Transcript 5/27/19 Scooter Diel

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Transcript 5/27/19 Scooter Diel

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:10 pm

Scooter Diel
Las Vegas, Nev.

Scooter missed the $30K question in season 15.


After David Yancey and Shelly Simonds each got 11,608 votes in their 2017 Virginia House of Delegates race, the contest was finally settled by what method?
A: Drawing a name out of a bowl B: Medieval Times-style joust
C: Hot dog-eating contest D: Tickle fight

A: Drawing a name out of a bowl

Fittingly, which of the following is an anagram of “Alas, no more Z’s”?
A: Noisy neighbors B: Barking dog
C: Snooze alarms D: S.W.A.T. team bullhorn

C: Snooze alarms

Not surprising given its name, the reviews site labels movies and TV shows that get especially bad reviews from critics with what “messy” icon?
A: A “splat” B: A frowning face
C: A big zero D: A “Save Your Money!” sign

A: A “splat”

With its bones first found there in 1838, what is the state dinosaur of New Jersey?
A: Jerseyshaurus B: Chris Chris-T-Rex
C: Hadrosaurus D: Jonbonjoviraptor

C: Hadrosaurus

Following in his dad’s footsteps, actor Chris Pine is the son of Robert Pine, who played the boss of the motorcycle cops on what classic TV series?
A: Maimi Vice B: Hill Street Blues
C: NYPD Blue D: CHiPs

D: CHiPs

Commercial break

During what month does the 300th day of the calendar year occur?
A: August B: September
C: October D: November

Scooter says his math sucks, but he doesn’t waste a lifeline and goes for it.

C: October

Which of these attractions is NOT located in Wyoming?
A: Devils Tower National Monument B: Pikes Peak
C: Buffalo Bill Center of the West D: Grand Teton National Park

A: 6% B: 75% C: 14% D: 5%
That’s what Scooter thought.

B: Pikes Peak

Commercial break

Scooter saved lives in the ER after the Las Vegas massacre.

All but which of these rockers are over 70 years old?
A: Rod Stewart B: Steven Tyler
C: Meat Loaf D: Eddie Van Halen

Scooter says it’s Van Halen or maybe Tyler. That’s who the 50/50 leaves.

D: Eddie Van Halen

Commercial break

What U.S. president designed the campus of the University of Virginia?
A: George Washington B: James Madison
C: Thomas Jefferson D: James Monroe

C: Thomas Jefferson

According to the CDC, for every 10 babies born in the United States, about how many are born out of wedlock?
A: 2 B: 4
C: 6 D: 8

Scooter narrows it down to 4 or 6. His friend Elena thinks it’s 4. Scooter reasons that it’s lower in the country as a whole than in Las Vegas.

B: 4

The horn
Scooter will be back on Tuesday.

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