Transcript 5/20/19 Kaiser Johnson

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Transcript 5/20/19 Kaiser Johnson

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:06 pm

Kaiser Johnson
Marina Del Rey, Cal.

Kaiser and his wife Keely are expecting their first child (sounds a lot like IronmanTim).

In what form of exercise do you pretend to fight an imaginary opponent?
A: Jukeboxing B: Shadowboxing
C: Mailboxing D: Lunchboxing

B: Shadowboxing

Though ties are no longer required, New York’s 21 Club offers loaners by designers like Ralph Lauren to gentlemen who forget to wear what?
A: A monocle B: A top hat
C: A pocket watch D: A jacket

D: A jacket

Introduced in 1986, how does the automotive security device known as The Club help prevent thieves from driving off with your car?
A: Steals their driver’s license B: Limits how far they can turn the steering wheel
C: Screams for the authorities D: Guilts thieves into turning themselves in

B: Limits how far they can turn the steering wheel

To help him gain insight into the life of his title character, author E.B. White consulted with an arachnologist while writing which classic children’s book?
A: The Very Hungry Caterpillar B: Black Beauty
C: Charlotte’s Web D: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

C: Charlotte’s Web

Told by FX after Season 1 they’d be canceled if they didn’t add a star to the cast, what TV series brought on Danny Devito, who knew of the show through his kids?
A: Silicon Valley B: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
C: Broad City D: Portlandia

B: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Of the following U.S. bodies of water, which is the only one to exist entirely within one state?
A: Lake Tahoe B: Missouri River
C: The Great Salt Lake D: Colorado River

C: The Great Salt Lake

The title of which of the following holiday songs directly refers to something called “tintinnabulation”?
A: White Christmas B: Jingle Bells
C: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus D: Deck the Halls

B: Jingle Bells

Commercial break

The Dáil and the Seanid make up the Oireachtas, the legislative body of what “I” nation?
A: Iceland B: India
C: Ireland D: Ivory Coast

C: Ireland

Commercial break

Two films are tied for having the shortest title of any movie to win Best Picture since the Oscars began in 1927. How many letters long are their titles?
A: Three B: Four
C: Five D: Six

Kaiser thinks of Wings, Marty and Crash, eliminating five and six.
50/50 leaves four and five.

Kaiser’s +1½ Keely is seven months pregnant with a girl. (Chris suggests the name Christina.) She can’t think of any four-letter Oscar winners.

B: 75% C: 25%

B: Four (Argo and Gigi)

Commercial break

QotD (read by Angelica Thornton from KATU Portland)
In Italian, the tomato is known as a “pomodoro,” which roughly translates to “apple of” what?
A: Earth B: Fire
C: Gold D: Kings

C: Gold

Actually bearing part of the statue’s weight, which of the following sits behind the back of the right leg of Michelangelo’s famous David?
A: Bag B: Crown
C: Tree stump D: Sword

Kaiser thinks it’s a
tree stump
, but he’s not sure enough to take the risk.

C: Tree stump
Kaiser wins $30,000.

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