Transcript 3/5/19 Dana & Keith Cutler

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Transcript 3/5/19 Dana & Keith Cutler

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Wed Jul 24, 2019 6:56 pm

Dana & Keith Cutler
Judges, “Couples Court with the Cutlers”

The Cutlers are playing for the United Negro College Fund. They both attended black colleges.

At shooting ranges, it’s commonly required that participants have what protection?
A: SPF 30 sunscreen B: Five Secret Service bodyguards
C: A raincoat and umbrella D: Safety goggles and earplugs

D: Safety goggles and earplugs

In theatre terms, when a hit Broadway show has been “extended,” it typically means they’ve done what?
A: Replaced its actors with taller ones B: Added three hours to its length
C: Given it a longer title D: Added more weeks to its run

D: Added more weeks to its run

Thanks to an ingredient known as bentonite, which of the following comes in a “clumping” variety designed for easy cleanup?
A: Peas B: Nail polish remover
C: Cat litter D: Instant coffee

C: Cat litter

Which of these professional MMA fighters is the grandson of the former head of a famous crime family?
A: Jon Jones B: Randy Couture
C: John Gotti III D: Anderson Silva

“John Gotti was a famous crime family person.”

C: John Gotti III

Commercial break

In 2017 it was announced that Kate Winslet would be reuniting with the director of “Titanic” by joining what film franchise?
A: Avatar B: Star Trek
C: Jurassic Park D: Spider-Man

A: Avatar

Which of the following is a mash-up of the name of a soft French cheese with a white rind and a multi-platinum, Grammy-winning artist?
A: Brie-yoncé B: Lady Gouda
C: Blake Stilton D: Feta Wap

A: Brie-yoncé

Commercial break

Before he became a pioneer in the field of human sexuality, Alfred Kinsey was a renowned expert on what creatures?
A: Snakes B: Wasps
C: Earthworms D: Rats

B: Wasps

Of the words below, which one is NOT found at the end of the name of any European country?
A: Ark B: Any
C: Go D: Way

They identify Denmark, Germany and Norway, so they go with Go.

C: Go

The horn
The Cutlers will be back on Wednesday.

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