Transcript 11/8/2020 - Joel McHale (carryover contestant)

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Transcript 11/8/2020 - Joel McHale (carryover contestant)

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:27 am

Joel McHale

Joel has a podcast and is on the CW show Star Girl. He hosts "Card Sharks" also. Joel is playing for Groundswell, a charity that pairs kids with artists and they do public art. Brad Stevens is Joel's "smartest person".

$2000: Which of these government agencies employs a Chief of Disguise responsible for creating things like wigs and fake noses?
Answer: D (CIA)
$4000: What big screen comedy memorably features Melissa McCarthy sitting in a sink screaming, "It's coming out of me like lava!"?
A - Pitch Perfect
B - Bridesmaids
C - Ocean's 8
D - Bad Moms

Joel looks confused. He says he knows Melissa McCarthy and she's an actor. He thinks it's either B or D and asks Brad for help.
Answer: B (Bridesmaids)
$8000: Typing in which of these URLs redirects you to the Apple website?
A -
B -
C -
D -

Joel thinks it's A because of Newton and the apple.
Answer: A (
$16,000: At the top of each episode, host Sean Evans typically refers to his hit Web series "Hot Ones" as "the show with hot questions, and even hotter" what?
A - gossip
B - coffee
C - tunes
D - wings

Joel thinks this show is wonderful and funny.
Answer: D (wings)
commercial break

$32,000: What prestigious award has a pretty racy description on its official website, boasting that its medal depicts "a husky, bare-chested printer at work"?
A - Nobel Prize
B - Medal of Honor
C - Pulitzer Prize
D - Tony Award

Joel asks Brad if he has any idea. Brad says it's C because of the printer.
Answer: C (Pulitzer Prize)
Joel now has to decide whether to keep his lifelines or swap one out for using Brad one more time. He asks Brad and says he would get rid of the 50:50. Joel makes that swap.

$64,000: Which of the following is Joe Biden's middle name, and not the name of a comic book character?
A - Cypher
B - Robinette
C - Morbius
D - Slyde

Joel says this is a good one but he doesn't know it. He says it's definitely not B or A. He decides to ask Brad.
Smartest person results:
Brad says that he does know the answer and it's "Robinette". Joel says that's an interesting middle name.
Answer: B (Robinette)
$125,000: In 2020, the New York Post reported that some users of a popular erectile dysfunction drug were experiencing which of these strange side effects?
A - blue vision
B - cured baldness
C - urge to gamble
D - an Italian accent

Joel ponders and finally says he doesn't know this one either because he doesn't have this problem and he's never taken the New York Post. He assumes that it's C but maybe it's B. He thinks Jimmy will know this because he's a late-night host, so he decides to ask him.
Ask the host results:
Jimmy doesn't know the answers but he tells Joel he's very sure that it's blue vision. Joel says he's going to go with Jimmy's answer.
Answer: A (blue vision)
commercial break

$250,000: For over thirty years, Queen Elizabeth II has favored what shade of nail polish by Essie?
A - Ballet Slippers
B - Lady Like
C - Everything's Rosy
D - Lovie Dovie

Joel jokes that this is his area of expertise. It could be any of these. He and Jimmy talk about Queen Latifah and the band Queen. Joel's only lifeline is Phone-a-friend. He calls Boyd Vigo, Brad's writing partner.
Phone-a-friend results:
Joel reads the question and all four answers, including the letters. "Good God!" Boyd replies. He finally says "Everything's Rosy". Joel asks if he's sure, and Boyd says, "Of course", jokingly. Nail polish could be any color and have any name.
Joel finally decides that he will walk away.
Answer: A (Ballet Slippers)
Jimmy asks what Joel would have guessed, and he says, "Everything's Rosy". Brad thinks it was "Ballet Slippers".
commercial break

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