Transcript 9/25/18a Stan Jastrzebski

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Transcript 9/25/18a Stan Jastrzebski

#1 Post by BBTranscriptTeam » Thu Jun 20, 2019 3:40 pm

Stan Jastrzebski
Lafayette, Ind.

After their famous battle in the Bible, David “ran and stood upon” Goliath’s body “and took his” what?
A: Selfie B: Sword
C: iPod D: Netflix password

B: Sword

According to, to keep an open bag of chips from going stale, you should store it where?
A: In a wishing well B: In a bus station locker
C: In low Earth orbit D: In the freezer

D: In the freezer

According to a popular meme, an honest title for what Milton Bradley game of physical skill would be “You Think This Game Will End In Sex But It Won’t”?
A: Scrabble B: Old Maid
C: Scattergories D: Twister

D: Twister

Which aspect of your body does your hypothalamus NOT play a crucial role in controlling?
A: Temperature B: Hunger
C: Eye color D: Sleep

C: Eye color

In April 2018, the NYSE mistakenly raised the flag of Switzerland, not Sweden, in its attempt to celebrate the IPO of what company?
A: Heineken B: Spotify
C: Qantas D: Samsung

B: Spotify

In 2001, Mineko Iwasaki sued novelist Arthur Golden for violating an agreement to keep her identity secret and using her life story as the basis for what book?
A: Memoirs of a Geisha B: The Joy Luck Club
C: The Kite Runner D: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

A: Memoirs of a Geisha

Commercial break

Bloodhounds and basset hounds are two dog breeds known for having “pendulous flews,” which is a fancy way of saying they have what?
A: Gigantic paws B: Droopy upper lips
C: Sad eyes D: Long whiskers

Stan remarks that pendulous means able to swing back and forth.
A: 4% B: 65% C: 28% D: 3%

Stan’s about to go with the audience, but he calls his +1 Mark. Mark isn’t sure, but he agrees that pendulous suggests droopy.

B: Droopy upper lips

Commercial break

Which of these mononymous celebrities was born with the last name Lanzoni?
A: Madonna B: Fabio
C: Cher D: Moby

50/50 leaves Fabio and Moby. Stan knows Moby is Richard Melville Hall.

B: Fabio

The Patee House Museum in St. Joseph, MO — at one time the headquarters of the Pony Express — is located just a block away from where what outlaw was killed?
A: Butch Cassidy B: Billy the Kid
C: Jesse James D: John Wesley Hardin

Stan says (spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen the movie, cover your ears)
Butch Cassidy doesn’t even die in the United States. Billy the Kid isn’t associated with Missouri. Jesse James is, but Stan doesn’t know enough about John Wesley Hardin
, so he walks.

C: Jesse James
Stan wins $20,000.

Commercial break

In Britain, what common cooking ingredient is often referred to as “treacle”?
A: Paprika B: Margarine
C: Molasses D: Oregano

C: Molasses

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Re: Transcript 9/25/18a Stan Jastrzebski

#2 Post by earendel » Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:22 pm

BBTranscriptTeam wrote:Stan Jastrzebski
Lafayette, Ind.
Nihil obstat®.
"Elen sila lumenn omentielvo...A star shines on the hour of our meeting."

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