Transcript 3/7/2021 - Thomas Middleditch

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Transcript 3/7/2021 - Thomas Middleditch

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Mon Mar 22, 2021 2:28 pm

Thomas Middleditch

Thomas was in the cast of Silicon Valley, has a Netfilx special and is on the CBS series B Positive. He's playing for The Climate Mobilization Project, a group seeking to create a new approach to climate change. The smartest person Thomas knows is Joey Bland. He's known Joey for 15 years and is a 2-time Jeopardy winner.

$100: Because it can permanently burn our retina, you should never stare directly at what?
A - the sun
B - the ocean
C - the moon
D - the Wendy's Baconator
Answer: A (the sun)
$200: Unsurprisingly, what former president was the first-ever guest on "The Michelle Obama Podcast"?
A - Jimmy Carter
B - George W. Bush
C - Barack Obama
D - Bill Clinton
Answer: C (Barack Obama)
$300: Which of the following is not a standard setting on a blender?
A - chop
B - liquefy
C - annihilate
D - puree
Answer: C (annihilate)
$500: Bands found wrapped around the teeth of mummies are believed to be ancient precursors of what modern medical implement?
A - eyeglasses
B - braces
C - hearing aid
D - pacemaker
Answer: B (braces)
$1000: Which of these retail names is an example of alliteration?
B - Toys "R" Us
C - OfficeMax
D - Bed Bath & Beyond

Thomas isn't certain what "alliteration" means but he thinks it means the letters have to line up. He asks Joey, who confirms the right answer.
Answer: D (Bed Bath & Beyond)
$2000: An event that informed his life's work, which of these historic men incurred an eye injury at the age of three that caused him to go blind?
A - Louis Pasteur
B - Henry Heimlich
C - Louis Braille
D - Edwin Hubble

Thomas knows that braille is "bump writing". Joey agrees.
Answer: C (Louis Braille)
$4000: In a "memoir" titled "Before You Leap," what beloved kids' character reveals that he was born one of 2,353 brothers and sisters?
A - Kermit the Frog
B - Snoopy
C - Thomas the Tank Engine
D - Barney

For Thomas the key is "before you leap". Joey says that there are a lot of frog eggs.
Answer: A (Kermit the Frog)
commercial break

$8000: To honor their homegrown son Guy Fieri, residents of Columbus, Ohio have started a petition to rename the city what?
A - Dee-lish City
B - Flavortown
C - Frialator Springs
D - Garlic Knot Junction

Thomas knows the show that Guy is famous for, although he can't state the name accurately.
Answer: B (Flavortown)
$16,000: In "Emoji Dick," an all-emoji edition of "Moby Dick," what is the first emoji used in the translation of the novel's famous first line?
A - prayer hands
B - heart
C - telephone
D - smiley face

Thomas doesn't know the first line, but Joey does.
Answer: C (telephone)
$32,000: A doll modeled after Muslim American athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad is the first Barbie to wear a what?
A - sari
B - hijab
C - dastar
D - sheitel

Thomas says what he thinks the answer is but asks Joey to confirm it. Neither of them knows what a sheitel or dastar is.
Answer: B (hijab)
commercial break

Thomas has to decide whether to swap a lifeline to keep Joey as a lifeline. Thomas wants to keep Joey so he trades the "Ask the Host" lifeine.

$64,000: In which of these movies does Leonardo DiCaprio portray a fictional character and not a real-life person?
A - The Wolf of Wall Street
B - The Revenant
C - Catch Me If You Can
D - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Thomas was in A and thinks C was the one when Leonardo assumed a lot of diferent identities. He hates to use a lifeline but he's going to do it. He asks Jimmy if the 50:50 is considered one of the more valuable lifelines. Jimmy says it can be great or it could choose the two Thomas has decided on. Thomas decides to use it anyway.
50:50 results:
B & D
Thomas complains about the results, but Jimmy assures him that it's random. He feels that B is based on a book. Thomas saw a special showing of D at Tarantino theater but he can't remember if Tarantino said that the characters were fictional. He makes B his final answer.
Answer: D (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)
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