Transcript 3/5/19 Mablean Ephriam

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Transcript 3/5/19 Mablean Ephriam

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Wed Jul 24, 2019 6:33 pm

Mablean Ephriam
“Justice With Judge Mablean”

Judge Mablean is playing for the Mablean Ephriam Foundation, which helps schools and families in Los Angeles.

In 2017, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to an organization called the International Campaign to Abolish what?
A: Nuclear Weapons B: Fidget Spinners
C: Annoying YouTube Ads D: Man Buns

A: Nuclear Weapons

Which real-life person has never been portrayed in a feature film or TV movie by Al Pacino?
A: Joe Paterno B: Phil Spector
C: Frank Serpico D: Maya Angelou

D: Maya Angelou

In 2018, what company’s CEO was indicted for a tuna price-fixing scheme?
A: Bumble Bee Foods B: Old Navy
C: Captain Morgan D: Virgin Atlantic

“Old Navy doesn’t have anything to do with tuna. Virgin Atlantic is one of my favorite airlines. I don’t know who Captain Morgan is.”

A: Bumble Bee Foods

Sufi Dervishes of Turkey’s Mevlevi Order famously engage in a sacred prayer ritual involving what type of vigorous movement?
A: Krumping B: Twerking
C: Clogging D: Whirling

D: Whirling

You’re stuck in an elevator with 3 other people and a foot-long sub sandwich. If you divide it equally, how much will each of you get to eat?
A: 1 inch B: 2 inches
C: 3 inches D: 5 inches

C: 3 inches

Thanks to a live webcam at Yosemite National Park, what rare animal was recently spotted for the first time in nearly 100 years?
A: Adirondack horned toad B: Sierra Nevada red fox
C: Appalachian grizzly bear D: Great Smoky Mountain honey badger

“Animals is not my suit. I don’t think a grizzly bear is that rare.”

A: 15% B: 43% C: 1% D: 41%

50/50 leaves B & C.
Judge Mablean unexpectedly answers C.

B: Sierra Nevada red fox
The Mablean Ephriam Foundation gets $5,000.

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