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Transcript 1/17/19 Mara Apostol

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:48 pm
by BBTranscriptTeam
Mara Apostol
Public defender
Miami, Fla.

In which of the following feature films is the title character’s last name Rockatansky?
A: Rudy B: Juno
C: The Truman Show D: Mad Max

Mara’s husband Andres is pretty sure it’s Mad Max.

D: Mad Max

Native to Chile and Argentina, the pudu is the world’s smallest species of what, tending to be only about 12 inches tall at the shoulder in adulthood?
A: Deer B: Bear
C: Horse D: Sheep

50/50 leaves deer and sheep.
Mara walks; her guess is deer.

A: Deer
Mara wins $30,000.

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