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ES Avatar Anthology: 526-550

#1 Post by littlebeast13 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:40 am

#526. "Read the Chart"

Debuted: 10/17/13


Danielh41 wanted to thank the politicians responsible for the Obamacare bill, blaming it for the increase in health insurance premiums will incur, and the travesty of now having to pay for a vision plan. Since my employer Mecca was actually going to be adding a vision plan for the first time next year, I mentioned that perhaps he should consider a job in the wonderful world of big box retail. I also drew this avatar of Dr. Fanny pointing to an eye chart I blurred the heck out of in Photoshop. Fanny was just chosen at random since I hadn't used her much this year, and all of my squirrel characters were temporarily out of play.

Characters: Fanny

Reference thread: ... 32#p469832

#527. "Black Is the New Black"

Debuted: 10/21/13


In anticipation of her tape date, ladysoleil was worrying about finding three outfits the show's staff would approve of, since she wears a lot of black and didn't really want to shop for new clothes. I thought a nice black leather outfit would be perfect for her, and the show's staff would find it irresistible... at least Buster just can't say no to it. This avatar suffered a bit due to being drawn on my laptop.

Characters: Buster, ladysoleil

Reference thread: ... 07#p470107

#528. "Hooly, Hottie, and the Chocolate Factory"

Debuted: 10/23/13


SSS posted of a pair of special I Love Lucy episodes that CBS was going to air shortly before Christmas that would be colorized, one rarely seen and another a classic. Neither one featured the famous scene where Lucy and Ethel get a job on the chocolate factory assembly line, so I redrew it with my skunk pair Hooly and Hottie stuffing their faces full of chocolates as they flood down the line...

Characters: Hooly, Hottie

Reference thread: ... 55#p470255

#529. "Dirty Mouth?"

Debuted: 10/30/13


Ranked 8th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

I made the mistake of trying to argue a non-political point in a political thread, knowing I wasn't going to get any non-political responses, and in doing so I dropped my usual array of filthy language I tend to spew in my rants. DK jokingly called me a rabble rouser, and I noted my tendency to cuss... which DK's sister would say must mean I'm a very happy person. I drew this avatar inspired by the classic Orbit gum commercials with DK's character holding up a bar of soap while having a death grip on foul-mouthed ES's tail. Baring teeth in a gleaming grin, she asks the infamous question, "Dirty mouth?"

Characters: ES, DevilKitty

Reference thread: ... 90#p470690

#530. "The Squirrel, The Witch, and The Unicorn"

Debuted: 10/31/13


This avatar was drawn as an avatar illustration of the scene I carved into my annual "squirrel o'lantern" for Halloween, which I showed off in the thread below. It features a witchy MBRS, who apparently doesn't ride a broomstick, but Rainbow Donkey through the skies as she sets about to haunt the night. I used slightly darker versions of my usual colors for each character since it was a nighttime scene.

Characters: MBRS, Rainbow Donkey

Reference thread:

#531. "And The Angels Sing"

Debuted: 11/1/13


Ranked 17th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

gsabc was complaining about a recent interview where the hiring manager said his extensive experience in the fields they were interested in was still "not enough" for them, and was wondering if it would take a choir of real angels from Heaven itself to get him a successful interview. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have my squirrel girls form their own heavenly choir, MBRS quickly ridding herself of the witch's costume for something more divine. GS liked this avatar enough to ask to print it out and take it with him to his next interview, hoping for a little squirrely good luck.

Characters: MBRS, Angel, Sandy

Reference thread: ... 34#p470934

#532. "Double-O Mangy"

Debuted: 11/8/13


Ranked 9th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

Jarnon posted a WWTBAM question on this day's show about a group of something Iranian border guards stopped in 2007 believing they were carrying espionage equipment. One of the answers was "Squirrels", which turned out to be the correct answer! For his cousins' daring spy tactics, I had to create this avatar of ES and Sprots acting out the infamous laser scene from the James Bond movie "Goldfinger", with Sprots acting on behalf of the state of Colorado. Of course, Sprots has been threatening bad things for ES should he try to cross into Colorado for a long time. Someone needs to save ES's nuts!

Characters: ES, Sprots

Reference thread: ... 09#p471409

#533. "B Sides"

Debuted: 11/14/13


Earendel's contribution to Weasel's November crowd-sourced LS had a theme of hits that were originally B-sides of another single. Vandal jokingly asked, "Grandpa, what's a B-side?" I gave this alternate answer, having four of my main characters all with their backs facing towards the viewer. I don't think anyone really wanted to see the flip side of Buster...

Characters: ES, MBRS, Buster, Rainbow Donkey

Reference thread: ... 57#p471757

#534. "The Nutbuster"

Debuted: 11/15/13


SSS posted a YouTube video of Jean Claude Van Damme doing his famous splits, resting each leg on two moving semi trucks. A dangerous stunt that would get even more dangerous if MBRS happened to be lurking up the road with a sledgehammer, as in this avatar of ES attempting to duplicate the trick.

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread: ... 28#p471828

#535. "Steaming Mad At Cats"

Debuted: 11/21/13


I posted a picture of my cats Ody and Biskit enjoying a sunbeam together... well, neither particularly looked like they were enjoying it very much. Vandal noted that I could stand to vacuum the carpet every once in a while. I mentioned the cats didn't like that very much when I vacuumed, and drew this avatar of ES sucking up all the cat hair.... even what was still clinging to Ody. Biskit, for once, seems to be slightly amused.

Characters: ES, Ody, Biskit

Reference thread: ... 81#p472181

#536. "Buster on the Barbie"

Debuted: 11/27/13


Ranked 19th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

A storm had knocked out christie's power on Thanksgiving Eve, and she was pondering how to carry on with the cooking despite the setback. Grilling the turkey was one option, and I noted that in the dark, she needs to be careful she puts the right animal on the grill... and drew this avatar of poor, unfortunate Buster with an apple in his mouth getting charbroiled for the christie family Thanksgiving dinner. Yummy!

Characters: Buster, Christie

Reference thread: ... 47#p472647

#537. "Salute To SSS"

Debuted: 12/3/13


SSS shares a birthday with Weasel and Kiki, and I have honored Kiki on this day with an avatar before, I decided this time to show the love to SSS. I had MBRS posing with a salute in front of SSS's favorite version of the American Flag... one with only seven rows of stars.

Characters: MBRS

Reference thread:

#538. "Stop The Braying!"

Debuted: 12/4/13


Saucy interrupted yet another flameworthy, negative, bickering political thread (I would assume anyway, I never read it) with a cease and desist order to the effect that one day the participants will realize how futile their arguing is. I said, nope, the whole point of most of these threads was to try to be the biggest jackass, and there must be a lot of braying going on in that thread. When Saucy said Rainbow Donkey would be ashamed, I drew this avatar of an unamused RD urging the political jackasses to stop their braying. You don't want to make Rainbow Donkey angry...

Characters: Rainbow Donkey

Reference thread: ... 01#p473101

#539. "Falling Down"

Debuted: 12/5/13


Jarnon posted a viral video of a squirrel named Tippy who appeared to be having fainting spells, and would just randomly fall over on his side every few moments. Since I was getting pelted with sleet that morning, I drew this avatar of ES making a less graceful fall than Tippy, not navigating the slippery conditions too well... while MBRS slides right by him on her ice skates, making the most of the situation.

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread: ... 89#p473189

#540. "On The Radio"

Debuted: 12/6/13


For Hottie's birthday avatar this year, I drew her as well as my two squirrel girls Angel and MBRS listening to one of her old fashioned radios she loves, an allusion to it also being one month from the beginning of the LSWE. As the suggestive lyrics from Robin Thicke's hit "Blurred Lines" play, Angel looks horrified by what she's hearing, while MBRS channels her inner Miley Cyrus with tongue extended, probably wishing for a twerking partner.

Characters: MBRS, Angel, Hottie

Reference thread:

#541. "The Snow Eagle"

Debuted: 12/8/13


Ranked 18th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

For my final avatar of the year, I tied together Kiki's happiness over her Auburn Tigers winning the SEC championship game along with the discussion geoffil started complaining about the poor snow removal effort of Dallas. Since I had always teased Kiki about Auburn's lack of snow clearing equipment, I put Kiki on her own special snowplow in Auburn colors, clearing the streets of her hometown from the snow so that the whoel city need not shut down.

Characters: Kiki

Reference thread: ... 77#p473377 (Found It) (Southern snow removal thread)

#542. "I Shot A Possum Out Of The Air"

Debuted: 1/1/14


I kicked off the new year with this avatar of ES participating in the not too bright tradition of firing a gun into the air on New Years Eve. Buster, my favorite victim, gets caught in the crossfire and comes crashing to earth to the horror of MBRS.

Characters: ES, MBRS, Buster

Reference thread: ... 05#p474505

#543. "In The Cooler"

Debuted: 1/6/14


A wicked winter storm dumped about a foot of snow on my area, yet I was one of the brave few who trudged in to work that night, and as a result got to help process the freezer/cooler truck that somehow managed to plow its way to our back door. I avatarized that showing ES in his Mecca vest stocking the freezer case while Buster is trapped and getting frostbite in the neighboring door. He probably got himself trapped in there like I once did in an ice cooler at the grocery store.

Characters: ES, Buster

Reference thread:

#544. "I'm Sorry"

Debuted: 1/9/14


Sprots took offense to my saying she was "pleading" for points in the LSWE and said I owed her an aplogy. Luckily, ES was Johnny on the spot with his sad, adorable face begging Sprots for forgiveness, as well as a make-up scritch or two.

Characters: ES

Reference thread: ... 71#p475071

#545. "Grouchy Awards"

Debuted: 1/16/14


SSS posted an Oscar thoughts thread after the nominees for the Academy Awards were announced. The only Oscar I know is green and lives in a trash can, so I drew a yet another avatar of Buster getting the business... with Sesame Street's resident curmudgeon booting the possum out of his garbage can.

Characters: Buster

Reference thread: ... 34#p475534

#546. "Candy® Land"

Debuted: 1/21/14


The makers of the unbelievably popular game Candy Crush were awarded ownership of the word "Candy" for online games in an effort to thwart copycatters from cutting into their profits. I was outraged such a common word could be hijacked by a company, and wondered what this meant for classics like Candy Land. Here I have ES and MBRS as the king and queen of Candy Land being served with a cease and desist order by Clem the attorney. That's going to leave a sour taste in someone's mouth.

Characters: ES, MBRS, Clem

Reference thread: ... 01#p475801

#547. "Super Showdown"

Debuted: 1/28/14


Inspired somewhat by an adorably cute arrangement one of my blogging pals Squirrel Picnic made of her rodent characters, I sat Buster and Pigladillo in a chair for the Big Game.... the possum wearing Richard Sherman's #25 Seahawks jersey, and Pigladillo Peyton Manning's #18 Broncos jersey. They look so cute sitting there together, though I'm sure Buster put on quite a scene when his team surprisingly beat the snot out of Denver.

Characters: Buster, Pigladillo

Reference thread: ... 76#p476176

#548. "Ninja Skater"

Debuted: 2/6/14


With the Super Bowl finished, I still hadn't had the inspiration to change my Buster.Pigladillo avatar, so I asked for suggestions. Lizbit made one I liked, having her sister BeBe speed skate in the backyard. So I drew her zipping across the frozen tundra of Oklahoma while a crowd of my characters cheered her on from the fence.

Characters: ES, MBRS, Buster, BeBe

Reference thread: ... 87#p476887

#549. "The Gay Tenors"

Debuted: 2/8/14


Bazodee made teh hilarious observation about the Russian anthem beign sung at the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies by a group of men in tuxes... which he noted was the common attire of gay men's choruses in the US. A few questioned the connection, but I love funny stereotyping, and threw up with avatar of three of my manly men belting out a tune in front of the Olympic flame... with Buster and Winnie each embracing a confused ES. Tanstaafl later made a funny observation about what Buster's tail actually looks like as it wraps around ES's leg toward his crotch...

Characters: ES, Buster, Winnie

Reference thread: ... 64#p476964

#550. "The Be Mine Squirrel"

Debuted: 2/14/14


My second cute avatar of ES I drew from the persepctive of looking down on the critter, and once again aimed at Sprots. He's holding a heart for her with a very special Valentine's message on it. Aw!

Characters: ES

Reference thread: ... 86#p477586

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