Transcript 4/22/2020 - Anthony Anderson

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Transcript 4/22/2020 - Anthony Anderson

#1 Post by earendel » Thu Apr 23, 2020 6:11 am

Anthony Anderson

Anthony won $250,000 on a previous celebrity edition. He is playing for the Anderson Family Foundation. They donate to a number of organizations. His +1 is Jonathan Groth, a Jeopardy! champion. He won $98,000 as a 5-time champion, then lost in the first round of the Tournament of Champions.

$100: In a common playground rhyme, what do kids ask to "go away" and "come again another day"?
A - rain, rain
B - wind, wind
C - sun, sun
D - lice, lice
Answer: A (rain, rain)
$200: National Hangover Day is appropriately celebrated on what date?
A - January 1st
B - February 2nd
C - October 31st
D - December 25th
Answer: A (January 1st)
$300: Featured every week in the New York "Times, the "Vows" column covers what?
A - rock concerts
B - political rallies
C - weddings
D - sporting events
Answer: C (weddings)
$500: Ships traveling from New York to San Francisco cut nearly 8,000 miles off their trip after what opened in 1914?
A - Gateway Arch
B - Panama Canal
C - Hoover Dam
D - Ellis Island
Answer: B (Panama Canal)
$1000: Which of these U.S. state names is quadrisyllabic?
A - Utah
B - Kentucky
C - Nebraska
D - Minnesota
Answer: D (Minnesota)

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