Transcript 3/14/19 Stuart Logan

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Transcript 3/14/19 Stuart Logan

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:24 pm

Stuart Logan
Professional wrestler “The Intellectual Heavyweight”
Redmond, Wash.

Because they’re distracting, some music artists now require concertgoers to put their what in a special pouch that stays locked for the duration of the show?
A: Clothes B: Phone
C: Retainer D: Children

B: Phone

Which of these common foods is actually made from the animal in its name?
A: Horseradish B: Bear claw
C: Chicken salad D: Chocolate bunny

C: Chicken salad

“A New Life for an Old-School Couple” and “A Match That’s Perfectly Imperfect” are among the headlines you’ll find in what matrimonial section of the NY Times?
A: Shotgun Weddings B: Trophy Wife Showcase
C: Vows D: What Were They Thinking?

Stuart doesn’t read the Times because he lives in New York, so he doesn’t know which of these is the name of a actual section. He’s leaning towards
D: What Were They Thinking?
Chris counsels him to use a lifeline, but he goes for it.

C: Vows
Chris: “Stuart, what were you thinking?”

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