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ES Avatar Anthology: 451-475

#1 Post by littlebeast13 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:00 am

#451. "No ghosts Allowed!"

Debuted: 1/12/13


Ranked 16th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

In what seemed like the last days of the Bored, ghost was letting her paranoia and distrust of me get the best of her, and was desperately clinging on to what Bob Juch was trying to argue the problem with the Bored was, and accusing me and my "clique" of simply refusing to listen to him and not involve him in any new Bored that might be set up. Since unlike ghost, I respond with wit rather than with 2 X 4's, I made up this little avatar of ES and the girls high atop their private treehouse, with an apparently "overweight" lemur at the bottom chastising them for not allowing ghosts into their clubhouse. Bob called this avatar way out of line, which may have been one of the best compliments I could get on it!

Characters: ES, MBRS, Angel, ghost

Reference thread:

#452. "Wheel Of Misfortune"

Debuted: 1/17/13


Rafferbee was looking for some advice for an upcoming Wheel of Fortune audition she was planning on attending. Riffing off an infamous flub from the game show itself about a month prior, I advised she should practice enunciating her G's, then had her solve the puzzle in my avatar "Seven Squirrels A Scritchin'", to the dismayed face of Vanna MBRS and the eye rolling disbelief of Uly Sajak. The original incident had to do with a contestant leaving off the G sound on the puzzle "Seven Swans A Swimming". RB used this avatar on her Live Journal and even on the WoF board!

Characters: MBRS, Rafferbee, Uly

Reference thread: ... 68#p451168

#453. "Raven Appreciation Day"

Debuted: 1/21/13


For my Squirrel Appreciation Day avatar, I decided to pay tribute to a player who had mocked me. Ray Lewis had announced his retirement after the season, and when I learned he calls his little entry dance The Squirrel Dance, I wanted to do a send off to him on my blog after he'd played his last game. Naturally, his Ravens pulled off two upsets in a row, including of the Patriots the day before, so I dressed up MBRS in his #52 jersey even though I don't like Lewis. MBRS is pretty easy, though, so I hear...

Characters: MBRS

Reference thread:

#454. "Fang Tangredi"

Debuted: 1/23/13


Frank has an obsession with a certain Ms. Diller, and though he often referenced her in past LS games of mine, he seemed to be dead set on getting a Phyllis reference into every game this year. I said his idol would be verrrry happy to know that she has such a faithful admirer, and drew this avatar of Frank's tiger character getting a little smooch. This pair first appeared in the picture I drew for Frank's song for the finale of the 2011 LSWE.

Characters: Frank, Phyllis

Reference thread: ... 33#p451733

#455. "The Puppy Bowl"

Debuted: 1/24/13


With many people's favorite teams out of the playoffs, talk of the Puppy Bowl started up, which is always a favorite of Sliver's. Here we see BeBe and Lizbit teaming up to take on one mean old doggie, as Lil provides the spirit (Fanny had posted there would be hedgehog cheerleaders) and Buster finds work again after the real refs reclaimed their jobs. BeBe looks intimidated, but Lizbit and her trusty Hello Kitty helmet are focused solely on the next play.

Characters: Lizbit, BeBe, Buster, Lil

Reference thread: ... 04#p451904

#456. "Three Squirrel Night"

Debuted: 1/30/13


Ranked 1st in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

In a top o the morning thread, kusch noted that the low temps for the next two days were going to be -20 and -24, and that that wasn't really that bad (Brrr!) That inspired this beyond cute avatar, playing off the old phrase "three dog night" by having MBRS, Angel, and Sandy team up to keep kusch warm. This is the first avatar (at least that I have posted) that contains all three of my main squirrel girl characters.

Characters: MBRS, Angel, Sandy, kusch

Reference thread: ... 27#p452427

#457. "Tiny Mouths"

Debuted: 2/3/13


A webcam some of the people on the Bored had been following chronicled the featured great dane giving birth to several pups, one of which didn't make it, and the other which was brought back with puppy CPR. Fanny's comment about trying to give CPR to someone with a tiny mouth finally brought forth our first Sprots avatar of the year, and one that seemed a long time in coming. ES is feeling a little blue after Sprots rescued him from the ocean, so she does her best to bring ES back from the land of temporary death. Meanwhile, Angel worries over ES's fate, and MBRS is about to become shark food. The only bad thing about this avatar was finding out that Fanny doesn't like Buster!

Characters: ES, Sprots, MBRS, Angel, Buster, Skanki

Reference thread: ... 41#p452841

#458. "The Skunk Purse"

Debuted: 2/6/13


A contestant named Tracey Woolley appeared on WWTBAM and shared with Meredith her story of how she likes to talk to squirrels in the park. Marley made sure to point out that I needed to check out the transcript thread, and I naturally missed the whole opening banter. But the first thing that caught was eye was her third question about a $1660 skunk fur purse, and even after I finally caught what Marley was referring to, I still decided to immortalize this question instead. This is one of the first avatars that essentially draws from the alternate universe ES and friends have created over on my blog, where Hooly and Odyssey are popular characters for their odd couple ways. Odyssey seems gleeful to be showing off her skunk purse to her favorite "skunkbitch"...

Characters: Hooly, Odyssey

Reference thread: ... 76#p453176

#459. "I Get To Be The Squirrel!"

Debuted: 2/7/13


The makers of Monopoly recently held a poll to decide which of the game's 8 familiar tokens to get rid of, and what to replace it with. It was iron out, and cat in... but I wondered why there was no squirrel. Here we see MBRS and Angel enjoying a "friendly" game of Monopoly, with Angel's squirrel piece about to get hit with a hefty rent...

Characters: MBRS, Angel

Reference thread: ... 75#p453275

#460. "Free Lizzie!"

Debuted: 2/12/13


Ranked 14th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

Vandal's publisher for his book Dizzie Miss Lizzie was hiding behind bankruptcy and refusing to pay royalties earned. In his unsuccessful attempts to re-attain the rights to his book, he used the rallying cry "Free Lizzie!', which I turned into avatar form featuring everyone's favorite pooch, Lizbit, posing rather uncomfotably for a mugshot.

Characters: Lizbit

Reference thread: ... 45#p453645

#461. "Possum Surprise"

Debuted: 2/14/13


Somewhat shockingly, mini had yet to get her own birthday avatar, so for her first one I worked on one of my favorite themes of a character jumping out of a cake. In this instance, it was Buster, awaiting a chance to smooch the birthday girl. Meanwhile, Erin has found the carving knife and may have a little surprise for Buster herself. This avatar is so nutty and wrong, just like the person it was made to honor...

Characters: Buster, mini, Erin

Reference thread: ... 57#p453857

#462. "Chucking Applites"

Debuted: 2/15/13


The big news of the day was a meteor that exploded over the Russian Urals, creating a massive and destructive sonic boom. It was suggested by this avatar that perhaps it wasn't a meteor that descended on Russia, and that heavenly squirrels may be to blame. While ES seems to be aiming at the United States with that apple he has in his not-so-angelic paw, it was pointed out that Annie always documented the rodent's poor aim.

Characters: ES, Angel

Reference thread: ... 40#p454040

#463. "Liberace Is On Fire!"

Debuted: 2/20/13


In Liberace's LSWE game he hosted, I asked the bonus question what nearly killed the pianist in 1963. Etaoin was the first to come up with the joke answer that he was ignited by one of his candelabras, which conjured up this image in my mind that a scenario like that would reek of sabotage, perhaps by a scorned lover. Sprots is ready with a can of gasoline to ensure ES is completely fricaseed while The Biz just chills and takes in the whole scene.

Characters: ES, Sprots, Biskit

Reference thread: ... 44#p454444

#464. "I Heart Pigladillos"

Debuted: 2/22/13


Ranked 7th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

Jessie has mentioned her soft spot for armadillos, and how she wishes she could see a living example of one. We had just discussed this in chat one night, and crossed over to the subject of squirrels, and in particular, the inhabitants of oak trees. I said, "armadillos?" to which Fanny immediately replied "Armadillos! Nature's acrobats!" and it totally cracked me up, and forced me to release that mental image with this avatar of Jessie happening upon an armadillo in a tree. I uploaded this one unannounced, and Saucy asked why I had a Piglet/possum cross in my avatar. This confusion led me to refer to the creature as a pigladillo, which will be its proper name should he pop up again in future ES drawings.

Characters: Jessie, Pigladillo

Reference thread:

#465. "Dragging the Red Carpet"

Debuted: 2/25/13


Ranked 12th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

Mini's thread discussing her favorite Oscar night dresses from the red carpet gave us this wonderful scene of ES being escorted not by one of his favorite squirrel girls, skunkettes, or Sprotsie baby... but by the androgynous Buster! Buster blows kisses to his adoring public as they admire his purple dress, while ES quite obviously wishes he were somewhere else. Buster has never looked more fabulous.

Characters: ES, Buster

Reference thread: ... 48#p454748

#466. "Furball on the Roof"

Debuted: 3/2/13


While at SC's house for Gridiron this year, I finally got to see the real Evil Squirrel, lured out of hiding by a birdfeeder she put tantalizingly close to the fence. When BobJUch criticized the location of the feeder, Lizbit mentioned that the next best choice would have encouraged the squirrels to hop up on the roof. Despite only having my laptop with the fast mouse, I managed to cobble together a reasonable avatar memorializing that image, with ES sitting on the edge of the roof stuffing his mouth full of seed, and preparing to drop an apple on poor Lizzie's head. So many of ES's classic traits all in one little avatar.

Characters: ES, Lizbit

Reference thread: ... 71#p455271

#467. "Bedrock Cardio"

Debuted: 3/4/13


Christie posted that she dusted off her old elliptical, cobwebs and all, and was amazed that it still worked. I asked how old it was as I posted this avatar featuring a scene from one million years B.C. MBRS feels the burn on her prehistric elliptical made out of sabertooth bearskin, sticks, and the stone wheel ES is sculpting. In the background, it's..... Rainbow Brontosaurus!?!?

Characters: ES, MBRS, Rainbow Donkey(!?)

Reference thread: ... 86#p455386

#468. "Cingular Jenius"

Debuted: 3/6/13


Mini was having issues with her son running up overages on data usage for his phone on Spring break, and with this avatar I pointed out the wonderful simplicity of having a phone only to call people. I combined the fact that I still had a Cingular phone with the word "singular" being thrown about in a recent LSWE game. ES seems quite content with the simple pleasures a 5 pound cell phone can provide that get lost in the shuffle on those expensive little newfangled smart-gadgets.

Characters: ES, Hooly

Reference thread: ... 15#p455615 (Overage thread) ... 89#p455589 (Singular thread)

#469. "The Smoke Is White"

Debuted: 3/13/13


Avatar drawn for Eyegor's 60th birthday, which plays off the "smoke signals" from the conclave of cardinals electing a new Pope to replace Benedict XVI. One of the few avatars I have ever drawn where all the characters have their backs turned, and we can only see the backs of their heads. Of course, the smoke is coming from the candle-filled birthday cake for our old Troll.

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread: ... 95#p456095

#470. "Uly Povich"

Debuted: 3/14/13


PKS dropped by the Bored to share an old slang term he had read somewhere... "with squirrel", meaning pregnant. That inspired this convoluted avatar that stumped the masses, especially poor Fanny. The scene is the Maury Povich show, only with Uly as host, and it's the typical fare for that show... who's the baby daddy? While MBRS munches away on the ice cream while with squirrel (or perhaps with possum in this case), Uly reveals the father to be noted prevert Buster, much to the relief of ES who won't be taken for 18 years.

Characters: ES, MBRS, Buster, Uly

Reference thread: ... 35#p456235 confusion thread)

#471. "Only The Little People Pay Taxes"

Debuted: 3/19/13


This is the first avatar I ever drew solely to use as a question for one of my LSWE games. For the Tuesday Wordplay I posted on March 19th, the magic word was "people", so I ended with a 5 Point Bonus Question asking for the source of the quote on my new avatar. The answer, of course, is Leona Helmsley, who would appreciate the snobbiness and stuck-uppittiness of the two high class squirrels in this avatar.

Characters: ES, MBRS

Reference thread:

#472. "Snow on the Beach"

Debuted: 3/21/13


The first week of Spring was a cold and snowy one in many places, even in the normally warm land of Mini. And naturally, she complained about the snow they were getting on the first full day of Spring. I threw up this avatar of her and Erin "enjoying" a nice day on the beach in several inches of snow. At least someone looks like they're making the best of the situation!

Characters: ES, Mini, Erin

Reference thread: ... 72#p456972

#473. "Slicing and Dicing With Erin"

Debuted: 3/26/13


Ranked 10th in the 2013 ES Avatar Countdown

tmitsss was getting hounded by internet ads for an unnamed kitchen item he checked out, to which Fanny asked if he got a Nanner Slicer, and Spiff further responded with "it slices, it dices! It juliennes!" That got me working off the birthday avatar I drew for mini last month to come up with this image of Buster playing the Ron Popeil role showing off a new slicer, while his assistant Erin tries it out.... on his tail! For only $14.99 (plus shipping and handling) you too can mutilate a marsupial in your own kitchen!

Characters: Buster, Erin

Reference thread: ... 80#p457280

#474. "The Easter Pigladillo"

Debuted: 3/31/13


Jessie's dog Heidi returned from the vet, and she showed off a picture of him with an armadillo chew toy. Wanting to draw up a little something for Easter, I redid the original Pigladillo scene to have Jessie this time holding a hatching Easter egg, with a cute little Pigladillo emerging. Awww!

Characters: Jessie, Pigladillo

Reference thread: ... 50#p457750

#475. "Rim Shot"

Debuted: 4/4/13


The thread announcing the death of cymbal magnate Robert Zildjian inspired a few puns on his behalf, so I made sure they were properly finished off by drawing my resident drummer girl Hottie offering up a rim shot, cracking that Zildjian on the final tempo.

Characters: Hottie

Reference thread: ... 75#p457975

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