Transcript 5/28/19 Lauren Lansford

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Transcript 5/28/19 Lauren Lansford

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:04 pm

Lauren Lansford
Middle school language arts teacher
Austin, Texas

Lauren missed the $30K question last season.


According to a common saying, a person who remains calm and cool in a stressful situation has what in their veins?
A: Maple syrup B: Ice water
C: Root beer D: Mylanta

B: Ice water

Commonly seen at science fiction conventions, someone engaging in cosplay is doing what?
A: Drinking a cosmopolitan B: Calculating the cost-of-living index
C: Wearing a costume D: Worshipping sportscaster Bob Costas

C: Wearing a costume

What letter that represents a strike in bowling is also the Roman numeral for the number of pins knocked down in that situation?
A: X B: L
C: C D: V

A: X

Commercial break

Which bird’s egg is not only larger than that of any other bird, but is the largest egg laid by any living animal species?
A: Duck B: Ostrich
C: Chicken D: Hummingbird

B: Ostrich

Based on the stories of Steven King, the new Hulu series “Castle Rock” stars Sissy Spacek, who also stars in what movie — the first based on one of King’s books?
A: It B: Cujo
C: Carrie D: Christine

C: Carrie

Each of the four states below is known to some as “The Panhandle State.” Which one is ALSO known as “The Mountain State,” thanks to its rugged terrain?
A: Oklahoma B: Texas
C: Florida D: West Virginia

D: West Virginia

The archaic word “whither” is closest in meaning to which of the following?
A: Who? B: What?
C: When? D: Where?

Lauren is embarrassed that she’s a language arts teacher and doesn’t know this.
A: 4% B: 5% C: 7% D: 84%

D: Where?

Commercial break

It’s Time Capsule time: SEAL Team 6 raids Bin Laden’s compound, Grimsvötn volcano erupts in Iceland, and Adele rules the music charts in May of what year?
A: 2009 B: 2010
C: 2011 D: 2012

Lauren’s dad Mike knows that Adele’s “25” album was in early 2016, so her “21” album was in 2011.

C: 2011

Commercial break

In 1964, Mattel introduced the first of Barbie’s siblings, a younger sister named what?
A: Topaz B: Skipper
C: Melody D: Felicity

B: Skipper

In the painting known as Whistler’s Mother, the elderly woman’s feet are what?
A: Barefoot B: Next to a sleeping cat
C: Raised on a small stool D: Just out of frame

50/50 leaves B & C. Those were the two she was thinking of. She’s not taking the risk this time so she walks.

C: Raised on a small stool
Lauren wins $20,000 plus a ride on the Linq Hotel Ferris wheel (with a champagne toast) and dinner at Giada at the Cromwell.

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