Transcript 11/29/2020 - David Chang (carryover)

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Transcript 11/29/2020 - David Chang (carryover)

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Sun Dec 20, 2020 7:12 pm

David Chang

David is playing for the Southern Smoke Foundation, providing financkal support for front-line restaurant workers. David's "smartest person" is Alan Yang.

$16,000: Used in a famous psychological test, kleksography is the art of making images from what?
A - charcoal
B - pieces of glass
C - letters of the alphabet
D - inkblots

David has no idea so he asks Alan, who says this is a reference to the Rohrshach test, which uses inkblots.
Answer: D (inkblots)
$32,000: If you're willing to spend a few Emirati dirhams, you can go to the observation deck of what world landmark?
A - Leaning Tower of Pisa
B - Shanghai Tower
C - Birj Khalifa
D - Taj Mahal

David has been there so he knows the answer.
Answer: C (Birj Khalifa)
David now has to decide if he keeps Alan by swapping him for another lifeline. He trades the 50:50 in order to keep him.

$64,000: A 2019 online article titled "Who's Highest-Paid in Your State?" revealed tht the highest-paid public employee in forty states has what job title?
A - superintendent
B - judge
C - governor
D - coach

David asks why did he give away the 50:50. He reads through the answers, and says that coaches at major state universities get a lot of money.
Answer: D (coach)
commercial break

David's favorite thing to eat is a slice of pizza.

$125,000: In a historic 2020 splashdown, astronauts returned safely to Earth in a reusable SpaceX capsule named for what Peter, Paul & Mary song?
A - Puff the Magic Dragon
B - If I Had a Hammer
C - This Land Is Your Land
D - The Marvelous Toy

David isn't sure, but he knows it isn't C. He thinks B might be a Peter, Paul & Mary song, and he's never heard of D. He's pretty sure that they sang A, but seeing as how this is pretty high-level it might be a trick. He says that Jimmy knows a lot about music so he decides to ask him.
Ask the host results:
Jimmy says he does know music and that A is a Peter, Paul & Mary song. He said that C is a Woody Guthrie song and thinks maybe Peter, Paul & Mary did a cover of C. He also has never heard of D. He watches news incessantly because of his job and has a vague memory of reading that.
David decides to go with Jimmy's choice.
Answer: A (Puff the Magic Dragon)

Jimmy said that his screen indicated that Elon Musk called it that because people who heard of his idea thought he must be high, and that's what a lot of people thought the song was about.
$250,000: A nationwide tradition that started in 1974, millions of people in Japan celebrate Christmas by eating from what U.S. restaurant chain?
A - Pizza Hut
B - Denny's
D - Red Lobster

David says if he misses this one shame on him because he lived in Tokyo two different times and celebrated Christmas there.
Answer: C (KFC)
commercial break

$500,000: Auctioned for over $3 million in 2014, the most valuable comic book ever sold features Superman on its cover doing what?
A - saluting the American flag
B - breaking free from chains
C - lifting a car over his head
D - sitting on the moon

David is somewhat of a comic book guy but he isn't sure. It could have had anything on the cover. His phone-a-friend won't know it and isn't sure if Alan will know it, but he decides to ask Alan.
Ask the smartest person results:
Alan says he believes this is Action Comics #1 and although he isn't sure, in his mind he sees Superman lifting a car over his head. He isn't 100% certain.
David doesn't see Superman as either saluting the flag or sitting on the moon (he doesn't think people knew what the moon looked like). If he had 50:50 it would probably be B or C. He says it was in the 1950s and lifting a car would be a feat. He says it's worth the gamble and gives Jimmy his final answer.
Answer: C (lifting a car over his head)
commercial break

Jimmy says that if David gets the million, that amount will be doubled. David names the celebrities who have reached this level but none of them even attempted to answer the $1 million question.

$1,000,000: Although he and his wife never touched a light switch for fear of being shocked, who was the first president to have electricity in the White House?
A - Ulysses S. Grant
B - Benjamin Harrison
C - Chester A. Arthur
D - Andrew Johnson

David knows that there was a means of communication using wire during the Civil War, he doesn't know if Harrison was even a president, Arthur doesn't ring a bell either, and Johnson was before electricity. He decided to call Mina Kimes, who works for ESPN.
Phone-a-friend results:
David reads the question in its entirety and the four answers, leaving 15 seconds for Mina to reply. She says it's not Grant, and says it was in the 1800s. She finally says "It was probably Harrison."
David reiterates that he didn't know that Harrison was a president. He says that Nina is much smarter than he. He's a gambler and a million dollars would be a game-changer for a lot of people. He says that it's not Nina's fault if he's wrong.
Answer: B (Benjamin Harrison)
David is the first celebrity to win $1 million. There was no confetti drop. They call Mina back and ask if she thought he went for it. Mina says that on the call she had it narrowed down to Harrison and Cleveland; Jimmy says that Cleveland wasn't even a choice. She says her mother would be proud and she's glad her education has paid off.
commercial break

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