Transcript 12/13/18 Alex Moore

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Transcript 12/13/18 Alex Moore

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:08 pm

Alex Moore
Mound City, Mo.

In the movie “A Few Good Men,” a military character says the Marine Corps “code” is loyalty to “Unit, Corps, God” and what?
A: Pepsi products B: The Minnesota Twins
C: Country D: Gryffindor

C: Country

A best-selling self-help book by clergyman Dr. Norman Vincent Peale is titled “The Power of” what?
A: Positive Thinking B: Heavy Drinking
C: Bad Lip Synching D: Impulsive Winking

A: Positive Thinking

In France, if you buy “lait de poule,” which means “hen’s milk” in English, what beverage are you purchasing?
A: Orange juice B: Red wine
C: Eggnog D: Mineral water

A: 3% B: 7% C: 88% D: 2%

C: Eggnog

Reportedly upset they weren’t paid as much as the two lead actors, in 2017 Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park both quit the reboot of what classic ’70s TV show?
A: Hawaii Five-O B: The Walking Dead
C: NCIS D: Grey’s Anatomy

A: Hawaii Five-O

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Before getting scientific with food, what TV chef shot R.E.M.’s music video for “The One I Love”?
A: Bobby Flay B: Jamie Oliver
C: Guy Fieri D: Alton Brown

D: Alton Brown

Even with the Pony Express, in 1860 California learned a full 7 days and 17 hours later than the East Coast that what 16th president had been elected?
A: Andrew Jackson B: William McKinley
C: Abraham Lincoln D: James Madison

C: Abraham Lincoln

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Alex will be back on Friday.

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