Transcript 3/14/19 Jake Freud

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Transcript 3/14/19 Jake Freud

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:42 pm

Jake Freud
Content developer
Los Angeles, Cal.

If you perform to the best of your abilities on this question, you’re commonly said to have done what?
A: Brought your board game B: Brought your volleyball game
C: Brought your “A” game D: Brought your wild African game

C: Brought your “A” game

Eight years after finalizing her divorce, “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star Kate Gosselin has an upcoming TLC series about her love life, fittingly called what?
A: Kate Plus Date B: Kate Plus Freight
C: Kate Plus Bait D: Kate On Skates

A: Kate Plus Date

According to the 2018 World Almanac, America’s three best-selling brands of beer all have what word (or a variant of its spelling) in their names?
A: Skunky B: Light
C: Expensive D: Warm

B: Light

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Often associated with Russia, an organized group of computer users generating online traffic in order to affect public opinion is called what?
A: Troll farm B: Elf pond
C: Gnome vineyard D: Ogre orchard

A: Troll farm

After a disagreement about their tour, in 2018 what band fired longtime singer Lindsey Buckingham — who fittingly wrote the group’s hit “Go Your Own Way”?
A: Air Supply B: Fleetwood Mac
C: Chicago D: Foreigner

B: Fleetwood Mac

To the nearest mile, what is the world record for the longest distance run by a person in one hour?
A: 8 miles B: 13 miles
C: 21 miles D: 34 miles

B: 13 miles

It sounds like a spy novel, but the 1987 Montreal Protocol was the treaty responsible for phasing out substances that were destroying what?
A: The oceans B: The rainforests
C: The ozone layer D: The polar ice caps

Jake comments that Montreal is in Canada, which is near the polar ice caps.
A: 5% B: 1% C: 62% D: 32%

C: The ozone layer

To break the awkward silence on your next romantic dinner date, you can mention that the word “fondue” comes from the French verb “fondre,” meaning what?
A: To stir B: To melt
C: To pierce D: To immerse

B: To melt

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Along with Joy, Anger, Fear and Contempt, psychologist Paul Ekman’s famous list of the 7 universal facial expressions includes all but which of these emotions?
A: Sadness B: Surprise
C: Confusion D: Disgust

50/50 leaves confusion and disgust.
Jake says disgust is similar to contempt.

D: Disgust

Awarded to him the very first time it was conferred — in 1952 — which of these honors is the only one to have been won by the person it’s named after?
A: Cecil B. DeMille Award B: Fields Medal
C: George Foster Peabody Award D: Heisman Trophy

Jake knows the Heisman Trophy is older. The Cecil B. DeMille Award is for lifetime achievement, so DeMille could have won it in the ’50s. Neither Jake nor his dad Bruce know what the Fields Medal is. Jake walks, but he would have guessed the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

A: Cecil B. DeMille Award
Jake wins $30,000.

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A langoustine is a type of small what?
A: Porpoise B: Lobster
C: Octopus D: Shark

B: Lobster

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