ES Avatar Anthology: 476-500

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ES Avatar Anthology: 476-500

#1 Post by littlebeast13 » Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:33 am

#476. "I Got Nuthin'"

Debuted: 4/10/13


With Bored activity on the wane, I hadn't had much inspiration for new avatars, so I drew this image of ES unsuccessfully contemplating over a blank piece of paper while a similarly befuddled Angel and MBRS look on. I managed to find a thread to attach it to, which in itself was kind of a WTF thread of Rolling Stones weirdness.

Characters: ES, MBRS, Angel

Reference thread: ... 38#p458238

#477. "Forget You!"

Debuted: 4/13/13


The scenario had played out many times on the Bored.... christie asks a question, Bob Juch is one of the first to respond, christie asks Bob not to respond to her questions since she doesn't want Googled information, Bob doesn't listen, christie persists, etc. etc. In the instance that inspired this avatar, however, Bob finally snapped and told christie to.... well, you can look at the thread yourself. But it was put in bold and was made quite clear. I tried to find a workable solution to keep it from happening again, to no avail, so I finally just paid my usual ES tribute to the latest Bored kerfuffle and drew the Skankster showing everyone that they're #1.

Characters: Skanki

Reference thread: ... 65#p458465

#478. "The Gratuitous Shower Scene"

Debuted: 4/18/13


Vandal's latest promo for the Bored was another M. Night Shyamalan adaptation for his relaunch of TEN!, and among the usual post-promo accolades, comments, and promo actor wannabes, tgirl mentioned she was still lobbying for the gratuitous shower scene in a future promo. The gratuitous shower scene was a staple of past Bored Novels, and it finally got its first avatar as I somewhat granted tgirl's wish showing her about to be ambushed by MBRS in a scene that was probably deleted from Bored Novel 3471289233...

Characters: MBRS, tgirl

Reference thread: ... 79#p458879

#479. "Left Outt"

Debuted: 4/19/13


I could write several paragraphs about what inspired this avatar since the story is somewhat involved... but let's just say that after Nelly returned to his old form in the latest SSS game, he seemed to conveniently leave me out of his screed, despite being one of the "Fox News Four" he so decried when he left the Bored 3 years ago. Since I wasn't feeling the love, I drew up this adorable little fox critter looking teary eyed that his favorite temporarily dead Bored poser didn't love him anymore.

Characters: A poor little fox

Reference thread: ... 45#p458945

#480. "A Special Message"

Debuted: 4/24/13


I got a strange phone call that showed up on my caller ID as "SPECIAL MESSAGE", so needing an avatar kickstarter, I created this picture of ES answering an antique telephone with MBRS and Angel trying to listen in on what the special message is.

Characters: ES, MBRS, Angel

Reference thread:

#481. "Social Media Hell"

Debuted: 4/26/13


Ranked 2nd in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

Mini showed how quickly she was assimilated by Facebook in praising the games and all of the interesting people she's met through playing them... but then admitted to the horrific and debilitating addiction she had to a certain game on there called Candy Crush. I just had to post another graphic warning about the evils of Facebook, and this one I really love... featuring the silhouette of my Facebook spokescharacter Hooly amid flames and a rather dark underground setting. Please do not take these warnings lightly!

Characters: Hooly

Reference thread: ... 39#p459439

#482. "The Good News Rainbow Donkey"

Debuted: 4/29/13


After a succession of bad news posts, notably from Saucy and Marley, Bob Juch asked if anyone had any good news. That called for a cute doodle of Rainbow Donkey to help turn everyone's frowns upside down. This is a very simple drawing in double-pixel border and using Photoshop's gradient tool for both RD's mane and tail as well as the rainbow in the background. A definite sign of things looking up!

Characters: Rainbow Donkey

Reference thread: ... 39#p459639

#483. "Birling For Dollars"

Debuted: 5/3/13


I had one of my best Sploofus starts ever in terms of high-scoring questions the first two days of May, averaging about 1700 points a pop, and easily in first place overall. Alas, that was all the longer it lasted, as I was dealt a question on the third asking for the official name for the sport of log rolling, and I had no idea it was called birling. So to honor my dumbassery, I came up with this avatar of MBRS rolling poor ES into the shark infested water, while hillbilly Buster plays the banjo in the background. No word on whether Ned Beatty's tied up to a tree back there or not.

Characters: ES, MBRS, Buster

Reference thread: ... 48#p459948

#484. "Calipers"

Debuted: 5/6/13


Etaoin posted an article about a professor who was studying the effects of going braless on women's breasts, and of note was that he was measuring the size of their breasts with a set of calipers. Nice work if you can get it, and it was right up Buster's alley, so I drew him prepared to take a measurement on a clearly resistant Angel.

Characters: Angel, Buster

Reference thread: ... 52#p460052

#485. "FESAC!"

Debuted: 5/7/13


For Fanny's birthday this year, I once again went to my well-worn character jumping out of the cake theme to have ES remind Fanny that she still hadn't posted her personal ES avatar countdown from 2012 (FESAC = Fanny's ES Avatar Countdown). Two-thirds of the way into June, we still wait with baited/bated breath....

Characters: ES, Fanny

Reference thread: ... 30#p460130

#486. "It's Bananas!"

Debuted: 5/9/13


Slumming for avatar inspiration on a dying Bored, I used a "theoretical" WWTBAM question posed by talkinaway, or more specifically, the I worked the four choices they gave into an avatar. Here we have an apple, banana, coffee, and a dandelion, all about to fall down and go boom thanks to MBRS.

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread: ... 09#p460309

#487. "Adjusting The Squirrel Ears"

Debuted: 5/26/13


17 days is the longest I've gone in the modern ES avatar era between new avatars outside of countdown time, and what broke it up was a query by gsabc about going back to watching broadcast TV, and the best type of antennas to buy for it. I understood very little about what was being discussed, and perhaps also inspired by my Flashback Friday posts on my blog, I drew this avatar of ES banging on the TV and fiddling with the antennas to try to get better reception while the kids stand back in confusion and horror.

Characters: ES, Sulphur, Blaze

Reference thread: ... 68#p461268

#488. "It's 3AM I Must be Lonely"

Debuted: 5/31/13


Thanks to 5 and a half hours of rain delays, and a baffling decision by Cardinals manager Mike Matheny to use Mitchell Boggs to close out a game, I was able to witness the oddity of playing Major League baseball after 3:00 in the morning. The final inning of the Royals/Cards game I went to on the 30th was played from 3:00 to 3:14 AM on the 31st, immediately following a 4 and a half hour rain delay that stopped the game right after Kansas City torched Boggs and Victor Marte to take the lead in the Top of the 9th. Here MBRS gets a late night souvenir (just as my nephew who accompanied me to the game did before it resumed) while ES falls asleep and drools onto the field.

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread: ... 56#p461556

#489. "Interspecies Breakfast"

Debuted: 6/3/13


SSS posted a YouTube video of a Cheerios commercial that was drawing controversy because an interracial couple was used in the ad. Since I often dabble into the forbidden world of interspecies issues with my artwork, I drew up an avatar featuring Buster the possum with MBRS the squirrel, and the odd-looking offspring they might produce eating Cheerios at the breakfast table. Actually, one could consider this to be a sequel to the Uly Povich avatar a few months ago...

Characters: MBRS, Buster, Fictional spawn of MBRS and Buster

Reference thread: ... 67#p461767

#490. "Employee Harrassment"

Debuted: 6/13/13


Earendel posted that the Department of Defense was ordering its chiefs to inspect all workplaces for any potentially sexually offensive material, and his office was among those so scrutinized. ES can't understand what's wrong with having a beautiful bikini squirrel pinup hanging around for extra motivation, so I drew this avatar of ES cheerfully toiling the day away at his new desk job, while having the misfortune of slaving away for Odyssey, who don't play female exploitation games. Hopefully the duct tape doesn't mar the cubicle after she rips down the MBRS poster.

Characters: ES, MBRS, Odyssey

Reference thread: ... 04#p462204

#491. "Wink Martinsquirrel"

Debuted: 6/18/13


Saucy posted a gallery of squirrel photos from all across the world, and one of them was of a red squirrel giving a wink that was so shouting out to have MBRS portray. Even though I was on the laptop at the time, I managed to fix the cursor speed to where I was able to come up with this decent avatar of the sultry MBRS giving a sly wink to her adoring fans.

Characters: MBRS

Reference thread: ... 10#p462410

#492. "Heidi Ho"

Debuted: 6/20/13


SSS posted a story about a TV station in Austin that ran a promo for its morning news program in the middle of Game 4 of the NHL playoffs, and during that brief time the game winning overtime goal was scored by Chicago, tying the series up at 2-2, and depriving Austin's bevy of hockey fans of the exciting finish. This Heidiesque moment inspired me to portray Austin's own Jessie as the little Swiss lass, with a playful pigladillo taking the place of Heidi's goat. While I had hoped to scoop this joke, Bob### beat me to it while the avatar was in production.

Characters: Jessie, Pigladillo

Reference thread: ... 14#p462514

#493. "Possum Massage"

Debuted: 6/21/13


Saucy posted about getting a massage, and while ES thought that was great, he offered up the joys of a geniune possum massage. Buster looks to rub down Saucy with some motor oil, but that should be the least of her concerns.... the glaring error in this avatar is that her feet are positioned backwards!

Characters: Buster, Saucy

Reference thread: ... 80#p462580

#494. "Evil Baggins"

Debuted: 6/24/13


In a thread of pretty squirrel pictures Saucy posted, LostInTrinity mentioned her dog's fascination with squirrels (aren't they all?), and said her dog Pippin "loves him some squirrel". Alarmed, she assured me Pippin was a noble hobbit dog, to which I showed graphically that ES was in fact a noble hobbit squirrel. While I went straight from an image of Frodo I found from the Lord of the Rings movies, I obviously wasn't 100 percent faithful to the lore, and Marley's list of nitpicks about this avatar was somewhat amusing.

Characters: ES

Reference thread: ... 50#p462650

#495. "Fill A Buster"

Debuted: 6/26/13


Bob's thread about one woman's filibuster of an abortion bill in the Texas legislature was titled "A filibuster with a point", which prompted me to show that most filibusters are pointless and full of hot air by showing ES pumping up the poor possum to Rush Limbaugh size. Given the way Buster has kind of stolen the mantle of the evil one from ES over the last couple years, it shows in ES's face the pleasure he is getting from this karmic payback.

Characters: ES, Buster

Reference thread: ... 76#p462776

#496. "Blazing Cooter""

Debuted: 6/27/13


Beebs related a verbatim conversation he had with her sister, who was hit by an outside bolt of lightning while in the kitchen. You can read it in the reference thread below, but she said the lightning started up her leg and ended at her "hoohah"... to which Beebs responded, "You have a blazing cooter?" There was no way I could let this one pass, so I drew MBRS sitting on a tree limb enjoying the free tingly sensation from nature that didn't drain any battery power, as smoke pours from all of her openings. Yes, that one too...

Characters: MBRS

Reference thread: ... 60#p462860

#497. "O Brother!"

Debuted: 7/1/13


Ranked 15th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

Somehow, a political thread about a Supreme Court ruling on the definition of marriage turned into a discussion on first cousin marriage and incest. Thinking incest in general is the silliest of the sexual taboos, I asked what's wrong with a little incest and here show the twin squirrel pups in an awkward moment as Blaze plants a kiss on her brother Sully's cheek. These two earlier teamed up for a hilarious comic on my blog centering around incest.

Characters: Blaze, Sulphur

Reference thread: ... 63#p463063

#498. "Punk Rock Squirrel"

Debuted: 7/4/13


Ranked 4th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

Marley's sharing an AP quote about a milkman who tried out at one of the New York auditions led Confessor to ask how old this auditioner must be since milkmen have been pretty much obsolete for decades. I countered that perhaps he was one of the Dead Milkmen, an 80's band best known for the song "Punk Rock Girl", and posted the YouTube video of it along with this amazing avatar of MBRS playing the part of punk rock squirrel. Of all the great MBRS avatars in history, this is certainly one of her finest roles!

Characters: MBRS

Reference thread: ... 81#p463281

#499. "The Birthday Pigladillo"

Debuted: 7/9/13


Birthday avatar drawn for Jessie featuring her favorite character, the adorable Pigladillo, hanging around and extending her birthday wishes.

Characters: Pigladillo

Reference thread:

#500. "The Gang's All Here"

Debuted: 7/14/13


Ranked 6th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

Just a few days shy of the fifth anniversary of my very first ES-inspired avatar, I was able to celebrate drawing my 500th in the series... and I wanted to make it a special one. So using the same little 200X200 pixel square I always do, I somehow managed to work in almost all of my major, minor, supporting, and other memorable characters who've starred in my avatars, and in some cases got their ES-careers jumped started there. The ever observant Fanny was able to provide a complete roster of everyone who appears in the avatar by row:

Front: Lizbit, BeBe,Jessie, PIgladillo, Ody, Biz
First Row: Sliver, Sandy, Angel, ES, MBRS, Blaze, Sulphur, Clem
Second Row: Kiki, Beebs, Sprots, Fanny, Hooly, Odyssey
Third Row: DK, Mini, Hottie, Skanki
Fourth Row: Rainbow Donkey, Buster, Erin, Lil, Saucy
Heaven: Spilly, Annie

Characters: See above

Reference thread:

Avatars 501-525 >>>

<<< Avatars 451-475
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