Transcript 12/6/2020 - Amanda Sheehan

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Transcript 12/6/2020 - Amanda Sheehan

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Sun Dec 20, 2020 7:16 pm

Amanda Sheehan
registered nurse

Amanda works in an ICU. This is a tough place to be right now. She works 12 hours a day three days a week. Amanda's smartest person is her dad, Bob Sheehan. He's a business manager for a company that sells medical devices. His areas of knowledge include business management. Amanda's fields are literature, especially Harry Potter, and music.

$100: What notable part of our naton's topography accounts for roughly 20 percent of the fresh water on Eartn?
A - Death Valley
B - the Great Lakes
C - the Grand Canyon
D - Zuckerberg's hot tub
Answer: B (the Great Lakes)
$200: Which of these pairs of apps offers roughtly the same type of service?
A - Snapchat & Grubhub
B - Lyft & Uber
C - WhatsApp & SHAREit
D - TikTok & Spotify

Amanda says she feels like a bad millenial because she doesn't know what many of these are.
Answer: B (Lyft & Uber)
$300: When mating, what female animal curves her tail up over her back to avoid stabbing her partner with her quills?
A - porcupine
B - otter
C - chipmunk
D - ferret

Amanda says that only one of these animals has quills unless biology has changed significantly since high school. Her dad concurs.
Answer: A (porcupine)
$500: Though not as famous as da Vinci or DiCaprio, the Italian who discovered the Fibonacci sequence also had what first name?
A - Matteo
B - Giovanni
C - Niccolo
D - Leonardo
Answer: D (Leonardo)
$1000: In his Nobel lecture after winning the prestigious prize, who used the word "apartheid" five times?
A - Mikhail Gorbachev
B - Al Gore
C - Nelson Mandela
D - Yasser Arafat

Amanda asks her dad for confirmation of her answer.
Answer: C (Nelson Mandela)
commercial break

$2000: Made mainly from soy, potato proteins, coconut, and sunflower oils, a popular meatless "burger" goes by which of these names?
A - Impossible Burger
B - Absurd Burger
C - Inconceivable Burger
D - Outrageous Burger

One of Amanda's favorite burger joints serves this and she's tried it - it's delicious.
Answer: A (Impossible Burger)

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