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Well, Kanye West *was* on the ballot in Virginia...

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 8:16 am
by SpacemanSpiff
Kanye West was certified as a candidate last Friday' by the Virginia Department of Elections.

Yesterday, he wasn't. It turned out that 11 of the 13 electors' applications had issues with them, not the least of which were electors who didn't intend to vote for or support West in the first place.

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:
Circuit Judge Joi Taylor found that 11 of the elector oaths West submitted “were obtained by improper, fraudulent or misleading means” or are otherwise invalid because of notary violations and misconduct.

The judge ordered state elections officials to prohibit anyone from printing West’s name on state ballots for the Nov. 3 election, finding that the notice of qualification the Department of Elections issued for West on Aug. 28 “is contrary to Virginia law, and is therefore, invalid.”

In localities where ballots already have been printed, the judge directed state elections officials “to provide notice to voters of Kanye West’s disqualification.”

... Democratic lawyers filed suit against Virginia elections officials this week on behalf of two registered voters from Suffolk, Matthan Wilson and Bryan Wright. The plaintiffs say they were led to sign up as electors for West under false pretenses and that they do not plan to vote for West or support his candidacy. A presidential candidate must have pledged electors who would cast electoral votes on his or her behalf. ... -top-story