Transcript 5/7/19 Rohan Oza

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Transcript 5/7/19 Rohan Oza

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:53 pm

Rohan Oza
Shark Tank

Rohan is playing for charity: water.

According to a common saying, “To the victor go the” what?
A: Spoils B: Boils
C: Gargoyles D: Partially hydrogenated soybean oils

A: Spoils

A study by a consumer research firm found that if you count every “tap, type, swipe, and click,” the average American touches their phone how many times a day?
A: Once B: Twice
C: Three times D: 2,617 times

D: 2,617 times

What CNBC show features a former “Tonight Show” host engaging in one of his best-known off-screen hobbies?
A: Craig Ferguson’s Garden B: David Letterman’s Kitchen
C: Jay Leno’s Garage D: Jon Stewart’s Billiards Room

C: Jay Leno’s Garage

Which of these is the group that recorded the 1974 hit “Rock the Boat,” and NOT one of the 30 companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
A: Merck B: Johnson & Johnson
C: The Hues Corporation D: General Electric

Rohan says Johnson & Johnson is on there. GE is too but not performing so well [actually GE was removed in June 2018]. Merck Pharmaceuticals should be on the Dow Jones. If The Hues Corporation is named after Howard Hughes, it’s spelled differently.
A: 24% B: 1% C: 72% D: 3%

C: The Hues Corporation

Commercial break

Usually eaten for breakfast, the Italian dish called a frittata is a type of what?
A: Pancake B: Omelette
C: Sausage D: Donut

B: Omelette

The human body produces about an ounce of saliva per hour, or roughly the volume of which of the following every day?
A: Wine bottle B: Standard soda can
C: Beer keg D: Thimble

A: Wine bottle

Commercial break

What is the only U.S. National Park that lies south of the equator?
A: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park B: Virgin Islands National Park
C: National Park of American Samoa D: Everglades National Park

C: National Park of American Samoa

If a person’s facial appearance is described as “caprine,” which animal do they most closely resemble?
A: Fox B: Bear
C: Goat D: Rabbit

50/50 leaves goat and rabbit.

Rohan’s business partner Brett thinks it’s goat.

C: Goat

Commercial break

Logophobia is an irrational fear of what?
A: Words B: Darkness
C: Wood D: Math

A: Words

According to, if you boiled the entire world down to a town of just 100 people, but maintained its same demographics, which would NOT be true?
A: 50 people would be female B: 31 would be Christian
C: 60 would be from Asia D: 20 would have a college degree

D: 20 would have a college degree

The horn
Rohan will be back on Wednesday.

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