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Transcript 11/26/18 Lizzie Lockard

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:10 pm
by BBTranscriptTeam
Lizzie Lockard
Production manager
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Found at the checkout area of convenience stores, a small communal tray of pennies is commonly labeled, “Got a penny? Give a penny. Need a penny?” …what?
A: “Rob our cash register” B: “Learn how to mint coins”
C: “Sell me your watch” D: “Take a penny”

D: “Take a penny”

The BBC reports that in South Korea, 6 out of every 10 expectant parents consult with a professional when trying to choose a what for their newborn baby?
A: Clean diaper B: Name
C: Rubber ducky D: Jar of strained carrots

B: Name

The title of a certain 1965 Beatles hit is said to have come about when Paul McCartney asked his driver if he’d been busy, and he said, “Busy? I’ve been working” what?
A: Twenty-five hours a day B: Eight days a week
C: Six weeks a month D: Thirteen months a year

B: Eight days a week

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Which of these kinds of documents gets its name from a Greek word meaning “folded paper”?
A: Menu B: Diploma
C: Transcript D: Certificate

B: Diploma

In a pack of dogs, an alpha dog is superior to all others. Conversely, what term is given to a dog who is submissive to all others?
A: Omega dog B: Sigma dog
C: Kappa dog D: Delta dog

A: Omega dog

The TV series “Ballers,” “Dexter” and “The Golden Girls” are all primarily set in which U.S. city?
A: Phoenix B: Miami
C: Houston D: San Diego

B: Miami

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