Like to Buy a Vowel
D - No Whammies!

DeShae is a big fan of Jeopardy.
Answer: B (The Answer Is...)
$16,000: Which country's capital city is one of the few in the world whose name contains all five vowels: A E, I, O and U?
A - Hungary
B - Denmark
C - Argentina
D - Mexico

DeShae thinks the capital of Mexico is Mexico City. "Come on, smartest person," she says. He says Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. He also knows the capitals of the other countries. DeShae doesn't know where Argentina is.
Answer: C (Argentina)
$32,000: An old school guy with an old school vocabulary, Joe Biden had which of these phrases painted across his 2020 campaign tour bus?
A - No Poppycock!
B - No Hokum!
C - No Claptrap!
D - No Malarkey!

"This is a real question?" DeShae asks jokingly. Darrian eliminates A but doesn't know about the others.
Answer: D (No Malarkey!)
commercial break

DeShae formerly lived in New Orleans but as things shut down she moved to Oakland to live with her grandparents.

DeShae wants to keep her dad and has faith in Jimmy so she's swapping her 50:50 to keep Darrian.

$64,000: Which of the following has never been a flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream?
A - Honey, I'm Home
B - Go Fudge Yourself
C - Economic Crunch
D - Marsha Marsha Marshmallow

During the commercial break she and Jimmy discussed ice cream - both of them have banana as their favorite, and Darrian works in an ice cream production facility. DeShae eats a lot of ice cream but none of those flavors. B sounds like something Ben & Jerry might use. DeShae's phone-a-friend isn't in the ice cream business. C seems a bit insensitive; she says she doesn't hear much about honey ice cream. DeShae is going to use a lifeline but has to decide which one. She asks her dad.
Ask the smartest person results:
He works with ice cream but doesn't eat it. A is the "calmest" one of the four. DeShae says she wouldn't put marshmallows in her ice cream Darrian would say A.
DeShae makes that her final answer.
Answer: B (Go Fudge Yourself)

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