Transcript 11/8/2020 - Tom Miller

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Transcript 11/8/2020 - Tom Miller

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:28 am

Tom Miller
Food truck operator

Tom's food truck serves sliders. Jimmy asks him how he makes them; Tom says he also makes a "killer Philly cheesesteak". He had a heart attack in May and was in the hospital for six days. He had to wait in the emergency room because of COVID cases. The smartest person Tom knows is Ed Ungrue. He "knows a little of this, a little of that."

$100: 1200 President Clinton Avenue in Little Rock, Arkansas is the address of a library and museum dedicated to a man named what?
A - Lyndon
B - Ronald
C - Bill
D - Linda
Answer: C (Bill)
$200: Just as it sounds, Who Gives A Crap is a brand of what?
A - toothpaste
B - soap
C - shampoo
D - toilet paper
Answer: D (toilet paper)
$300: Eating too many carrots may cause carotenemia, a condition in which the skin turns what color due to excessive beta-carotene levels?
A - blue
B - purple
C - orange
D - green

Tom asks Ed for help.
Answer: C (orange)
$500: "Leapling" is a nickname for a person who was born on what date?
A - January 1st
B - February 29th
C - April 20th
D - December 25th
Answer: B (February 29th)
$1000: The Old Farmer's Almanac provides instructions to hikers for locating the North Star in an entry entitled, "How to Find Your Way Without a" what?
A - thermometer
B - compass
C - pen knife
D - hatchet
Answer: B (compass)
$2000: Which of these formidably named people is the only one who raps with Cardi B in a hit 2020 song?
A - Ivan the Terrible
B - Richard the Lionheart
C - Megan Thee Stallion
D - Vlad the Impaler

Tom says this isn't his area of expertise at all. Ed thinks it's C but he isn't certain. Tom's phone-a-friend is their age so probably won't know it. Tom doesn't think there's a rapper named Ivan or Vlad, or a Lionhearted rapper. He decides to go with C.
Answer: C (Megan Thee Stallion)
$4000: Though silence is not an official rule, at which of these sporting events are spectators traditionally expected to remain quiet?
A - Wimbledon
B - the World Series
C - Tour de France
D - Boston Marathon

Tom says "Ed, I think it's Wimbledon."
Answer: A (Wimbledon)
$8000: Director Wes Craven has said that his childhood bully Fred Kruger inspired the name of the villain in what classic slasher film?
A - A Nightmare on Elm Street
B - Friday the 13th
C - Halloween
D - Scream

Tom isn't a horror buff, and neither is Ed, but Ed believes it's B. Tom says "this isn't easy." He doesn't think that he should guess. He decides to ask the host.
Ask the host results
Jimmy says he knows this. Jason was Friday the 13th, and mentions Freddy Kruger.
Answer: A (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
commercial break

$16,000: After a 1997 eruption covered its capital in forty feet of volcanic debris, the island of Montserrat is often referred to as a modern day what?
A - Alexandria
B - Constantinople
C - Athens
D - Pompeii

Tom tells Ed it has to be D.
Answer: D (Pompeii)
$32,000: Which of the following is a customary thing to say after witnessing an act of sternutation?
A - Make a wish
B - Bless you
C - Knock on wood
D - Congratulations

Tom doesn't know what sternutation is. It sounds like someone being reprimanded after breaking down the word. He's leaning toward C. Ed doesn't have any suggestions. Tom decides to use his 50:50 lifeline.
50:50 results:
A & B
Based on that, Tom says it has to be B.
Answer: B (Bless you)
commercial break

Tom can only use Ed if he trades him for his only remaining lifeline, so he decides to trade him for his phone-a-friend.

$64,000: On summer evenings, people flock to the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas to see more than one million what?
A - armadillos
B - gophers
C - rattlesnakes
D - bats

Tom doesn't know but he can't imagine a million armadillos, gophers, or rattlesnakes.
Answer: D (bats)
$125,000: Although the term would not be popular for years, what movie characters have been called "Inventors of the Selfie" for the Polaroid they take of themselves in their film?
A - Harold & Kumar
B - Bill & Ted
C - Thelma & Louise
D - Romy & Michele

Tom wishes he had his 50:50 back. He wants to call Chris, even though he's not confident that Chris Meany will know the answer.
Phone-a-friend results:
Tom reads the questions and answers, leaving 11 seconds. Chris manages to blurt out "Bill and Ted" just as time expires.
Tom says, "Do you think I messed him up?" He didn't quite catch what Chris said, so he decides to go with D.
Answer: C (Thelma & Louise)

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Re: Transcript 11/8/2020 - Tom Miller

#2 Post by SportsFan68 » Sun Nov 22, 2020 9:08 pm

$300: Eating too many carrots may cause carotenemia, a condition in which the skin turns what color due to excessive beta-carotene levels?
A - blue
B - purple
C - orange
D - green

Tom asks Ed for help.
Answer: C (orange)
I knew I'd posted about this before but had to search "carrots" to find it. Below is a post from September of 2016. I'm probably headed for it again this year. Not only am I eating carrots every day, I'm also eating acorn and butternut squash and sweet potatoes at least four times a week.
$5000: Essentially dyeing your skin from within, MyTan Bronze Tanning Pills provide a "healthy glow" without the sun, thanks to high doses of what?
A - riboflavin
B - beta-carotene
C - folic acid
D - iron

Susan says the answer popped into her head before the choices appeared on the screen.

I gave myself hypercarotenosis about a million years ago -- the carrots right out of the garden tasted so good to me that year, so I was eating four or five every day. The doctor at my annual checkup was alarmed enough to check it out with some of her colleagues, and she called me back sort of laughingly to put a name to it. Since then, if I get a yellowish tinge creeping into my palms, I just cut back on the garden-fresh carrots.
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-- America would be a better place if leaders would do more long-term thinking. -- Wilma Mankiller

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