Transcript 1/3/2021 - Amanda Peet

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Transcript 1/3/2021 - Amanda Peet

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:40 am

Amanda Peet

Amanda stars in "Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story" on the USA network. Amanda is playing for Big Sunday, an organization in Los Angeles that works with homelessness, financial aid, and other needs. The smartest person Amanda knows is Dan (D.B.) Weiss, her husband's partner and co-creator of Game of Thrones. It was Amanda's husband's idea to use him.

$100: On average, the human body has seven billion billion billion what?
A - bones
B - eyelashes
C - atoms
D - ill-advised lower back tattoos
Answer: C (atoms)
$200: Which of these U.S. attractions boasts a popular souvenir shop called MouseGear?
A - Graceland
B - Walt Disney World
C - National Air & Space Museum
D - Metropolitan Museum of Art
Answer: B (Walt Disney World)
$300: Won by Arnold Schwarzenegger seven times, Mr. Olympia is a title awarded at an annual competition between whom?
A - bartenders
B - figure skaters
C - scuba divers
D - bodybuilders
Answer: D (bodybuilders)
$500: Competitors squeal, grunt and snuffle at an annual contest in France to crown the "world's best" what?
A - pig imitator
B - birdhouse builder
C - grocery bagger
D - butter churner
Answer: A (pig imitator)
$1000: During the Revolutionary War, British soliders were known by what colorful nickname?
A - redcoats
B - blackbeards
C - yellowbellies
D - blueboots
Answer: A (redcoats)
commercial break

$2000: Thanks to its extra adhesive footpads, which of these animals can walk up a wall and across a ceiling?
A - antelope
B - penguin
C - gecko
D - chicken
Answer: C (gecko)
$4000: The aptly-titled 2020 film "Radioactive" tells the story of Marie Curie, a winner of the Nobel prize for which of the following?
A - literature
B - economics
C - peace
D - chemistry
Answer: D (chemistry)
$8000: Not to be outdone by Pennsylvania's Punxsutawey Phill, Ohio also has a weather-predicting groundhog with which of these fitting names?
A - Dairyland Donald
B - Buckeye Chuck
C - Hoosier Howie
D - Bluegrass Gus

Amanda asks D.B., and he says that it's B because he knows the other states' nicknames.
Answer: B (Buckeye Chuck)
$16,000: In 2020, when an 8-year-old named Corona was getting bullied because of his name, Tom Hanks sent him a vintage Corona, a classic brand of what?
A - typewriter
B - record player
C - telephone
D - camera
Answer: A (typewriter)
$32,000: Especially popular during election season, the website has a name inspired by what?
A - number of U.S. Congressional districts
B - area code of Washington, D.C.
C - number of electors in the Electoral College
D - number of days in the election cycle

Amanda asks D.B., who asks her what her thought was. She says C, and D.B. says that was his as well, by process of elimination.
Answer: C (number of electors in the Electoral College)

NOTE: Amanda's second show aired on 1/6/2021, but it, and the other two shows scheduled to air that night were preempted by coverage of the violence at the Capitol.

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