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Transcript 11/1/18 John Beerling

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 10:13 pm
by BBTranscriptTeam
John Beerling
VP of international business development
Bloomington, Minn.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., the 19-foot statue of the seated president is wearing all but which of these things?
A: Jacket B: Tie
C: Vest D: Lycra bike shorts

D: Lycra bike shorts

Which type of table typically has a comfortable, horseshoe-shaped cushion to rest your face and forehead on?
A: Poker table B: Dining room table
C: Massage table D: Pool table

C: Massage table

After a glitch-filled debut in early 2018, beef patties at an L.A.-area restaurant called Caliburger are once again being cooked by a robot fittingly named what?
A: Skippy B: Whippy
C: Flippy D: Clippy

C: Flippy

In our solar system, more planets’ names end with what letter than any other?
A: S B: R
C: N D: E

A: S

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Still spoken today in parts of central Mexico, the Nahuatl language originated in what ancient culture?
A: Persian B: Greek
C: Aztec D: Mesopotamian

C: Aztec

What actor who played the role of Stringer Bell on HBO’s “The Wire” shares his last name with a historic island off the coast of Tuscany?
A: Idris Ibiza B: Idris Elba
C: Idris Malta D: Idris Corsica

B: Idris Elba

While the ESRB has primary jurisdiction in the U.S., it’s part of the IARC — an internationally recognized rating system for what?
A: Movies B: TV shows
C: Song lyrics D: Video games

A: 21% B: 22% C: 14% D: 43%

D: Video games

The name of which car company means “I roll” in Latin?
A: Audi B: Fiat
C: Maserati D: Volvo

John’s a good Catholic boy but never learned Latin. But he knows that in some languages
a first-person verb ends in “o.” Also, Volvo has the same root as revolve

D: Volvo

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What is the fissure of Rolando?
A: Famous geyser in Spain B: Part of the brain
C: Thin, center part of an hourglass D: A deadly crevasse on Mt. Everest

A fissure is a break in the earth, and Rolando is a Spanish name, so John answers A.

B: Part of the brain
John wins $5,000.

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QotD (read by an anchor from KSNV in Las Vegas)
Mickey Mouse’s faithful pet Pluto is what type of dog?
A: Beagle B: Great Dane
C: Bloodhound D: German shepherd

C: Bloodhound