Transcript 1/13/2021 - Ray Romano (carryover contestant)

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Transcript 1/13/2021 - Ray Romano (carryover contestant)

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:41 am

Ray Romano

[NOTE: Ray's first episode aired on 1/6/2021, but the show was preempted by coverage of the violence at the Capitol. All three of the shows scheduled to air that night were preempted.]

Ray is playing for Harvest Home, an organization that finds places to stay for pregnant homeless women, find them jobs, and provide structure. Ray exchanged his 50:50 for "ask the host" and has used that lifeline. Ray's friend David is the smartest person he knows. Ray was on the show 20 years ago and won $125,000.

$125,000: In the 2020 documentary series "The Last Dance," Michael Jordan said, "Oh, I hated 'em. And that hate carries even to this day" about which of his rivals?
A - Boston Celtics
B - New York Knicks
C - Detroit Pistons
D - Los Angeles Lakers

Ray thinks he knows it but doesn't want to be irresponsible with the money for his charity. He decides to trust that he knows it. He's 73% sure.
Answer: C (Detroit Pistons)
$250,000: To bring luck in the coming year, Italians traditionally do which of the following on New Year's Eve?
A - drink wine from a boot
B - wear red underwear
C - kiss a donkey
D - put money in the freezer

Ray is an Italian-American; his wife is as well. He thinks she might know. He discounts B and C, thinking it's either A or D. His phone-a-friend is not Italian. He decides to call Steve Scrovan.
Phone-a-friend results:
When the time starts Ray reads the question, finishing with the answers in 10 seconds. Steve's first impulse is A, which is what Ray thought.
Ray now thinks it's either A or C. He's worn red underwear several times and wasn't particularly lucky. When he was on the show last time he flipped a coin, and brought the same coin this time. He flips it - if it's heads, he'll give them the $125,000 regardless. He makes A his final answer.
Answer: B (wear red underwear)
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