Transcript 1/3/2021 - Rebel Wilson (carryover contestant)

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Transcript 1/3/2021 - Rebel Wilson (carryover contestant)

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:38 am

Rebel Wilson

Rebel is playing for School of St. Jude Tanzania. Jacob Andriou is Rebel's "smartest person".

$2000: Known to millions for her soothing inflection, Canadian mindfulness instructor Tamara Levitt is the "voice" of what popular app?
A - Venmo
B - OpenTable
C - Skype
D - Calm

Jacob is Canadian so Rebel asks him. He says that all the answers are apps. He says that only C and D use voice and D is concerned with mindfulness.
Answer: D (Calm)
$4000: Which planet is depicted on a jokey T-shirt that reads, "If you like it put a ring on it"?
A - Saturn
B - Venus
C - Mercury
D - Mars

Rebel says it must be a planet with rings around it. She asks Jacob if Saturn is the answer.
Answer: A (Saturn)
$8000: In 2020, scientists identified a wooded area near Marlborough, England, as the likely source of giant slabs used in what famous landmark?
A - The Colosseum
B - Stonehenge
C - Taj Mahal
D - Machu Picchu

Rebel says that all she's done during the pandemic is watch the news and she thinks she knows this. She asks Jacob, who doesn't know the answer.
Answer: B (Stonehenge)
$16,000: In the last decade, five of the ten Academy Awards for Best Director have gone to someone born in what country?
A - South Korea
B - France
C - Taiwan
D - Mexico

Rebel says she's a member of the Academy so this should be easy for her. She wonders if the director of Parasite won last year. She disregards A and C. She asks Jacob who has no idea. She decides to ask Jimmy for help.
Ask the host results:
Jimmy says it's definitely Mexico and mentions Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuaron.
Answer: D (Mexico)
commercial break

$32,000: Though we now use it more broadly, the word "chops" was once specifically used to mean a "high skill level" in reference to whom?
A - chefs
B - jazz musicians
C - newspaper reporters
D - barbers

Rebel thought it meant singing but that isn't an option. She asks Jacob - he asks her what she thinks it isn't. He says he doesn't think it's D; Rebel is leaning B.
Answer: B (jazz musicians)
Jimmy asks Rebel if she wants to switch a lifeline and use Jacob. He says not to trade him for the phone-a-friend, so she swaps the 50:50.

$64,000: For the past five years, the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest has been won by a man with what last name?
A - Curry
B - Bacon
C - Chestnut
D - Frank

Rebel thinks she's heard of the contest and seen it on TV but doesn't know who won it, so she decides to phone a friend. She wants to call Jacob Bush, from the East Coast.
Phone-a-friend results:
Rebel paraphrases the question but doesn't read the names until the last 10 seconds. Jacob attempts to answer but is cut off before he can complete his answer. Rebel thinks he said "chest..." and she decides to make C her final answer.
Answer: C (Chestnut)
commercial break

$125,000: Which of the following is recognizable for its three four-pointed geometric shapes called "hypocycloids"?
A - Pittsburgh Steelers helmet
B - Canadian flag
C - Starbucks logo
D - Rolls-Royce hood ornament

Rebel says it's not B; she is a big football fan and roots for the Los Angeles Rams. She doesn't think that the Steelers helmet has anything on it; Jimmy says they all do. She's leaning toward the hood ornament. She's not 100% sure so she decides to use her last lifeline.
Ask the smartest person results:
Jacob says that the hood ornament, "Spirit of Ecstasy" doesn't have three four-pointed objects on it - it's an angel with wings. He says that the Pittsburgh helmet is three star-like designs. He then says "hypo" means "negative space" an "cycloid" refers to a circle, so the logo would be the right answer.
Answer: A (Pittsburgh Steelers helmet)
$250,000: When the U.S. mint was established in 1792, legend has it that the first coins it produced were made from what?
A - Alexander Hamilton's gold inkwell
B - Ben Franklin's pewter beer steins
C - Martha Washington's silverware
D - Thomas Jefferson's copper sink

Rebel complains that this is a "heavy U.S. question". She didn't go to school in America and she doesn't know the timeline. She says that Martha Washington and Alexander Hamilton were around t the same time because they knew each other, which she learned from Hamilton, the musical. She wonders if the coins were gold or silver. She thinks it's C but it's a complete guess. She's going to take the gamble and personally make up the difference if she's wrong. Don't they say that in multiple choice questions, always go with "C"?
Answer: C (Martha Washington's silverware)
$500,000: Of the fifteen tallest buildings in the world, more than half are in what country?
A - Saudi Arabia
B - China
C - United Arab Emirates
D - Malaysia

Rebel has been to one of the really tall buildings in the UAE; she's terrified of heights and wouldn't come out of the elevator. Her gut says it's the UAE. She wonders if she should take the gamble again; Jimmy reminds her she would lose $218,000. She decides to walk away with $250,000. Had she decided to go with it, she would have taken "C" again.
Answer: B (China)
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