Transcript 5/14/19 Valerie Alexander

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Transcript 5/14/19 Valerie Alexander

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:50 pm

Valerie Alexander
Los Angeles, Cal.

Valerie hopes to win enough to buy a new car because a tree fell on her car.

Each year, a special team at the Canadian post office responds to letters to Santa. According to them, all but which of these are common questions from kids?
A: “Does Rudolph have a girlfriend?” B: “How many cookies do you eat?”
C: “Are the elves driving you crazy?” D: “Do I have to pay taxes on this stuff?”

D: “Do I have to pay taxes on this stuff?”

An expert on the subject, the Dalai Lama is the author of an Encyclopedia Britannica article titled what?
A: Popular Drinking Games B: A Call to Compassion
C: 1980s Punk Rock Bands D: A Complete Timeline of “The Simpsons”

B: A Call to Compassion

A recording of voice-like sounds not audible to the human ear, an EVP — or electronic voice phenomenon — is most commonly associated with what “spooky” activity?
A: Ghost hunting B: Duck hunting
C: Bargain hunting D: Corporate headhunting

A: Ghost hunting

According to its host Chuck Woolery, the original version of what game show led to 29 couples getting married?
A: Match Game B: Love Connection
C: Let’s Make a Deal D: Supermarket Sweep

B: Love Connection

Which of these is NOT a general term for an item whose actual name is unknown or forgotten, but a term used to refer to a type of toy?
A: Doohickey B: Thingamabob
C: Whirligig D: Gizmo

C: Whirligig

Referring to the Jewish tradition of resting on Saturdays, what presidential hopeful with a Jewish running mate once quipped, “Vote for us, we’re going to work 24/6”?
A: John McCain B: John Kerry
C: Mitt Romney D: Al Gore

D: Al Gore

Commercial break

Known for its stilt-like roots, what tree is essential to life in the Everglades because it stabilizes the coastline and gives animals shelter from predators?
A: Aspen B: Chestnut
C: Mangrove D: Birch

C: Mangrove

What Latin abbreviation is used in footnotes to basically say, “I’m citing the same source just mentioned but don’t wan’t to type the whole thing again”?
A: e.g. B: i.e.
C: et al. D: ibid.

Valerie remembers this from law school.

D: ibid.

While working in a lab in Birmingham, England in 1978, medical photographer Janet Parker became the last known person to die from what infectious disease?
A: Smallpox B: Polio
C: Malaria D: Measles

Valerie knows people still die of malaria and measles. She’s sure smallpox is infectious. She asks the medical experts in the audience.
A: 73% B: 24% C: 0% D: 3%

A: Smallpox

Commercial break

The Louisiana Purchase included land that today makes up at least part of all but which of these states?
A: Montana B: Illinois
C: Texas D: Wyoming

Valerie’s +1 Steve grew up in Wisconsin, and remembers that Illinois and Wisconsin were in the Northwest Territory.

B: Illinois

Commercial break

The overture to “Don Giovanni” is among the pieces regularly played during what annual classical music festival at Lincoln Center?
A: Basically Beethoven B: Mostly Mozart
C: Predominantly Puccini D: Largely Liszt

B: Mostly Mozart

How did PAM cooking spray get its name?
A: A woman named Pam invented it B: The company was unable to trademark PAN
C: It’s the Panama City, FL airport code D: It’s an acronym for “Product of Arthur Meyerhoff”

Valerie decides to save her 50/50 and guesses

D: It’s an acronym for “Product of Arthur Meyerhoff”
Valerie wins $50,000.

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