Transcript 1/13/2021 - Lauren Kuykendall

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Transcript 1/13/2021 - Lauren Kuykendall

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Lauren Kuykendall

Lauren is the only female firefighter in her firehouse. Jimmy asks if she gets nervous when going to a fire. She's been doing the job for 13 years so no. She's also an EMT. The smartest person she knows is Amy Poyer; they've been best friends since they were 10 years old. She is an attorney for a non-profit that works on civil rights cases.

$100: Which of these recent movies has two car brands in its title?
A - Bad Boys for Life
B - The Invisible Man
C - Ford v Ferrari
D - Star Wars: The Rise of Volvo
Answer: C (Ford v Ferrari)
$200: Given the right soil conditions, what animal is known to tunnel underground at a speed of fifteen feet per hour?
A - mole
B - skunk
C - raccoon
D - coyote

She knows that moles dig, but asks Amy for confirmation.
Answer: A (mole)
$300: As its name suggests, which of the Great Lakes holds more water than all of the other Great Lakes combined?
A - Lake Erie
B - Lake Superior
C - Lake Ontario
D - Lake Huron
Answer: B (Lake Superior)
$500: A radio channel on SriusXM, "On Broadway" plays what type of music?
A - Southern gospel
B - heavy metal
C - country
D - show tunes
Answer: D (show tunes)
$1000: The 2020 bestseller "You Never Forget Your First" is a biography of what U.S. president?
A - George Washington
B - Thomas Jefferson
C - Abraham Lincoln
D - Theodore Roosevelt
Answer: A (George Washington)
commercial break

Amy's husband is also a firefighter but not in the same firehouse. They didn't meet on the job - she met him through an adult soccer league.

$2000: "Lamb shanks were velvety soft in 40 minutes" is a sentence appearing in a New York Times review of what small kitchen appliance?
A - Mr. Coffee
B - Instant Pot
C - Sodastream
D - Vitamix
Answer: B (Instant Pot)
$4000: "30 Years of LOL" is the tagline for what longtime ABC show?
A - The Bachelor
B - Shark Tank
C - America's Funniest Home Videos
D - 20/20
Answer: C (America's Funniest Home Videos)
$8000: To protect the health and safety of players, the 2019-2020 NBA season restart required athletes to live and compete within a single location widely known as the what?
A - NBA vault
B - NBA bubble
C - NBA fortress
D - NBA fishbowl

Lauren is leaning toward B but asks Amy. Amy is a huge sports fan and has been watching everything, so she knows the answer.
Answer: B (NBA bubble)
commercial break

$16,000: What country sends Canada thousands of tulip bulbs every year as a thank you gift for protecting its royal family during World War II?

A - Austria
B - Denmark
C - Portugal
D - The Netherlands

History was not Lauren's strong suit. Amy's mom was born in the country, and knows the answer.
Answer: D (The Netherlands)
$32,000: What Disney film's villain has a look that was said to be inspired by the drag queen Divine?
A - The Little Mermaid
B - The Lion King
C - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
D - Aladdin

Lauren knows the villain in The Lion King and doesn't think that's right. She also knows the villain in The Little Mermaid but can't remember her name. She thinks it's Jafar from Aladdin. Amy knows that Ursula was the villain in The Little Mermaid and thinks that is the right answer.
Answer: A (The Little Mermaid)
Lauren now has to decide if she wants to swap out a lifeline and keep Amy for one more question. She swaps the 50:50 for Amy.

$64,000: Meaning "to make every possible effort," the term "pull out all the stops" comes from a technique used when playing what instrument?
A - violin
B - guitar
C - organ
D - saxophone

Lauren is leaning toward guitar. She says she plays a mean air saxophone. She doesn't want to make a mistake and although she hates to use a lifeline she decides to use one and ask Amy.
Ask the smartest person results:
Amy doesn't think it was a good idea to ask her. She and Lauren try to reason it out - there must be a piece called a "stop" that one pulls out. That doesn't make sense for a violin or guitar - a guitar has frets. The saxophone has buttons. Amy suggests using another lifeline.
Lauren decides to ask Jimmy.
Ask the host results:
Jimmy says he disagrees with Amy. He played the clarinet and there's no way it's anything other than the organ. He bases this on the original meaning, and says that church organs have things that could be pulled. Lauren is allowed to ask Amy's opinion, and she concurs.
Answer: C (organ)
Lauren will celebrate if she wins the money, at home because of the pandemic. She would also treat her parents to a family vacation.

$125,000: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a black lab named "Pula," also the name for the official currency of what country where they fell in love?
A - Haiti
B - Botswana
C - Hungary
D - South Africa

Lauren is thinking D but doesn't feel confident taking the risk, so she decides to use her last lifeline, Caroline.
Phone-a-friend results:
Lauren takes 15 seconds to read the question and answers. She repeats them leaving 4 seconds for Caroline to answer. She manages to say "I think it's Botswana" before time runs out.
Lauren is a risk-taker and she feels like she has to go for it. "You have to go big to win big," she says, and makes B her final answer. Jimmy says it's time for a commercial.
commercial break
Answer: B (Botswana)
$250,000: Who was Mitch McConnell referring to when he said, "Nevertheless, she persisted," a line that has since become a rallying cry of the women's movement?
A - Hillary Clinton
B - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
C - Kamala Harris
D - Elizabeth Warren

This would be a good question for Amy. Lauren doesn't know but feels it's either A or C. She tries to remember the Kenny Rogers song line "know when to hold 'em." She decides to walk away.
Answer: D (Elizabeth Warren)

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