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It's a Brand New Game

#1 Post by silverscreenselect » Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:41 am

As expected, MLB announced a sweeping list of rule changes, most notably the rule that a pitcher must face at least three batters (or until the end of the half inning, except in cases of injury). That rule takes effect in 2020. Rule changes now:

-- A single July 31 trade deadline (instead of multiple deadlines for different types of deals)
-- Single day election for All Star starters (fans will vote online and the three top finishers will be on the single day ballot at each position, so teams & players can "campaign")
-- Million dollar prize to the winner of the All Star Home Run Derby
-- Inning breaks shortened to 2:00 in all games
-- All-star games that go into extra innings will start with a runner at second base (that runner may be a player who was substituted out earlier)
-- Mound visits reduced from six to five

Changes for 2020:

-- Rosters expand to 26 (27 for doubleheaders, 28 in September, so no more 40-man rosters)
-- No pitch clock
-- Committee to discuss setting limits on maximum number of pitchers on the roster (probably 13, with 14 in September)
-- Position players cannot pitch unless their team is ahead or behind by seven runs or the game goes into extra innings
-- Players will be designated as pitchers or position players; legitimate two-way players will be allowed
-- Minimum stay on disabled list 15 days for pitchers, and pitchers sent to minors must remain for 15 days ... 0-seasons/
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