Transcript 4/30/19 Meryl Federman

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Transcript 4/30/19 Meryl Federman

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Wed Aug 07, 2019 6:16 pm

Meryl Federman
West Orange, N.J.

Saying it’s cruel because the creature involved can sense pain, in 2018 Switzerland became the first country to make it illegal to do what?
A: Boil a live lobster B: Cut into a steak
C: Tenderize a chicken breast D: Eat an animal cracker

A: Boil a live lobster

The traditional Four Arts of the Scholar were a skill set required of all refined gentlemen in ancient China. Which of these is NOT one of the Four Arts?
A: Calligraphy B: Painting
C: Playing the seven-stringed qin D: Mashed potato sculpting

D: Mashed potato sculpting

Which of these is the name of an actual trendy, layered hairstyle, that’s a variation of the one famously worn by Vogue editor Anna Wintour?
A: Inverted bob B: Sideways steve
C: Backwards andré D: Upside-down doug

A: Inverted bob

Rumored to be about Jennifer Love Hewitt (probably not - they dated afterward), whose song “Your Body Is a Wonderland” lists a toy piano as one of its instruments?
A: John Mayer B: John Legend
C: Lil Jon D: Jon Bon Jovi

A: John Mayer

In late December, which world capital only gets about four hours of sunlight per day?
A: Copenhagen B: Ottawa
C: Reykjavik D: Moscow

Meryl says we’re looking for the capital that’s furthest north, and names the four countries.
A: 6% B: 8% C: 69% D: 17%

C: Reykjavik

By definition, which term refers to a person who enjoys solving crossword puzzles?
A: Numismatist B: Lepidopterist
C: Cruciverbalist D: Vexillologist

C: Cruciverbalist

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One of America’s first female architects, Mary Colter designed Hopi House, Desert View Watchtower and Bright Angel Lodge — all located in what state?
A: Arizona B: Nevada
C: Texas D: New Mexico

A: Arizona

What breed of cat is Mr. Bigglesworth, the hairless feline star of the “Austin Powers” movies?
A: Himalayan B: Balinese
C: Sphynx D: Manx

50/50 leaves Balinese and Sphynx. Meryl chooses Sphynx.

C: Sphynx

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Of the following, which is the only one that the United States officially recognizes as a sovereign country?
A: Northern Cyprus B: Palestine
C: Taiwan D: North Korea

D: North Korea

According to Guinness World Records, the height of the tallest man ever minus the height of the shortest man ever roughly equals the height of whom?
A: Danny DeVito B: Mark Wahlberg
C: Conan O’Brien D: Shaquille O’Neal

Meryl thinks the tallest man is over 8 feet, and the shortest man is under 3 feet.
Her friend Colin says the tallest guy is 8’6”, and Meryl says Conan is 6’4”.

D: Shaquille O’Neal (8’11’’ minus 1’10”)
Meryl wins $5,000.

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Which of these shoe companies shares its name with a type of antelope?
A: Reebok B: Nike
C: Puma D: Adidas

A: Reebok

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