Transcript 5/6/19 Lori Greiner

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Transcript 5/6/19 Lori Greiner

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:32 pm

Lori Greiner
Shark Tank

Lori is playing for Junior Achievement of Southern California.

The official creed of the Olympic Games concludes, “The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have” what?
A: Beaten that one guy from Uruguay B: Fought well
C: Gotten on TV at some point D: Hooked up with an athlete from Sweden

B: Fought well

As part of its GreenFest, in 2018 the Detroit Public Zoo gave 1,000 lucky visitors smelly buckets of a manure byproduct dubbed “Zoo Poo” to use as what?
A: Fertilizer B: Deodorant
C: Toothpaste D: Hair gel

A: Fertilizer

Entrepreneur Kristina Roth has created SuperShe Island, a private retreat off the coast of Finland where (as you can guess from the name) no what are allowed?
A: Vegetarians B: Grandparents
C: Pet groomers D: Men

D: Men

Poking fun at his more famous brother, what musician recorded the 1965 song “I Didn’t Walk the Line”?
A: Dusty Haggard B: Wayne Campbell
C: Tommy Cash D: Shaun Denver

C: Tommy Cash

The rhomboids, trapezius and latissimus dorsi are all muscles found in what part of the body?
A: Arm B: Leg
C: Back D: Hand

C: Back

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Believed to be the most expensive ever made at a cost of $30 million, a jewel-adorned version of what item was created by TLC reality show star Buddy Valastro?
A: Chopper-style motorcycle B: Wedding cake
C: Ball gown D: Duck call

B: Wedding cake

Winding its way through the whole U.A.E., the 7 Emirates Run is a 7-day, 308-mile event that begins in what capital?
A: Abu Dhabi B: Beirut
C: Amman D: Doha

50/50 leaves Abu Dhabi and Amman.

A: Abu Dhabi

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The number of which of these equals the highest number on a standard roulette wheel?
A: Thieves in the famous tale of Ali Baba B: Days in the month of February this year
C: Inches in a yard D: Minutes in a half hour

Lori says the highest number on a roulette wheel is more than 12 (thieves), 28 (days) and 30 (minutes), but she forgets how many inches are in a yard.
A: 9% B: 2% C: 77% D: 12%

C: Inches in a yard

While there weren’t any between 1979 and 1999, according to U.S. government data, the world has experienced five what since 2000?
A: Category 5 hurricanes B: Nuclear missile tests
C: 8.5+ magnitude earthquakes D: Meteors making landfall

Lori doesn’t think it’s meteors. Her gut says hurricanes. Her friend Christine thinks it’s earthquakes, but Lori says 8.5+ magnitude is devastating. She goes for it.

C: 8.5+ magnitude earthquakes
Chris doubles the prize so Junior Achievement gets $10,000.

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After abolishing its army in 1948, what nation became known as the “Switzerland of Central America”?
A: Guatemala B: El Salvador
C: Costa Rica D: Honduras

C: Costa Rica

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