Transcript 12/6/2020 - J.D. Barton (carryover)

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Transcript 12/6/2020 - J.D. Barton (carryover)

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Sun Dec 20, 2020 7:15 pm

J.D. Barton
Therapist and clinical psychologist

J.D. and his "smartest person" Jacob both love trivia.

$4000: In the Crayola "State Crayon Collection," which of these "colors" is a playful take on the name of a state capital?
A - Grape Hatteras
B - Sacra-mint-o
C - Grand Tanyon
D - Williamsburgundy
Answer: B (Sacra-mint-o)
$8000: Alluding to a common phenomenon among those who apply makeup, a recent PopSugar headline asked, "Why Do I Open My Mouth Whenever I" do what?
A - Exfoliate
B - Apply Mascara
C - Put on Perfume
D - Moisturize

J.D. actually read this article.
Answer: B (Apply Mascara)
$16,000: Ben Affleck said he was told to shut up when he asked why it was easier to train oil drillers to be astronauts and not vice versa when he worked on what movie?
A - Pearl Harbor
B - Reindeer Games
C - Good Will Hunting
D - Armageddon

J.D. says only one of these movies involved oil drillers.
Answer: D (Armageddon)
$32,000: If you're offered plates to aware that these plates are typically not free" is money-saving advice from TripSavvy to those traveling where?
A - Greece
B - Spain
C - India
D - Brazil

J.D.'s initial thought was A, and Jacob concurs.
Answer: A (Greece)
commercial break

J.D. now has to decide whether to keep the standard three lifelines or exchange one of them to keep Jacob as a lifeline. J.D. wants to keep Jaccob so he trades the 50:50 because he doesn't think it would be helpful at this level.

$64,000: Wasting no time getting interesting, what hit musical opens with a male lead referring to another character as "a bastard, orphan, son of a whore"?
A - The Phantom of the Opera
B - Hamilton
C - Dear Evan Hansen
D - The Book of Mormon

J.D. literally listened to this today.
Answer: B (Hamilton)
$125,000: Where is the Oort cloud?
A - inside the brain
B - over the North Pole
C - at the edge of the solar system
D - in cyberspace

J.D. can say without hesitation that he doesn't know the answer. He doesn't think it's A since he learned a lot about the brain. This feels like the time to use his phone-a-friend lifeline and call Brian Walsh, who has a Ph.D. in physics.
Phone-a-friend results:
J.D. reads the question and answers including the letters. Brian says it's C, because it sounds spatial. He's pretty confident about this.
J.D. says that feels pretty good. He doesn't think this is a Jacob or a Jimmy question so he's going to go with Brian's answer. He can't win $1 million if he doesn't take chances.
Answer: C (at the edge of the solar system)
$250,000: Meryl Streep has been nominated for an Oscar for acting a record 21 times and has won three times for "Kramer vs. Kramer," "Sophie's Choice" and what?
A - Doubt
B - The Iron Lady
C - The Bridges of Madison County
D - Julie & Julia

J.D. loves Meryl Streep - she's an icon and a legend. He remembers her giving an acceptance speech very recently so it has to be either A or B since the others are older. Jimmy has hosted the Oscars several times so he might know the answer. Jacob studied Oscar trivia in preparation for this. He decides to ask Jacob.
Ask the smartest person results:
Jacob says that he's 99% sure it's B. He remembers the gold dress she wore that year.
J.D. asks if Jacob would gamble on this; he says that he's more conservative. J.D. says that he thinks Viola Davis won for Doubt. Jacob is aware of the stakes and doesn't want to guide J.D. incorrectly.
Answer: B (The Iron Lady)
commercial break

If he wins the $1 million he wants to take his whole family on an exotic trip somewhere.

$500,000: Confusing for English speakers, "ano" is the word for "yes" in which of these languages?
A - Czech
B - Korean
C - Arabic
D - Portuguese

J.D. says that "ano" is the word for "year" in Spanish, and Portuguese is similar, with "si" being the word for "yes" in both languages. He thinks that he learned from "Arrested Development" that "yes" in Korean is "anyan". He has only been to Portugal. He assumes that Jimmy is more well-traveled so he decides to use that lifeline.
Ask the host results:
Jimmy has to be totally honest and tell J.D. that he absolutely has no idea. He hasn't been to any of these countries. He doesn't want to lead J.D. in the wrong direction.
J.D. wants to win the $1 million but he doesn't think it's worth the risk on a total guess. He decides to walk away.
Answer: A (Czech)
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