ES Avatar Anthology: 551-575

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ES Avatar Anthology: 551-575

#1 Post by littlebeast13 » Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:48 pm

#551. "Sweet Home Alabama"

Debuted: 2/28/14


Vandal posted the cover art to his latest book (under its umpteenth different title), but as usual, some people couldn't see the image. Ear said all he saw was a red X (and he even used the Bored's red font on the "X"). Vandal put the cover in his avatar so everyone could see it... but I joked that all I could still see in the avatar was a red X... and drew an avatar of Alabama's own Kiki holding her state flag.... which is a red X.

Characters: Kiki

Reference thread: ... 79#p478379

#552. "Iced In"

Debuted: 3/2/14


Thanks to a nasty late season winter storm, I got stranded in Norman, OK on the day I was supposed to drive back from Gridiron. With the roads extremely icy and snow covered, I was forced to stay an extra day at what I had dubbed the "No Name Inn" since Holiday Inn had sold it to some independent group a few weeks before I arrived. With nothing else to do, I drew this avatar showing a pissed off and ice-covered ES watching Buster get involved in one of the many accidents that happened in the aftermath of the storm and Pigladillo making the best of things and doing a little sidewalk skating.

Characters: ES, Buster, Pigladillo

Reference thread: ... 57#p478457

#553. "Correcting History"

Debuted: 3/4/14


SSS posted a story about how the New York Times printed a correction of a misspelling they made in an article from 1853, which had only come up due to the fact that the movie inspired by the events of the article had just won the Best Picture Oscar. I wondered if it was ever to late to revise history for the better, and drew ES as Eric the Red discovering the ice covered island he would misleadingly name Greenland. His viking red squirrel female companion seems to be too busy on her ancient smartphone to care about his blunder.

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread: ... 45#p478645

#554. "Satan Loves Fred"

Debuted: 3/20/14


Fred Phelps, leader of the uber-controversial Westboro Baptist Church, died... leading to a number of queries over what his ultimate end might be. My picture is probably close to what many people figure on, or at least hope for. MBRS and DevilKitty have the welcome mat out for Fred, and are keeping the pot mighty warm...

Characters: MBRS, DevilKitty

Reference thread: ... 07#p479507

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