Transcript 3/12/19 Kieran Cooke

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Transcript 3/12/19 Kieran Cooke

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:48 pm

Kieran Cooke
Pensacola, Fla.

By definition, the “A” in the name of the A-line skirt refers to what?
A: The six arm holes in its sides B: The atomic energy used to make it
C: The antelope drawings all over it D: The way its shape makes a capital letter “A”

D: The way its shape makes a capital letter “A”

What scenic group of islands off the coast of Maine is named after something you might enjoy at Thanksgiving?
A: Cranberry Isles B: Green Bean Casserole Keys
C: Tofurkey Atoll D: Granny’s Mashed Potatoes Archipelago

A: Cranberry Isles

What phrase that sounds vaguely like something you might hear at the gym is actually a saying widely attributed to Ben Franklin?
A: Feel the burn, baby B: Do you even lift, bro?
C: There are no gains without pains D: Sun’s out, guns out

C: There are no gains without pains

Which of these is NOT an actual Army rank created by combining the names of two other official ranks?
A: Sergeant Major B: Corporal Captain
C: Lieutenant Colonel D: Major General

B: Corporal Captain

Which of these was a Broadway musical about a Broadway musical?
A: Cabaret B: Guys and Dolls
C: The Music Man D: A Chorus Line

Musical theater is Kieran’s kryptonite.
A: 18% B: 12% C: 8% D: 62%

D: A Chorus Line

Now boasting one of the largest collections of paintings in the world, what museum began in 1764 with 255 paintings bought by Catherine the Great?
A: Louvre B: Hermitage
C: Uffizi D: Prado

Kieran says Catherine the Great, a Russian monarch, was originally Prussian.
The Hermitage and Louvre are in France and the Uffizi is in Italy, so he goes with the Prado.

B: Hermitage
Kieran wins $5,000.

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