We Need To Talk About Those Studio Audiences...

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We Need To Talk About Those Studio Audiences...

#1 Post by Brit Canuck » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:59 pm

The transcripts aren't up yet at time of posting, but we had a couple of big Ask The Audience fails on the last two new Monday episodes (November 19th and 26th).

$250,000 question, November 19th
According to Domino's Pizza, its busiest delivery day of the year is what?
A: Super Bowl Sunday (80%) <FA>
B: Halloween
C: New Year's Eve (8%)
D: The day before Thanksgiving

You: But it's a $250K question, they can get easier questions right, no problem.
Me: Fair enough, here's one from further down the money tree.

$3,000 question (first tier), November 26th
What feature of a Roman amphitheater was actually NOT for purging during feasts but was merely an exit path from which spectators were “spewed” back outside?

A: Hurlway 15%
B: Barftunda 5%
C: Messanine 64% <FA>
D: Vomitorium 19%

This one could almost be a 'forced loss'.

It's 'Tru Calling' all over again (and back then, Meredith didn't have the $1K minimum to fall back on).


I won't mention the Titanic and bicycle questions (98% & 99% wrong, respectively), too depressing.

I'm off to the Vomitorium, anyone care to join me? :?
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